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  1. cam89brewer

    CCP Technologies temperature monitoring and recording.

    Has anyone on here used these yet? I hear Capital Brewing had them installed recently also. From what i read very user friendly, accurate and reasonably priced.
  2. cam89brewer

    CCP Technologies temperature monitoring and recording.

    Has anyone on here used these yet? I hear Capital Brewing had them installed recently also. From what i read very user friendly, accurate and reasonably priced.
  3. cam89brewer

    Wyeast 1272 Cloudy?

    I couple of months ago I decided to give the 1272 a go in a few American Ales as a substitute for both US-05 and the 1056 but with both batches that I have brewed have are still cloudy over a month later. My process was completely identical to my old recipes which turned out 100% clear after 1-2...
  4. cam89brewer

    Tasmanian Oak Mash Paddle

    I have recently made my own mash paddle and used Tasmanian oak which I purchased from Bunnings. I asked them when buying it whether it has been treated with anything and they didn't have a certain answer and I was just wondering if it is fine to use?
  5. cam89brewer

    Wyeast 1084 ? ?

    I am having another go at making an Irish Dry Stout the 1st one turned out ok but took a couple of months to have any head what so ever and for some reason during fermentation there is no real krausen and just seems to fizz instead. Is this recipe adequate for a decent head retention? 21L...
  6. cam89brewer

    Jomack Urn....

    I have been using a Jomack 20L urn as my HLT for a while now and has decided to shit itself. I have replaced the power lead as it seemed faulty, but has not resolved the problem. I am guessing it can only really be the simmerstat or the element, does any one have an idea as to which one is more...
  7. cam89brewer

    Badly Stored Dry Yeast And Yeast Starter

    I am looking at making a nice German lager and have all the ingredients but yeast and cant justify making an order from Grain and Grape at the moment. The local HBS is pretty much just an open shed and has all their yeast sitting out in the open and wouldn't be surprised if it is the same stuff...
  8. cam89brewer

    New Mash Tun Design? Cheap....

    Over the last few months I have perfected my budget mash tun design in which costed me less than $100 for everything. This includes 60L fermenter with tap, false bottom, 12" bazooka screen, inner and outer thermal jackets ( Thermal bag from supermarket and neoprene outer jacket) and seems to...
  9. cam89brewer

    Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Clone

    I am considering using this recipe and was wondering what people thought of it and also if it really is necessary to ferment in 2 batches and if so why? please enlighten me... Guinness Foreign Extra Stout clone 5 gallons/19 L, all-grain; OG = 1.078; FG = 1.019; IBU = 40; SRM = 43; ABV = 7.5%...
  10. cam89brewer

    Cellar Mix

    There is a local pub (O'maille's Pub) in which serves a couple of James squire varieties and a have been to many pubs in which with my first taste of their beer you know that they use cellar mix and is quite off putting as I find that it some how ruins hop flavour and creates unwanted creaminess...
  11. cam89brewer


    I have yet again broken my hydrometer and am considering getting a refractometer instead. I have a few questions: Are they very fragile if dropped? How long do they generally last for? and What one would you suggest I get?
  12. cam89brewer

    Re Pitching Yeast

    I have saved my yeast from my fermenter as usual but plan on using it within around 3 -4 days of collecting it and seem to have a fairly large amount of viable yeast in the flask. Do I need to create a starter with it or should it be right to just re pitch?
  13. cam89brewer

    Homebrewer Issue 19

    I generally get this magazine when I can and was looking through the recipe's and Scott Vincent from Matilda Bay has an AG honey ale recipe in this issue. The reason why I bring this up is that his mash schedule is : 1.1 kg Pale 1.1 kg Wheat 1.1 kg Honey .01kg Roasted Barley Mash in @ 50 for...
  14. cam89brewer

    Where To Get Cheap Or Free Polystyrene?

    I have recently made a large wooden box in which I am planning on using to hold 2 x 60 litre fermenters and want to line it with polystyrene. Every one keeps suggesting using broccoli boxes but I know they smell and would be hard to clean... any idea's?
  15. cam89brewer

    How To Force Carbonate With Cellamix?

    I have just started kegging and have got a cellamix 40 and cant seem to get it to carbonate. Can any one help me out?
  16. cam89brewer

    Do You Filter?

    I purchased a filter ages ago and never worried about using it until now but after using it found that it filters out all the flavours that I enjoy. I now don't see the point of filtering again. Does anyone else on here filter?
  17. cam89brewer

    The Missus And The Mash...

    Does any one else have the missus complaining about the smell and how long it takes to mash!?!? :rolleyes:
  18. cam89brewer

    Vic Brew Guidelines

    I am looking at entering a vicbrew comp just for the sake of it and have brewed the ale that I am looking at entering, but the FG seems to be a little over the guidelines... Will they test the SG and will it possibly disqualify my entry? ( seeing that I will be travelling 3 hours to enter)
  19. cam89brewer

    Fridge Mountable Taps

    I have everything ready to go except the taps in which I need to mount to a fridge door but am left with a wide variety of prices and places to get them from and am unsure on which ones to get, from $35 a tap on ebay up to $150 a tap at the local brew shop. Can any one suggest any taps or give...
  20. cam89brewer

    Help! Yeast....

    I made my yeast starter as usual with t-58 and am making a Belgian ale and kinda spilt it every where... the only other yeast I have is s-04 would this work well for a Belgian strong dark ale?