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    Wyeast Price To Rise 1-jan-12

    Hi Brewers, I have just been advised by Wyeast that their price will rise "due to the increase in raw material costs and changes in the industry ... effective January 1st, 2012". The rise in wholesole price will add a few dollars to the retail price. This is the first rise in more than eight...
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    Chinese Food Standards

    From here. ------------------------------------- China puts media ban on new milk scandal February 4, 2010 AFP Chinese officials have banned independent reporting on the latest toxic food scandal involving melamine, a chemical blamed for the deaths of six babies in 2008, a press watchdog...
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    Zinc In Beer ...

    Adding Zinc to your beer can stop it getting lightstruck. Or, so I heard at the B&T talk. :icon_cheers:
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    Hag B&t Comp At Potters This Weekend

    Hi All, Despite our stealth marketing campagne a good lot of entries have been received for this weekend's comp - so we need some judges and stewards. Can you please let me know if you can make it. I will provide (some) transport and other 'incentives' to be there. Thanks Dave
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    Maitland Bitter & Twisted Beer Festival

    Hi everyone (who went to the B&T or at least thought about it). Many have posted what a blast the B&T festival was and looking at things from the inside it all seemed to go pretty well. But we are all in a pretty unique position that this is a beer festival arranged just for us (or others like...
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    Dave Does Denver

    As the title says I am about to jump on a plane to go to the Great American Beer Festival, in Denver Colorado. There are more than 1800 beers available for unlimited sampling from around 500 breweries. I will be working as a volunteer for 2 or 3 sessions which involves pouring beers behind the...
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    Bjcp Training Course

    Hi All, Over the past year there have been numerous promises, threats and rumours about another BJCP training course being run in the Hunter. As I have been the main instigator of these rumours I feel that I am best placed to confirm (or deny) them. :rolleyes: Anyway we are now ready to...
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    Bitter & Twisted Competition

    Hi All, The First Weekend in November is getting close so it means that we need to start thinking about the Top Twister Brewers Championship held in conjunction with the Bitter & Twisted - International Boutique Beer Festival. Due to last year's 'stealth' marketing campaign we ran a small but...
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    Top Twister Takes On The Best In The World

    As organiser of the 2007 Bitter & Twisted Beer Festival I had the pleasure of informing the winner of the Top Twister prize that they were sponsored to enter the AHA National Homebrew Competition. The NSW Brewers Guild would cover all entry fees and transport costs. The National Homebrew...
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    Beer Saves House From Fire

    Heard a frightening tale from a local brewer last night. Seems that he was sitting at home enjoying a beer with his family one evening a few weeks ago and the lights and power went off. 'Black out' he though so went out the front door to check for any neighbours lights and they were all still...
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    2007 NSW Comp Politics thread ;)

    Is it a 'Public Competition' ? Did all the entrants view a privacy policy and give written agreement that their names and results could be distributed without their expresss permission ? I would be worried that someone coming towards the end of a category could be disadvantaged if a potential...
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    Helpers Needed For B&t Competition

    Hi Everyone, I have most of you pencilled in as judging/stewarding at the Top Twister Brewers championship, but I thought that I should do you the courtesy of asking you first ! Entries close this Wednesday and we will be judging them on Sunday 28th October at Potters Brewery, Cessnock...
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    Nsw Home Brewing Championship

    Hi All, This years' NSW Chamionships will be held at the Potters Brewery in Cessnock on 21st October, 2006. Entries must be received at one of the registered drop-off points by 5.00pm Wednesday, 11th October, 2006 The NSW Championships was the first competition in Australia to be registered...