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  1. Dunkel_Boy

    Zizzle's Brewbot

    Very very cool. Haven't read the thread in detail, so apologies if this has been repeated. I've used a couple of Dallas i-button/1-wire things with a work project, and they are brilliant. In terms of overflow/boiler stuff (just throwing ideas around), can you hook a float or overflow to a...
  2. Dunkel_Boy

    Floris Fruit Beers

    Bugger, I was really hoping someone tracked this down in Brisbane. One of my mates going to Moreton for Easter isn't man enough to drink XXXX - and I haven't brewed for a while... :unsure: - and know that the girly man likes his Florisgaarden. There are a few bottles of Belle Vue there, and...
  3. Dunkel_Boy

    Little Creatures Pa

    I have a feeling my house brew will end up something like... 1.5kg extra pale LME 2.5kg MO 300g caramunich III 30IBU worth of First Gold US-56 LCPA I think is a fantastic beer, but moreso because it inspires me to throw around a lot of hops with the same malt/yeast background, and see what...
  4. Dunkel_Boy

    Fullers London Pride

    True, though there's crushed up rock calcium sulphate (gypsum) and 99.98% hydrated analytical-grade calcium sulphate, which is the stuff I use. Sure, it's not as 'organic' (:D), but I prefer to use it in my beer. :D
  5. Dunkel_Boy

    Fullers London Pride

    Ah yes, good point Dr K. Why is it that teh best IPA I made contained Burton Ale yeast and about two tablespoons of Calcium Sulphate (not gypsum)?
  6. Dunkel_Boy

    Fullers London Pride

    Ahhh, London Pride. I once gave it to a friend in leu of other cold beer. He said "Hmm, tastes like your homebrew." While it may seem like a compliment, I believe it was a comment made out of ignorance.
  7. Dunkel_Boy

    All Grain V Partial Mash.

    I like the pizza analogy: Buy ready-made/microwave pizza from shop: K&K Buy bases, add own topping: extract + grain Make base, add own topping: all grain My pizzas are famous, of course. ;)
  8. Dunkel_Boy

    The Regatta Hotel, Brisbane

    I call it the Regretta... :)
  9. Dunkel_Boy

    The Regatta Hotel, Brisbane

    The Regatta used to be cool; it used to be about the music man. Now they get so many people they can judge everyone as much as they like. I was there for the first few Friday Night Cheap Premiums (they were $2 I recall; now they are $3.50 or so), when nobody knew about them. Great times; used...
  10. Dunkel_Boy

    All Grain V Partial Mash.

    Will need some fine-tuning... Hoegaarden - 20L, 75% eff. 500g Weyermann pale wheat 1kg Maris Otter 250g Weyermann Munich (light) 2kg Bairds (I think) torrefied wheat 100g oats (flaked) 500g rice hulls SG - 1045-1050 1 plug Styrian Goldings (60min) 1 plug Styrian Goldings (15min) 1 plug Czech...
  11. Dunkel_Boy

    All Grain V Partial Mash.

    Yeah, you'll definitely use it more than I would have. BUT, you won't push it as hard as Stu and I did. Half a kilo of Saaz in the bottom of the boiler - I think it was the keg boiler actually, not the sexy one you have now - really tests out the ball valve on the outlet. :D So, looks like...
  12. Dunkel_Boy

    All Grain V Partial Mash.

    At the moment I do exactly what you are doing: generally I mash, boil, and top up with 1-1.5kg Coopers extra pale LME, or some DME. Sometimes I add a kit and just mash grains in for extra 'quality' gravity, plus some coloured grains. I used to do all-grain, but I don't have the space now...
  13. Dunkel_Boy

    California Common Beer ( Steam Beer )

    Stuster, I'm guessing he means a fairly loose categorisation. And I'm also guessing half of his lagers ferment at 15-16C. :D In all seriousness, I know that's warm, but I thought steam beers were brewed warmer than that; 18-20C, I thought. Nice lager temps being 10-13C of course.
  14. Dunkel_Boy

    Hop Of The Week 1/11/06 - Northern Brewer

    Praise all round. I have only used in stout and IPA, both of which were great. Kai - your conclusion would be not to use it in lighter styles, or not to use it as flavour/aroma? How does it compete with Perle, in your books?
  15. Dunkel_Boy

    Good Beer & Atmosphere - Brisbane Cbd

    I really need to check out Oxford 152. I've now driven past it twice, but have been very much on my way somewhere - usually late - and obviously haven't been able to drop in. How is ze German Club at Woolloonnggaaabbba? I hear bits and pieces of nice things, but nothing solid. I'm sure the...
  16. Dunkel_Boy

    Large Electric Kettle Or Hlt 4 Sale

    How long does that bad boy take to heat 80L? Haven't tried I guess?
  17. Dunkel_Boy

    Is Ginger Fermentable?

    Ahh good. Yes, I boiled the ginger thoroughly - I figured I put my grubby hands all over it, I'd better boil. Had a gorgeous smell, and the little bit of fluid left over (containing the strained chunks) after I added it to the fermenter tasted very good. Cheers guys. Adrian PS - I'm going to...
  18. Dunkel_Boy

    Is Ginger Fermentable?

    Hypothetically, if a friend of mine decided at the last minute to add some ginger (I think he said it was about a thumb-sized piece) to his priming solution to give a bit of a kick to his IPA, should my mate be worried about the ginger fermenting and causing overcarbonation, or is my mate just...
  19. Dunkel_Boy

    Hoppy Wheat Beer

    Yes, I personally hate cascade and almost gag seeing it in brown/stout/wheat recipes that require that subtle balance of (non-fruity) bitterness. Strawberry clover honey is available in a fair few places, though I haven't tried too hard to seek it out. Leabrook DEFINITELY make it, so you can...
  20. Dunkel_Boy

    Hoppy Wheat Beer

    Mt Hood = good.