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  1. argon

    FS: 3V double batch system Brisbane

    For sale: 3 vessel system 50L capacity single tier 1 pump. Complete system ready to go. $350 Has been a while since last use. I’ve now got a Guten 30 and suits me as I’m not brewing nearly as much and don’t need the volume. So don’t need this hanging around any more. Don’t really know how...
  2. argon

    SS Coil and SS element in SS enclosure... sooo much stainless!

    For sale: Stainless Steel Coil and 2200w Stainless Steel element in Stainless Steel enclosure. Price: $150.00 Location: Brisbane Postage: pickup preferred (can arrange a time and place). Postage at buyers expense. Got a Stainless Steel Enclousre fabricated a couple of years back big enough to...
  3. argon

    How to add permanent volume markings to a kettle.

    Just saw this posted on Reddit. Thought it looked pretty cool, so thought I'd post here.
  4. argon

    AHB Strava Club

    Noticed a few people mentioned they did a bit of cycling and running whilst I was reading the biggest loser thread. So I decided to make an AHB Strava club. There are apps for smartphones, use dedicated monitoring devices, such as Garmins and Polars etc. or just manually upload your exercises...
  5. argon

    Heading to the States over Christmas.

    Heading to the States over Christmas. 3 weeks in total. 2 weeks in Phoenix where family live and a week in LA for Disneyland with the kids. This will be my 3rd trip over there and the 1st where I had any concept of good beer. Won’t have time or the inclination to visit any pubs/bars/breweries...
  6. argon

    Mt Gravatt Markets 700l Chesty $150

    Just saw this for anyone interested. Looks to be 700L and working as it was plugged in and cold. Westinghouse brand. I'm not interested as I've got enough fridges, but thought someone may be interested.
  7. argon

    Mashing At Room Temperature

    I'm considering setting up the brewery for an auto start HERMS, where I mash in at room temp the night before, then on a timer the HERMS starts and raises to my desired rest temp prior to lautering and ready for me to attend. I know some people do this, especially a couple that use Braumeisters...
  8. argon

    Micromatic Flow Adaptors

    Bought 4 of these guys from the states and got my brother to bring them over on his recent visit back to Oz. Had on setup on a corny adaptor straight off the keg through the Perlick 525SS. Worked a treat. However, now i'm using these back at home on the keg fridge with the same perlicks, i'm...
  9. argon

    Recirculating Plate Chiller Calcs

    I like the idea of a Recirculating Wort Chiller similar to Jamil's Whirlpool Immersion Chiller, particularly the idea that the wort that has just been chilled is added back to the kettle to increase the rate at which the entire volume loses heat. I wanted to understand (or at least have an...
  10. argon

    Brown Pump

    So i bought one of these pumps so i can take a tier off my 3V gravity and to recirc HLT and chiller water... probably won't use it for wort transfer. Anyway how are people wiring these up? I chopped up a 12V power supply from old Christmas lights but it won't even pump from the bottom of...
  11. argon

    Fs Bris: 3 Corny Kegs $48.20 Each

    I recently bought 5 kegs from Ross on the $1 keg deal, including the 4 keg special. So spent $241 for 5 kegs. The intent was to split it with a mate (2 for me and 3 for him) but he changed his mind <_< and now i'm left with 5 kegs (3 of which i don't need). So if anyone wants 3 kegs...
  12. argon

    Late Hopping And No Chilling Guide

    Late Hopping and No Chilling Guide - everyone likes a guide with photos Further to the thread Late Hopping And Nochilling… It Can Be Done! I’ve decided to document the process for an AIPA. What I want to do is utilise the no chill method for packaging my wort on brewday. This allows me the...
  13. argon

    Designing A Private Bar

    I'm an Architect and I have a commission with a couple of wealthy brothers building a private bar for them in a hotel that they own and run. The original brief was to not have any beer service... just a wine cellar, bottle display and spirits (mainly blue label scotch... not sure they've heard...
  14. argon

    2 Beers 1 Brew - Differing Cube Hops

    Something i've been wanting to do for a while now is split a double batch of generic wort into 2 cubes, chuck american hops in one and english in the other to create 2 beers from 1 brew (... now i have 2 girls 1 cup stuck in my head :icon_vomit: ). So i'll document here to see how close i go to...
  15. argon

    Where To Crush Your Grain?

    For the life of me i can't find anything on this... had a look but nothing definitive. I remember reading something about keeping your milling away from your fermentation area cause of nasties living on grain. Something about the dust created from crushing throwing up airborne baddies. So...
  16. argon

    Fs: Bris: 18 Gallon Keg (80l)

    Father in law has had this in his possession for about 30 years. He had used it to make wine. He no longer wants it and thought i could put it up for anyone that wants it. It's surplus to my needs (as Mrs Argon has explained <_< ) Very tempted to give him the money myself... but cash is tight...
  17. argon

    Double Batch Split Boil

    I currently do double batches. However Id like a little more variety and dont want to do single batches. So I thought, why not do a Pilsner and a Munich Helles via a partially split boil? The way I plan to do it is like this; - Do a 100% Pilsner mash (50/50 RO and local water) - Sparge and run...
  18. argon

    Kerbside Collection / Council Pickup

    Kerbside collection is happening this weekend round my neck of the woods this weekend. So thought i'd start a thread to let everyone know to keep an eye out in these areas for some free gear. Also would be good to use this thread to add your local dates/areas and finds. My keg fridge is a...
  19. argon

    Brewing Schedule

    I'm trying to work out what needs to be brewed when for the Mini-Comps this year. I have the first 2 entries sorted for the January and March mini-comps. I've been attempting to use Beersmith calender to schedule my dates and assign brews to the correct times according to the comp calendar...
  20. argon

    Late Hopping And Nochilling It Can Be Done!

    Typically when I NoChill I calculate all hop additions as plus 15 minutes. But the one thing that NoChilling doesnt allow me to do, is add those really late kettle hops to get that big flavour and aroma I would normally get from a 10min, 5min, 0min addition that was rapid chilled. Now, I have...