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  1. mikec

    Have I mentioned I'm opening a brewery?

    Well, I am! Been working on it for the better part of this year, but everything is coming together now so I am more comfortable announcing it. Stage 1 is gypsy brewing. Our liquor license is getting close and we are planning to launch in November with 3 beers. 2 core beers and a seasonal. We...
  2. mikec

    Hello again

    Hey AHBers Not a new member but haven't been on the forum for a while so thought I should say hi again and give an update on all things MikeC. Have been semi active at Inner Sydney Brewers and various facebook groups (yeah yeah). Still pumping out the good stuff on my HERMS system, which of...
  3. mikec

    Do NOT soak chrome Perlicks in sodium perc!

    It dissolves the chrome plating inside the tap. Just sayin.
  4. mikec

    I've ruined my palate

    I've been on a bit of an IPA binge over the past few months, can't seem to get enough of them. Problem is, other, less bitter beers all now taste sweet! I was at the Bavarian Bier cafe last week and tried a few beers that I normally like. All just tasted sweet. I notice the same with many of my...
  5. mikec

    CO2 bottle won't fill

    Hey folks Picked up a second hand CO2 bottle on the weekend. Took it to my usual place to get filled (aquarium), but they have had problems with it. Essentially they can't get the bottle to take any gas. As if something is blocking it. It has a tag on it that it was last checked in 2010. So I...
  6. mikec

    Two bottles of Stone & Wood - only $55!

  7. mikec

    The 50 bestest pub blackboards Including, but not limited to:
  8. mikec

    Best beer ad ever?

  9. mikec

    The BROpener

    Wasn't sure where to put this, Gear & Equip seemed the most appropriate. The BROpener on Kickstarter To my mind $14 for a magnet and some sticky tape is a bit much, but interesting none the less. If they get down to under $5 I'd consider it.
  10. mikec

    Spreyton (TAS) Cider

    I was in Tassie this week, and with a few hours to spare we made our way to Spreyton (just south of Devonport) to check out the new Spreyton Cider Co. These guys have been doing apple juice for many years and just recently started doing cider. They've done five different styles, and considering...
  11. mikec

    Dry Hopping Doo-hickies

    Even though I have a submersion chiller, I've been doing more brews with no-chill lately. It's just so much less dicking about. And so this has led me to start looking at gizmos I can use for dry hopping, or cube hopping. Hop socks are what I have on hand, but they can get caught up in taps and...
  12. mikec

    Recipe Ideas - Pales With Lots Of Late/cube Hops

    OK, a few things have happened at once. I've got all the kit to do HERMS now, but I need to do a few brews to nail down the processes, equipment settings and so on. I need to do some trial and error to get things like flow rate, pump positioning, controller settings and so on, just right. At...
  13. mikec

    Perlick Flow Control Taps - All Foam Wtf?

    OK, there must be something I'm doing wrong. Here's the low-down: I've got the Keg King kegerator with a 3-tap font. Just the basic ones that you get from KK. I got sick of having 12 metres of beer line coiled up inside the kegerator, and one of my taps has been pouring with more foam than the...
  14. mikec

    Stone & Wood - Garden Ale

    Had some of this last night on tap. Very easy drinking session beer. With juniper berries! Garden Ale
  15. mikec

    Nz Breweries Worth Visiting

    Hey all Will be passing through NZ early next year and we are going to spend 5 days touring the North Isle on a motorbike. Nowhere near enough time to do it properly, but ya gotta work with what ya've got. Any breweries worth visiting?
  16. mikec

    Holy Smokes - Lager Fermented In 5 Days!

    So last week I brewed up an Asahi style lager. Made up a 2L starter (3 steps) with WY2007, for approx 310 billion yeasties, using Yeastcalc. This being what was required to ferment 20L of 1.041 lager. Pitched last Friday night (20th Oct) and maintained at 12 C in the fridge. Now this is my...
  17. mikec

    Single Vessel Recirculating Biabucket Trial Run

    OK, in an effort to make brew day easier and avoid having to man-handle heavy, floppy, cumbersome nylon bags, I put together a "proof of concept" and did a wet run on Sunday (a simple American Ale, Fat Yak style). In a rental apartment, sky-hooks and pulleys are not an option, so I want...
  18. mikec

    Brewing A Fat Yak

    Going to have a go at a Fat Yak clone. Trying to keep it simple. This is also my first go at No Chill, am I on the right track with the hops? First I created the recipe in Brewmate with No-Chill UN-selected: Fat Yak Recipe Specs ---------------- Batch Size (L): 20.0 Total Grain...
  19. mikec

    Stocking Up

    OK I have most of my processes right now for BIAB full size batches. I've got step mashing happening and sparging working to a degree. I am going to play with a few concepts for bucket in a pot with recirculation, but that's for another thread. I'm brewing enough (at least once a month) that I...