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  1. JDW81


    Hey Phil, 4L (kg) of ice isn’t going to do much to bring down the temp of 19L of boiling wort. It might bring it down say to 50 degrees (at a guess), but you’re still a long way off pitching temps. Are you also going to chill the wort with a chiller of some sort, or just hoping the ice will...
  2. JDW81

    New user looking for beer gas in Melbourne

    I hate to be a pedant, but NO2 is actually nitrogen dioxide, nitrous (AKA laughing gas AKA boy racer)gas is actually N2O. N2O (nitrous) is a powerful oxidising agent (hence it’s use in racing), and anaesthetic gas (commonly used in obstetrics/dentistry/in ED). N2O is also a potent greenhouse...
  3. JDW81

    New to cider making

    Hey Tyler, Cider is one of those things you can make as simple or complex as you like. There’s lots of different additives you can put in to replicate various styles. I’ve never added Malic acid or tea to a cider, but have read that this is common practice. My cider is usually made with...
  4. JDW81

    NoChill again..

    There’s 2 methods I’ve used with great success to get good late hop character into my cubed beers (and I’ve only ever used the no chill method since I start AG brewing). 1: The Argon method: Described above, but essentially a mini boil with some wort from the cube (4-5L), to which you add your...
  5. JDW81

    Why Were Cornflakes Made

    John-Harvey Kellogg was an interesting character. In some respects he was completely bonkers, but he was also an early proponent of good diet being important for intestinal flora and it’s contribution to many different diseases (both diet and gut bugs). Turns out he was on to something. JD
  6. JDW81

    Blichmann Engineering products to be available from Keg King soon

    Great to see another supplier of Blichmann gear. I had a Blichmann MLT for years and it was fantastic. IMHO Blichmann and Braumeister (Speidel) are the benchmark for quality brewing equipment. They might be more expensive than some other bits of kit, but you get what you pay for.... JD
  7. JDW81

    Increasing Mash pH

    I’m far from a water chemistry expert, so can’t comment on if using sodium bicarbonate is a good idea, however worth bearing in mind that baking soda/baking powder both contain Na2HCO3 but they’ve often got other ingredients in there as well, which may adversely affect your beer. JD
  8. JDW81

    Stainless steel keg disconnects

    I can't speak for all of the SS disconnects, but the ones I had didn't have barbs, they had threaded connections for John Guest style push fittings which were good. No faffing around with trying to get a piece of beer/gas line onto a barb and no need for clamps to hold them on. The SS ball lock...
  9. JDW81

    Cubed pilsner fermenting before adding yeast..

    Never open a cube unless you plan on pitching yeast. I get my late hop flavour in cubed beers by doing the following. 1: Calculate the IBUs your beer needs to be (I use beer smith and aim for the ballpark figures given in various reference/style guides) 2: Add a small 60 minute bittering...
  10. JDW81

    Co2 Leaking - Had Enough

    Hey Darren, Losing CO2 is frustrating and expensive, particularly if finances are a bit tight. The leaks can also be hard to track down. When I had to solve my leaks I looked from the gas bottle all the way to the keg (including a good interrogation of the lines). Soapy solution or starsan...
  11. JDW81

    Nice Guys Brewery & Bar, Richmond (VIC)

    Nice work BNT, I look forward to checking it out. Long may COVID stay under control in Australia so you can keep trading, brewing and stay profitable. JD
  12. JDW81

    Putin Powered RIS (Brew day from hell)

    I’d wager most brewers have had a similar experience. I spent 3 hours trying to sparge a double batch of Hefeweizen as it kept getting stuck (too much volume in too small a MLT), also ended up with burns and a big mess trying to make a double batch of robust porter when I knocked the tap off my...
  13. JDW81

    Whats your biggest regret in giving up a piece of brewing gear and you wish you kept

    My Gatorade mash tun. Big enough for double batches, held temperature like a boss and got it for free from my old football club!! Actually preferred it to the Blichmann mash tun I replaced it with.
  14. JDW81

    Sweet Hard Apple Cider

    Hey DTD, There’s a few ways you can sweeten cider, from the simple to the complicated. Firstly, are you going to keg this batch and put straight in the fridge or bottle and store at ambient temperatures? If you’re going to keg and keep it cold, then a straightforward way is to keg/crash chill...
  15. JDW81

    Recipe for Trump Lager

    Extremely bitter, full bodied but lacking any substance/backbone and bound to leave an after taste that lingers for years. ScoMo loves the stuff.
  16. JDW81


    This place has had numerous ups and downs throughout the nearly 10 years I’ve been involved. Seems there’s a cyclical nature to those who are the most knowledgeable who contribute and they often move on with life changes/jobs/CBF’d any more. There’s a few who cross over (MHB for example), but a...
  17. JDW81

    Full Blichmann 3v electric HERMS setup with 2 14.5 gal fermenters and more for sale gold coast

    Slick looking bit of kit you've got there Rle. Had to sell my Blichmann gear not long ago (due to moving and space constraints) and will definitely buy more if I get back to multi vessel brewing. Not in the market at the moment, but hopefully someone snaps this up, as it looks like a cracking...
  18. JDW81

    Frustrated with end results

    Hey mate, this is a common complaint, but need a little more info to help you out. What are your processes? I.e. kit style, grain/LMDE/sugar additives/hop schedules and amounts/yeast used/fermentation temp and conditions/kegging or bottling? Once we’ve got some more information about how you...
  19. JDW81

    US election

    See ya later Donald, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of the White House.
  20. JDW81

    US election

    Well he’s stacked the Supreme Court with republican cronies, so he’ll have some friends in high places if it makes it that far. Let’s just hope it doesn’t descend into a civil war. Lots of conspiracy theory nutters with lots of guns and itchy trigger fingers who’d love nothing more than a good...