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  1. Black n Tan

    Nice Guys Brewery & Bar, Richmond (VIC)

    Hi brewers. I have been busy of late and thought I would share my brew dream to open a brewpub, Nice Guys Brewery and Bar, in Richmond, Melbourne. As background I am a scientist and most recently CEO of a private company working on Alzheimer's disease drug. I recently decided on a 'tree change'...
  2. Black n Tan

    Brewtan B and Green Strike Water

    A few months ago I started using Brewtan B (high MW tannic acid) in my mash and sparge water. This followed a brief experiment with low dissolved oxygen brewing. Although I ditched the LODO process I decided to retain Brewtan B as it binds copper and iron which are catalysts for oxidation...
  3. Black n Tan

    Australian National Homebrew Conference 2018

    The ANHC conference is back in Melbourne for 2018. October 25-27, William Angliss, Melbourne. Over the last 10 years the conference has grown in leaps and bounds, providing a forum for amateur brewers from all over the country to come together and gain wisdom from some of the best and brightest...
  4. Black n Tan

    Forum not loading correctly-safari

    Over the last few weeks, come about 8.30pm AEST, images don't seem to load and I am left with '?' and sometimes it gets worse and the formatting is lost. Some screen images of the issues
  5. Black n Tan

    Yarra Valley Brewers Belgian BeerFest 2015 Results

    Hi guys, any word on the result of yesterday's competition?
  6. Black n Tan

    Next Generation Braumeister

    G&G have the next generation Braumeisters on display. The only differences I could see are the lid (it is now more contoured, presumably to stop dripping) and the control box with curved touchscreen display. I flicked through the manual briefly and the only noticeable difference is it can store...
  7. Black n Tan

    For Sale (Melb) STC1000 Controlled Fermentation Freezer with Heat Pad/

    I am making the move to conicals so am selling my STC100 controlled 148L Haier chest freezer with insulated collar and heat pad and fan. Perfect for fermenting both ales and lagers alike, and great to have the ability to crash chill before racking. I will also include a 60L plastic fermenter...
  8. Black n Tan

    CO2 Regulator Problem

    I have a keg king C02 regulator and the pressure adjustment nut has been difficult to turn so I sprayed the thread with a little silicone spray a week or so ago. I typically have this reg set at 275kPa as I use it to express force carb. Yesterday I heard some hissing when the ball valve was in...
  9. Black n Tan

    Wort Hogs Pale Ale Mania Results 2013

    Just curious to know the results from yesterday's competition because it is the first comp I have entered. Are the results posted here or somewhere else?
  10. Black n Tan

    How do I edit my posts?

    I see others edit their posts when they make a mistake or want to clarify something. How do I do that? Can't find any info when I searched the forums.
  11. Black n Tan

    Braumeister Pump Query

    I have just received a brand new Braumeister 50L from G&G. The manual that comes with the unit and Spiedel website indicate that the recirculation pump are 23W, but my unit has only 9W pumps (black Laing E1 vario 15/700B 3-9W, ITT acquired Laing in 2009). Trolling through forums I note that a...
  12. Black n Tan

    Braumeister 20L for Sale Melbourne

    Selling my Braumeister 20L (retail $2,500), Speidel thermojacket (retail $120) and a spare pump (retail $280 plus delivery from UK). I am selling the lot for $2,100 (firm). I upgraded to a more powerful pump (9-27w) and will provide the original pump aswell so you will have a back-up for the...