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    Brewing Qualifications

    Not trying to poke fingers at you or anyone else, but how do you get to do a Graduate Certificate if you are not a graduate ? :unsure:
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    Green Beacon Brewery

    I know that they were commissioning the gear last week as I sold them the yeast and know the guys doing the install. It is a superb brewhouse capable of churning out lots of great beer. So give them a few weeks to condition the beers and iron out the wrinkles with the brewhouse and they will...
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    Yet Another Stc-1000 Question

    A professional will tell you that you should always use a relay to avoid your control gear being damaged by an over-current situation. If/when your element fails and arcs-out it will draw heaps more than the 10 Amps that your controller is rated. So you will need to replace both the element and...
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    Keg Coupler Arrived Broken

    I would say that it was pretty likely that it broke in use and he is trying to force his loss back onto the seller. It is well known in the trade that those cheap Chinese copies are very brittle and every HB shop probably gets a couple through their door with broken handles each month. You...
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    Free Keg

    From the AHB Forum guidelines
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    Commercial Brewery Recipes And Legalities

    /// is spot on as when you think about it there is only a limited range of raw material supplies available in Australia so it is not difficult for any trained brewer to know the essence of any beer produced locally. As one Belgian brewer is quoted in Brew Like a Monk: "You have our malts, you...
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    Pumphouse Review

    No he didn't ..................... (Sorry, Someone had to say it)
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    Actually - it is one for the moderators as promoting the sale of stolen goods is against AHB policies. Look at the sticker on the side. :(
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    Homebrew Stores In And Around Newcastle

    Hi Rex, Obviously I don't know what yeasts you are waiting on - but I do know that he has a good quantity of all the regaular yeasts in stock. If they are some of the Private Collection special releases then they have not arrived so it looks like your order has gone astray. As I have siad...
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    Homebrew Stores In And Around Newcastle

    Guys .... Guys ... Guys, Have you all forgotten what the last month has been like in Newcastle ? What you don't know about November being the month of beer and MHB being one of the motivators behind the local craft brew movement has been pretty busy. He is only now starting to get his head...
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    Mel Robson Rip

    Like Scotty, I first got to know ESB through the Randwick store when the old Southern Home Brewing (forerunner of Grain & Grape) recommended that I buy my grain from Sydney rather than paying freight from Melbourne to Newcastle. In those days Reagan was the man who ran the store (now brewing at...
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    Whats The Size Of You Brew Pot

    No Chill means NO CHILLING in a pool or anywhere else. You want them to stay hot for as long a spossible so that the heat sterilises the container.
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    Cub 50l Keg

    Yes, but those same people use high temperatures, pressure and aggressive chemicals - something the average HB'er doesn't normally have available.
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    Supporting Independent Breweries

    Yup .... this is the moral of this story thread. The last mega-laga tap was removed a few years ago - when Potters Kolsch was outselling VB. Don't drink crap beer ..... learn to tell the difference between good and bad beer favours and let the brewer know if there is a problem.
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    Exploding Plastic Kegs!

    Still fine for home use of course - but don't try to make a boiler out of them. They stink a bit when you light the gas burner :D
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    Exploding Plastic Kegs!

    Actually the opposite is true. The use of the plastic coated kegs have been discontinued in Europe due to safety concerns. When they are dropped they can ding and crack but as the plastic coating pops out there is no external indication of potential problems. The 'ding' also reduces the...
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    Exploding Plastic Kegs!

    Yes they do. Under AS 4343-2005 they are designated Hazard Level E
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    Exploding Plastic Kegs!

    Very true, We have just started importing plastic casks and they have a steel band around the middle and are rotomoulded (just like a very large plastic bottle). Seems the best way to go.
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    Mark's Home Brew Opening Hours

    You can run but you will never escape these Hunter beers - Potters is just as dangerous. They will draw you back time and time again. :icon_drool2:
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    Nsw Amateur Brewing Competition

    Why is there any problem at all ? The organisers of the comp grabbed paperwork used in previous years and ran the best comp that they could. Months after the comp the ANHC (a commercial organisation seperate from the AABC) asked the NSW committee to nominate the 'Champion Brewer' as there was...