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  1. hoppy2B


    Greetings everyone, I have about 1 kilogram of clean Kracanup rhizome ready to go. By clean, I mean it is pure rhizome with no dead weight on it. My standard price is $15 for 100 grams, or $50 for 500 grams. WHAT IS KRACANUP LIKE? I grow 3 varieties, Kracanup, Cascade, and Victoria. Those of...
  2. hoppy2B

    SEEKING BANANA ESTERS? The above is an interesting scientific article on research that was conducted on various factors that affect how much of certain esters a yeast will produce under varying conditions. I would describe the article as a...
  3. hoppy2B


    Hi folks, I have the following varieties available: Cascade; Columbus; Victoria; and Cluster. The stuff we all know as Cluster here in Australia is probably/may be Pride of Kent. I don't have a lot of it so get in early if you want that. Victoria is good if you are trying to make beer...
  4. hoppy2B

    For Sale: 3.5kg Columbus Rhizomes and 2.5kg POR crown.

    MAIL OUT PRICES Columbus @ $40 per 500 grams + postage Pride of Ringwood @ $20 per 500 grams + postage PICK UP PRICES Columbus @ $20 per 500 grams Pride of Ringwood @ $20 for the crown I have 3.5 kilograms of Columbus rhizome available. The POR crown should have at least 1.5 kilograms...
  5. hoppy2B


    Hi folks, I have to give away 5 rhizomes of the variety known as Cluster, (collected yesterday). These are the tall variety, not the dwarf variety. I am just intending to give them away as one bundle. First person to message me can have them. You must pick them up from Henley Beach S.A.; I will...
  6. hoppy2B

    Bulk hop rhizomes for sale

    Hi folks, I'm selling hops rhizomes in 500 gram packs this year. That works out to less than $4 per rhizome, with on average more than a dozen large chunky rhizomes per 500 gram pack. (They look a lot smaller in the photo below than they do in real life. A 2 year old Victoria crown only yielded...
  7. hoppy2B

    The Great Rhizome Giveaway 2014

    Hi Folks, I'm planning to dig up 3 Victoria plants and 2 Cascade plants. Any persons wanting free rhizomes can send me a PM and arrange pick up from Henley Beach. I won't be doing any mail-outs. If you're interstate please arrange to get someone to pick up and mail to you as I don't have the...
  8. hoppy2B

    Dry Ice Hop Resin Extraction

    I'm considering doing some dry ice hop resin extraction to reduce the size of my hops to make it easier to store them in the freezer. A potential benefit could be that it will be possible to drop a quarter teaspoon of hop resin into bottles before filling and capping. What do you think of that...
  9. hoppy2B

    Free rhizomes - Adelaide

    Hi folks, I have approximately 3 lots each of POR and Golding to go to a good home. They're free, just need to pick up from the Western burbs. Message me for the details. POR can be used late in the boil for Porters. Needs to be aged well if used late. Suits the style very well. Golding I use...
  10. hoppy2B

    Free rhizomes - Victoria and others also for sale

    I have to give away a number of Tettnang rhizomes and maybe some Saaz and and also Dwarf cluster if its ready. Will give a free POR or Golding to anyone who bought rhizomes from me last year if they were unsuccessful. Must be the same variety. Also available : Victoria $15 Golding 2 for $10 POR...
  11. hoppy2B

    Awesome hop plants.

    Hi everyone, just putting up a few hop plants for sale for those keen to get growing. Have recently finished harvesting my first season dwarf Cluster that I decided to raise in large nursery bags for planting out around the farm. I thought I could spare a couple for anyone interested in growing...
  12. hoppy2B

    Cluster Smash

    I'm sipping on a green wheat malt brew which was single hopped with my first season Cluster hops and I just realized it tastes like carbonated lime juice. Its very citrusy, been trying to work out what I thought it tasted like for a few weeks now. I'm pretty stoked as I hear Motueka is limey. :D
  13. hoppy2B

    Bargain Hop Rhizomes - Saaz, Goldings And Por.

    Greetings noble hop growers, I have the following rhizomes for sale : Saaz $10 for 2 and the mothership for $30 if anyone in the Adelaide area would like it. Goldings $10 POR $10 + add $10 postage to the above. The following are pictures of the Saaz. Goldings and POR have longer shoots. All...