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    Gawler home beer comp 2018 (S.A.)

    Hi Brewers, The Gawler home beer comp is now open. Please go to; to enter the comp. Enter as may brews as you want. Cut off date is Thurs 16th at Midday. Great sponsors and prizes this year, see website. This year is a BJCP sanctioned...
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    Gawler Show Home Brew comp

    For South Australian brewers only The 161st Gawler Show is on 26-27 Aug and is the biggest country show in SA. Entries to the HomeBrew comp close on Aug 4th. A great stepping stone to the State comp this years judging has one of best line-ups of BJCP judges ever Last year had around seventy...
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    Petition the ACCC

    With the impending buyout of SABMiller by AB InBev it reminds me of just how much power there is the hands of multinationals. The new InBev is monstrous beyond belief. Tap contracts have always been a problem in Australia. With almost all taps in pubs and clubs across the country controlled by...
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    Using Saaz Hops

    I made a beer using Saaz hops, to about 14ibu's a low hopped beer. When tasting time came - No Hops, not bitter, not anything. To try and fix this this I boiled 100g of Saaz hops in some beer for 20 minutes. Oh, I've been told don't boil hops in water it can pull out astringent vegetal...
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    Best & Worst Malts You've Used

    Mainly about base malts I know not many would agree but, I bought one sack of TF Golden Promise - once and that's it Never Again. I tried everything to get a good beer from this expensive malt and every time all I got was a horrible earthy flavour. It may be good for whisky which I believe it...
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    Purists Vs Add-junks

    I am so surprised how many absolute beer purists are out there. So much so, I would have to say that most - and I am talking a large percentage - of those I have met and those online that think it's absolute sacrilege to add anything to beer other than malt. EXCEPT when it comes down to...
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    Getting 'pilsner' Into Pilsner

    I have been concentrating on lagers for about the last four years. This was driven by a desire to 'Beat the Breweries at their own game' In other words, produce beer as good as commercial Australian lager beer such as Carlton, Tooheys, West End Draught and the newer 'dry' beers - Pure Blonde...