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  1. mckenry

    Beer Engine / Hand Pump For Sale

    Sold pending your willingness to hold on to it for a while? I can transfer funds whenever you like.
  2. mckenry

    Position Vacant

    Hi All, Thought I'd put this up here as there is a wealth of knowledge, but still think it'll be hard to find someone. You don't know if you don't ask though. I'm looking for an apprentice brewer or brewery assistant. Casual position at first which may lead to an apprenticeship for the right...
  3. mckenry

    500L Braumeister for sale

    Sold. Man, there are some time wasting, tyre-kickers out there.
  4. mckenry

    500L Braumeister for sale

    Ha, no, not at all.
  5. mckenry

    500L Braumeister for sale

    Guys and girls, this is back on the market. If you're thinking of setting up a small craft brewery in a small space, these are the go-to brew houses. Genuine reason for sale. We were very happy with its performance but our business has gone in another direction.
  6. mckenry

    500L Braumeister for sale

    Hey Guys, As the title says, I have a 500L brau for sale. Less than 2 years old. Comes with extras including the pan on wheels, insulation jacket, some mods for good grain retention when hoisting, stainless screens etc. Great condition and pedantically looked after. Save a fortune on the new...
  7. mckenry

    3 Tap flooded Andale mobile bar

    Hey All, I know there are plenty of DIY'ers out there and plenty of knockers who can 'do it cheaper' but I'm putting up my mobile bar for sale. 3 Tap Andale flooded font mobile bar. Made from blackbutt, inlaid with merbau, surrounded by mini orb, on heavy duty castors. INCLUDES taps. I made...
  8. mckenry

    Position Vacant

    Hey Guys and Girls. Southern Highlands Brewing is opening a Taphouse in Moss Vale NSW. We are looking for bar staff with a great knowledge of craft beer. We will be serving 8 of our own beers on draft, a stout tap plus a hand pump. We'll have seasonals and a guest tap also. The job may lead to...
  9. mckenry

    Ripleys Believe It Or Not

  10. mckenry

    Intertap vs perlick taps

    Not much info around, but did the Perlick 690SS ever make it here? FC with creamer.
  11. mckenry

    Kegerators vs icebank

    You won't need a fridge as well. I run three of these ice banks. Mine are rio 20's. Two 3 taps and a 2 tap. They easily handle kegs at 20C down to pouring temp.
  12. mckenry

    Beer Chillers / Glycol Systems / Icebanks.

    I run 3 of these. Putnaper has nailed it. The only thing he didnt mention is the water treatment. You can get a growth inhibitor to keep the water nice from week to week..
  13. mckenry

    Starting a new 1BBL brewhouse with intention to scale & distribute.

    O/T. You're 33 and reckon you've had a long career?. ;) Send me your email address in a p.m. I can help you out.
  14. mckenry

    For sale - Hop rhizomes $10

    I've pm'd you I think. New setup is a bit unknown to me. I tacked onto last years conversation.
  15. mckenry

    Lallemand/ Danstar London ESB Dry yeast

    1.045 ish.
  16. mckenry

    New layout new profile pic.

    New layout new profile pic.
  17. mckenry

    Braumeister - Tips & Tricks

    Update on achieving better efficiency. Mashed 11.6kg in 50L. Sparged with 24L From reading I decided to sparge with about 2L/kg. 50L mashin is a nice easy number and its marked and it allows 2L/kg sparge. With 24L sparge the runnings went down to 1.030 - still pretty high compared to my old 3V...
  18. mckenry

    Lallemand/ Danstar London ESB Dry yeast

    Well. This yeast gave up at 1.016 at 66C and fermented at 20C I read somewhere that it doesn't ferment out malto-triose (which results in a higher FG). I should have mashed lower. Still at 4% it's a great malty beer. At a touch over 5% caraaroma the malt balance is bang on. The fuggles is...
  19. mckenry

    Recipe suggestions for using up surplus ingredients

    I reckon there are two beers there; Chocolate Crystal EKG Saaz Moteuka - go easy Light can with English yeast Munich Carapils - bit silly with a kit, but you wanna use it Saaz Hallertau Light can with lager yeast. Obviously youre going to have to work out how much of each with some software.
  20. mckenry

    Whats In The Glass

    Kegged this 10 minutes ago. Peckitts Bitter (and for good reason)