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  1. JDW81

    RIP Eddie Van Halen Great guitarist for a great band. He was very much a virtuoso, and revolutionalised rock guitar. Was also an excellent classical piano player by all accounts. Might have to blast...
  2. JDW81

    FS - Complete Kegging Setup (Geelong)

    Am reluctantly selling my kegging gear. I’ve got to move to Melbourne for a few years for work, and the place I’m moving to doesn’t have space for the gear. I need this to move fairly quickly as I’m moving soon, so it’s a bargain of a price. You’ll get: - 4 Perlick SS flow control taps - 4 long...
  3. JDW81

    Free Bottling Gear - Geelong

    Free bottling gear in Geelong, pickup only. No longer bottling (exclusively kegs/filling growlers from kegs) so are gathering dust in the garage. I'm also moving so need to get rid of some stuff. Bottle Tree - same as this one Bottle Washer - same as this one Both have been well used, but are...
  4. JDW81

    What are you brewing 2020 and 2021 ?

    Happy new year all. Time for the 2020 version of the WAYB thread. For me I'm in the process of downsizing from 3v to hopefully a braumeister, so will be a year of getting to know a new system. Brews planned include: - Berliner Weiss - Dunkle - India Dark Ale - Flanders red (if I can find a...
  5. JDW81

    FS: 3v RIMS Brewery

    Selling my mostly electric 3v RIMS with gas fired kettle brewing system. Am moving around the next few years for work, and this takes up too much space. Will downsize to a single vessel electric system (keen on a BM, but may look at a Brewzilla/Guten depending on finances the next little while...
  6. JDW81

    Cheeky Peak SS Mesh Brew Basket

    Does anyone have any experience with the cheeky peak SS mesh brew baskets? I'm moving around a bit the next few years, and my current 3v setup, while excellent, is a little cumbersome and time consuming to set up. I'm thinking of converting my 15 gallon blichmann MLT into a "braumiser" type...
  7. JDW81

    What are you brewing - 2019?

    Happy new year everyone. Here's the 2019 version..... For me, brewing will be pretty sporadic with a big set of exams this year, however will try and get a couple of sessions in where possible. A few I've got planned are: - Berliner Weisse - MG Fancy Pants Clone - Hoppy Black Ale - My old...
  8. JDW81

    Dry yeast foaming on rehydration

    Has anyone else had US05 foam on rehydration? I rehydrated 2 packs today for pitching, and left for about 1 hour to ensure adequate rehydration (my usual practice). When I came back the yeast had started to foam. There were no funky smells (it smelt like rehydrated US05) I can all but...
  9. JDW81

    Free Bottles - Werribee

    Giving away a couple of boxes of assorted bottles. Included are: Champagne bottles (the best HB bottle IMO) - perfect for sours Various size crown seal bottles A few swing tops All are clean inside. The dust you can have for free as well. Pick up in Werribee. JD
  10. JDW81

    What are you brewing in 2017 ?

    Happy new year all. What are you planning to brew this year?
  11. JDW81

    RIP Hugh McDonald

    More sad news today. Hugh McDonald (founding member of Redgum) has died aged 62 today. Probably best know for his song "I was only nineteen", however he (and Redgum) had many other great songs, and was a staple of my childhood music listenings with my family. I remember him coming to my...
  12. JDW81

    FS: Keezer Collar + Free QDs

    Selling my keezer collar. Never been used. I built it to attach to the chesty I had, however it blew up so I've decided to go for a bigger keezer. It will take 4 taps, and the holes suit standard long shanks. It's made from structural pine that has been glued and screw together and painted with...
  13. JDW81

    Giveaway: 10L Zip Urn

    I'm getting rid of my old 10L zip urn. I used to use it to boil small volumes for step mashes, but my RIMs tube now takes care of that. There is a reasonable amount of calcium build up in the bottom of it, but this would be easily fixed with some good old fashioned elbow grease and a cleaning...
  14. JDW81

    FS: 50L Stainless Brew Pot

    I'm selling my trusty old 50L stainless brew kettle. It has: All stainless plumbing fittings with a full bore 1/2 ball valve and 90 degree pickup tube ~10mm sandwich base Stainless lid It has a small dent in the bottom corner that has been there since I bought it and some scorch marks around...
  15. JDW81

    RIP Richie Benaud One of crickets last gentlemen has died aged 84. His commentary will be missed by millions around the world, including myself.
  16. JDW81

    For Sale: 40L Round Esky Mash Tun

    Selling my 40L round (gatorade) mash tun. It has a perforated stainless steel false bottom and stainless ball valve with a 1/2 inch hose barb. False bottom is connected to the outlet via a short piece of silicone hose, secure with a stainless steel hose clamp. It has served me well since my...
  17. JDW81

    STC-1000 Probe Diameter

    Can anyone tell me the diameter of the STC probe (had a hunt on the interwebs, but haven't had much luck)? My new RIMS tube has a housing for a temp probe diameter 6-6.5mm and my current temp controller's probe is too small. Cheers Lads, JD
  18. JDW81

    Mash Hopping - Waste of Time?

    I've got a couple of recipes planned that call for a fair whack of hops to be added to the mash. I've done some preliminary reading and the info I've come across basically says that the mash ins't hot enough to extract bitterness from the hops, and that any oils extracted during the mash will be...
  19. JDW81

    Decoction pH and Dark Grains

    I've got a dunkle planned for tomorrow and was thinking of decocting it to compare to the non-decocted version. My main concern is pH becoming an issue with the darker malts (about 6% of the bill is dark grains). I'm not normally one to fiddle with water too much (hence being a little unsure)...
  20. JDW81

    20L Willow Jerry Can Weight

    Does anyone know the weight of an empty 20L willow jerry? It has a 20L mark nothing else. Figured if I knew the empty weight I could chuck it on the scales when full to work out volumes for bulk priming