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  1. RdeVjun

    Southeast Queensland Grain Bulk Buy

    SE Queensland Bulk Buy January 2012 Organiser: RdeVjun Pickup Supervisor: To Be Advised Supplier: CraftBrewer * This Bulk Buy is for 36 sacks per pallet, only whole pallets may be ordered from the Supplier. * Total freight cost is divided evenly amongst the total number of sacks and then added...
  2. RdeVjun

    Seqld Grain Bulk Buy

    SE Queensland Bulk Buy October/ November 2011 Organiser: RdeVjun Pickup Controller: To Be Advised * At this stage this bulk buy is for one pallet only, so 36 sacks in total. Two pallets is looking distinctly likely though but remains at the discretion of the Organiser. * No split sack orders...
  3. RdeVjun

    Babb March Meeting

    BABB Folk, March 24th Mini Comp No. 2:- American Ale. At time of entry, beer must be nominated into BABB's beer classes: 4.1 American Pale Ale, 4.2 American IPA, 4.3 American Brown Ale Apologies on my behalf- I'll be in Canberra while this month's club meeting is on. :( You'll probably find...
  4. RdeVjun

    Smack Pak Pre- Smacked

    I have just discovered that a pack of 1026PC seems to have been inadvertently smacked while in transit/ my fridge. Not bulging outrageously but it has unexpectedly swelled compared to the others in that consignment, so and now I'm wondering just what to do. As a rule I slant PC strains and that...
  5. RdeVjun

    When Rednecks Go Bad...

    This is causing some hilarity, so probably should be in the humour/ jokes section... But there is a serious side, apparently a disaffected landholder is in dispute with regional council about a section of Ahrens Rd near Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland which is actually located on his...
  6. RdeVjun


    Folks, today is the official day- World Water Monitoring Day. You'd think with such a focus on water in this country that this type of activity would be well supported. Nope, so far it would appear I'm just about it, AFAIK... :blink:
  7. RdeVjun

    Book Review

    The latest HB book I picked up from the local library was Willie Simpson's "Home Brew" (Penguin, 2007), I recognised Willie from previous works and had high expectations for this book. Sadly, there's a fault or SNAFU of some kind on just about every page, which makes this book very difficult...
  8. RdeVjun

    Channel-side Tunnels Coming Up For Auction

    Saw this tunnel network overlooking the English Channel in Capel-le-Ferne, Kent, for auction on the Beeb just now and it got me thinking- I've always wondered about the utility of an underground brewery, there's a couple of +es: * Temperature much more stable, and * probably quite favourable...
  9. RdeVjun

    Diacetyl Rest In Ales

    Folks, I've had a squiz in the obvious places, but turned up not much. Is there any reason that an ale's diacetyl rest for things like Wy1968 and 1187 can't be achieved in the bottle? Or must it take place in the fermenter so that decomposition products are left behind, gas liberated etc...
  10. RdeVjun

    Interruptions To Brewday

    A quickie, have done some searches and reading without much luck so far. Have put a mild on to mash at 65C just now, a BIAB, and then I get the call up for work in about 2 hours for yet another stinking meeting. So, now I'm wondering if I let the mash finish on schedule (90 mins) and just drain...
  11. RdeVjun

    Schott Bottles To Giveaway

    Gooday AHB Folks, I have about 8 crates of surplus Schott bottles to give away. There's a mixture of 500ml and 1000ml with red and blue lids, they're autoclavable borosilicate glass and quite tough. They are very popular in laboratories with an endless number of different applications. Schott...
  12. RdeVjun

    Bavaria And Oranjeboom Origins

    Gooday folks, this has perplexed me for some time- maybe someone can help me understand why "Bavaria" is brewed in The Netherlands and "Oranjeboom" is brewed in Germany? Purely from the names, I would've thought it'd be the other way around, its just ridiculous! Maybe its just another sign of...
  13. RdeVjun

    Oceanographic Brewing

    Folks, this story actually qualifies as beer brewing this time (unlike the prison hooch), but in the end I decided to put it in this non- beer forum category as it hardly counts. (Jeez its so hard to decide some times...) Link. Good luck & enjoy!
  14. RdeVjun

    Prison Hooch Review

    Got this the other day in my email, here's The Sneeze link to a Prison Hooch review where they use fruit juice, tomato, sugar in a bag and inoculate with mouldy bread in a sock. As with many of these sorts of things its a bit dated, but some things just don't change and old methods are often the...
  15. RdeVjun

    My Yeast Propagation Method

    G'day all, I've put this gallery up overnight, its a series of photos showing how I do my rehydration and starter culture with Schott bottles. (Hope that gallery link works, if not, just go to the Gallery link in the title bar.) Individual photos have an explanation of the step, so run through...
  16. RdeVjun

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae- Comes Up Trumps Again

    Article on New Scientist about tiny yeast- powered fuel cells actually implanted within the human body. A precis: Surely a few of us could come up with a solution to the waste product problem, but for mine, only the CO2 is a problem, not the alcamahol! It can come out into the blood as quick as...
  17. RdeVjun

    Steeped Warmish

    Hiya, I did my first real steep with specialty grains today, but may've SNAFUed the first go at it on account of a high-ish temperature. I used the Raceday Red Ale as a rough guide and used 0.2kg Carared, 0.1kg Dark Crystal and 0.03kg Carafa T1 in my second attempt which was steeped at between...
  18. RdeVjun

    Rather Old French Champers Popped

    Story on Oz, apparently the stuff was drinkable after nearly two centuries in the cellar. "luckily, it was drinkable". Oh, you don't say? Damn, here was me thinking it'd fab in a cocktail... "There was a taste of heather honey, of gingerbread, of lemon confit, of mushrooms and of the dead...
  19. RdeVjun

    Too Bitter?

    Hi all, here's a challenge- would a toucan of Coopers Stout and Draught balance up ok with some more light malt extract, say half a kilo or more? Any opinions on that plan? I'm determined to use up a gift of an elderly Draught can, I was also wondering if some steeped roasted barley might keep...
  20. RdeVjun

    Extract Everard's Amber Irregularities

    Hi all, saw this post mentioning butterscotch a few weeks ago, now it has me wondering. I have an Everard's Old Original which is getting peculiar, in just some bottles, and I wonder if its not diacetyl, perhaps from infection and I would be grateful for your comments. I'd better explain...