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  1. The Village Idiot

    KK Element Hole

    Wanting to remove the ratshit KK element from my kettle and probably use it as a mash tun. Need advise on filling the 32mm hole. Can you buy a plug? just incase I want to change it back at some stage.
  2. The Village Idiot

    How much Munich 11 is too much?

    I have 5kgs of Munich 11, what to do??? Is 100% out of the question?? Suggestions appreciated.
  3. The Village Idiot

    Ghetto Beer Engine

    Anyone used one of these to make a Beer Engine?? Thoughts?
  4. The Village Idiot

    Pope inline tap?

    Looking for a cheap fix.... would a Pope plastic inline tap be safe for use in the MT recirc system??
  5. The Village Idiot

    Camlocks - which way?

    What is the general consensus on which camlock should go where? Male on hose or on HLT/MT/Kettle outlet? I sort of like the idea of the male on the hose???? Are stainless QD a better option?
  6. The Village Idiot

    Handy Imports Stainless Bench/Table, any good?

    Looking at a stainless bench and the Handy Import ones on evilbay are cheap enough. Has anybody got one and are they sturdy/solid??
  7. The Village Idiot

    Cube Hop Question?

    Looking at an doing APA Smash but I have been struggling in previous brews to achieve a reasonable hop flavour/aroma with flame out additions(no chill) so the plan is to try cube hopping, yes I could dry hop but so far that has been less than successful(grassy). I read somewhere that if cube...
  8. The Village Idiot

    Wyeast 1099 behavior

    Pitched a 1099 starter into an oatmeal stout and it went great for 2 days(20mm foam) , now it has no foam but is bubbling pretty well and looks almost as if its carbonated??? Normal?
  9. The Village Idiot

    Switching an SSR

    I have a 25amp SSR and wondered how much current/amps??? are required to activate it? DC in switching 240AC Will this work? Link The reason I ask is I bought a 5 amp STC1000 instead of 10 amp or even 30 amp(dickhead) and thought that I could use it to switch an SSR via a transformer so if(read...
  10. The Village Idiot

    Willow Bin Mash Tun

    Could one of these Link be used as a MT or even a HLT? Is Polypropylene food safe? Just a thought.
  11. The Village Idiot

    Woolies Seafood/Beer deal.

    Haven't seen this mentioned on the forum, may have missed it?? Buy any Seafood from Woolies and get a six pack of One Fifty Lashes for $10 from BWS. SWMBO bought 2 prawns for 73 cents and got a six pack for $10..... she was very pleased with herself. A reasonable deal if you like OFL?
  12. The Village Idiot

    Green or Grey

    There seems to be two types of what appears to be the "same" pump(maybe) Green or Grey?? or...
  13. The Village Idiot

    PID Controller wanted.

    I want to control my mash better(electric single vessel) and step mash would be nice so I was wondering is there anywhere you can purchase a PID Controller ready to plug and play at a reasonable price or maybe an electrically proficient AHB Member that might be interested in a project?? I would...
  14. The Village Idiot

    Which yeast?

    I am doing a Andrew QLD pale recipe(Pilsner malt with sugar) but don't necessarily want a Coopers clone. I have 1272, 2112, Notto or maybe an oldish starter of Coopers Pale yeast. Chasing a nice clean finish... easy drinker for the boss. Haven't used 2112 before but leaning that way, or...
  15. The Village Idiot

    Sodium Perc or infection?

    I have a brew that has the dreaded band-aid/medicinal taste and smell. Can leaving Sodium Perc in contact with the fermenter or cube too long cause a problem? Lazy bugger didn't rinse it out for a week or so. Or do I have an infection of some sort?
  16. The Village Idiot

    Adding orange peel/zest to secondary?

    I have attempted a Wit for the first time with a little coriander and orange zest added in the last 10 of the boil. It has been fermenting for 9 days(Forbidden Fruit yeast) and is very happily chugging along. Tastes a little "peppery" but can't detect the orange. Suggestions on when and how...
  17. The Village Idiot

    Which yeast?

    Which yeast would be the best for a bit of an experimental brew?(for me anyway). SWMBO wanted something lite with a bit of flavour. Hope she like coriander/orange 56% Wheat 44% Pilsner Hallertau Trad @ 60 - 18.5 IBU Crushed coriander seeds and orange zest @10 I have Bry-97, S04, US05, Notto, 1272
  18. The Village Idiot

    Element Question

    A question for the electrically minded out there. Can this element be run from a "normal" household power point? I thought 2.4kw was the max? Anyone using one? Link
  19. The Village Idiot

    FS: Cosmoplast 36L Round Cooler/Mash Tun

    As per the pics I have a Round Cooler fitted with domed 9" stainless false bottom and 1/2 ball valve tap. Excellent condition. Cost over $200 to put together. Grab a bargain for $125. Pick up Wollongong
  20. The Village Idiot

    FS : 30L BIRKO URN (exposed element)

    I have a 30L Birko in excellent original condition. Have been using it as a HLT but have decided to simplify things and go BIAB with a CB element. Well that's until I win Lotto and buy a Braumeister. Pick up prefered as posting would be a PITA. Located in Wollongong. A bargain at $100