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  1. mxd

    FERMENTASAURUS - re suing yeast with trub bottle

    Hi Guys I put a RIS in the Fermentasaurus ans used a trub bottle from a previous ferment (20 ltr starter :) ). When I opened the lid (RIS already in fermenter) the gas started to escape so I closed the lid. I repeated this multiple times. At the end I just opened it to let it pour into the top...
  2. mxd

    MLB 4v herms 60 ltr output forsale

    after not brewing for 12 months or i think its time to sell my system, i think ill go back to a biab or a automated single vessel system the system 4v herms, produce 60 ltrs stand, gas burner 80 ltr gas kettle 80 ltr insulated MLT 50 ttr HLT kettle with SS coil immersion heater for HLT come...
  3. mxd

    Toowoomba Beer Festival

    just found this from another forum I frequest
  4. mxd

    Pale Ale Mania 2014

    Hi Guys I got a guy I work with to submit one of his beers, he's rather eager as the first one I had was very good, but the last one had issues, just wondering if any one knows how the comp is going ? thanks Matt
  5. mxd

    Westgate Stout Extravaganza 2014

    I didn't see this in the new posts so thought I'll add the link here Well done Ferg and westgate
  6. mxd

    off to Sydney for 2 weeks with work in North Ryde any where close to g

    Hey Guys I'm off to Sydney with work, working and staying on Talavera Rd North Ryde, I'll be there till the 14th so was after some suggestions (ideally close) to get a good beer. thanks Matt
  7. mxd

    Melbourne Brewers Beerfest entries close Feb 1

    Hey Guys, Only a couple of days to get entries in.
  8. mxd

    [vic] another impulse buy an unreg car, need a pragmatic mech for rwc.

    Hi Guys Another impulse buy :), did the same about 5 years ago (last time 1988 patrol, big lift and tryes and full of rust) I bought an unreg transit (1999 model with commodore v6 in it) and now need to do some fixes and will need to get a RWC. so does any one know a pragmatic type of mechanic...
  9. mxd

    going to Germany for 1 week December 13

    I'm off to Germany, Heidelberg, for a week with work. I suggested this hotel appears suitable, do you think they pick the reason why.
  10. mxd

    [VIC] FS Grolsch swing top bottles

    hey all A guy work is trying to off load some grolsch bottles (80 he thinks), he wants $1 a bottle in lots of 12 as they come in a milk crate, i.e $12 for 12 bottles and a crate. I keg so no good for me. Pick up from my place (around corner from keg king) or work BH Mt Waverley. He said they...
  11. mxd

    Which wheat yeast, and fermentation temp for big banana flavour/aroma

    Hi Guys I'm not a wheat (as in EU yeast) fan, but I will keep trying, the one wheat I liked was a black hefe (Chris T), that was like a chocolate banana slit, so I thought I would make a chocoalte hefe. I want a good banana (I think it's the cloves that I don't like ?). So What year should I...
  12. mxd

    My next mid life crisis - thinking of becoming a mortgage broker

    my 3rd mid life crisis I'm thinking of starting a broking business. My first crisis was looking at buying a pub, I quickly found out I'll have to work longer for less. My next I wanted to buy broking business for my wife and I, but she doesn't like finance so we bought a building business...
  13. mxd

    Keg Carbonation Issues Or Is My Memory Not What Is Used To Be ?

    Hi Guys Over the last few months my beer (from keg) seems flat (doesn't taste flat, it might have been more noticeable with my simple cider and I may now be in an analysis paralysis phase :) ), I have turned the pressure up to 100 kpa then 120 kpa, it poured quickly but still flat. I thought...
  14. mxd

    Upgrading My Control Panel (2 Pole Rcd Or 1 Pole)

    Hi All, I am going to upgrade my control panel from 2 boxes to 1 box and thought I'll put some RCD's in as well. I will run a 15A and a 10A into the control box, the 15 will drive the HLT and Pump and the 10 will drive the HX. I am thinking of having a switch between each PID and the element...
  15. mxd

    Brewery For Sale (which One Is It ?)
  16. mxd

    Mclaren Vale Ale

    well I went off for a counter meal tonight (sisters birthday) at the vale didn't notice till the end they has a McLaren Vale Ale Pale Ale on tap, rather nice beer ( i was on carlton draught till then)
  17. mxd

    Aldi 8.8 Ltr Urn $40, God For Hx For Herms System

    if any one is thinking of going HERMS Aldi have a 8.8 ltr urn for $40 starting Wednesday. could be a good HX.
  18. mxd

    About To Dump 60 Ltr's Of Beer

    I have just done 4 lagers in a row, using the same fermenter and reduced yeast cake, The first was a Schwarzbier, very nice, I then did the following, Munich Dunkel, Boh Pil German Pil. The Munich dunkel tasted fine during fermenting and kegged it up, the Boh Pil I thought had a bit of a...
  19. mxd

    Afl Gf Tickets Scalping Price (wow)

    I saw an add for some Standing Room (in AFL members) GF tickets, face value $100, so I thought I'd check on the price (me thinking for 200 was good for me and him), he reckons he's had offers of $1000, wow I think I'll be watching on the TV again.
  20. mxd

    Solventy Dbl Choc Stout In Fermenter

    Hi Guys, I have a solvent (smells of choc then strong alcohol, the taste is choc then the nail polish, strong alcohol etc..) dbl choc stout (2 actually 1 in a keg and 1 in a fermenter), the keg will become lawn food but I was wondering if there was anything I could do to the one in the...