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    Thank's Keg King

    Hi guys. Just wanted to say a big thank you to the crew at keg king and Will the CEO. My 70lt guten broke down not long ago and after a few discussions with the staff at keg king and the technicians we where struggling to work out the problem. They asked for it to be returned so they could...
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    low oxygen transfer for a Neipa

    Hi all, Have brewed my first Neipa which has come out very nice and would like some clarification on the best method for transferring with minimal oxygen so not to ruin it in the keg. So far I have always done the full stellarsan mix in my kegs and pushed it out with co2 before pressure...
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    ultratap or intertap? is there a difference?

    Hi all. Looking to get some new taps for my keezer. Read an older thread comparing ultratap and intertap but it was a couple of years ago and was just wondering if there was anymore insight into the quality of the different taps. Really liking the black ultrataps. Look forward to hearing your...