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  1. Logman

    Ball lock dip tube o'rings

    I've been buying dip tube and gas tube o'rings from ebay for the last year or so and they're about 7 bux for 10 but they are useless. The washers that were originally on the kegs when I bought them second hand years ago were much harder (I think a few were red). They were firmer silicone, you...
  2. Logman

    Super Rats!

    Started brewing today and noticed some plastic flakes near a 25 litre cube I keep specialty grain in. Take a closer look and WTF a rat has gone through the base of the cube....on the cube next to it he's tried to eat through the handle . Have used these for 10 years and have never seen it.
  3. Logman

    Freebies - Gold Coast

    I've got an old 10kg or so gas bottle sitting there that someone gave me. Not sure how old or if it's OK but I know the guy used it...he gave it to me 6 months ago and I think he went off brewing a year before that so it was used not so long ago, not overly pretty but looks OK. Also have about...
  4. Logman

    Corny ball lock kegs -Gold Coast

    4 corny kegs. Shouldn't need new rubbers. They've had a clean. Asking $250.
  5. Logman

    Stainless Pot issue

    Hi guys, Half way through a brew day and I hear a crinkling sound at the bottom of the pot/burner region, so much so that I decide to empty the wort back into the tun while investigating. Inspection reveals that the thin outer layer is coming off the base of the choice but to proceed...
  6. Logman

    Grolsch bottles...about 50

    Got about 50 (I'd say a few more) Grolsch bottles taking up too much room. Washers are fine and there is about 30 new washers in a bag. They are dusty on the outside but are clean. 50 bux or some all grain brew if it's good :lol: ...pick up Worongary. Answer here if you want them.
  7. Logman

    FS: Blichmann beer gun - Gold Coast

    I have a Blichmann beer gun for sale with Accessory Kit and T-Piece - has ball locks etc and is ready to use. Used it once - renovating house and need cash to appease merciless tradesmen :P Cost was 115 for gun, 33 for kit and 11 for t-piece. Still in boxes. Selling for $120. Also have an...
  8. Logman

    Ball lock kegs - Gold Coast

    I've got 5 ball lock kegs for sale, 4x19 litre ($50 each) and 1x11 litre ($100). Non negotiable on price. All have been in use up until a couple of months ago so they should be in service, you may want to replace a few rubbers. PM if interested.
  9. Logman

    XMAS beer porn

    So I'll get the ball rolling - had a good haul. Black ones a hoodie, the rest T-Shirts. Looking forward to throwing the tap handle on the keezer! How did she know I'd go for this stuff? Merry Christmas beer buddies :D
  10. Logman

    Yeast recommendations plz...

    I had a Notto brick but it's just about finished - getting an order together so it's time to get some liquids and rev up the stir plate. I make an Oatmeal Stout, a Scottish Ale and an English Pale Ale and want three liquid yeasts - definitely like my beers on the malty side. Scottish Ale looks...
  11. Logman

    Yeast starter taste

    I've read just about every yeast starter thread but still can't get a read on what a reasonable starter should taste like. What I've been doing for the last month is making starters for learning purposes (50/200/1000 ml) and throwing them out. The last one was from 2 bottles of Coopers and it's...
  12. Logman

    Stout didn't fire

    I put a Stout in nearly 48 hours ago and nothings doing so far. It was a re-hydrated pack of Notto. I've got a bulk pack of Notto and use it all the time so the yeast is fine. Yesterday I scooped a bit of 1469 off the top of a Landlord that's fermenting ATM but that did nothing either. What to...
  13. Logman

    Yeast nutrient smell

    I was doing a Stout yesterday and when it came time to add some yeast nutrient I stuck my nose in there for a whiff - not particularly the greatest smelling stuff of all time. :huh: Was wondering if this smells pretty ordinary by default or maybe I got some moisture in the packet at some point...
  14. Logman

    Nitro carbing issue

    My Nitro head gets larger the longer the keg has been hooked up. I leave it connected the whole time so maybe that's an issue - it's on around 200 and it's a 70 nitro/30 co2 mix. I roll around the keg for around 30 seconds on Co2 at first before hooking up the Nitro and at first it gives a...
  15. Logman

    Seq Bulk Grain Buy

    There is a bulk buy on the 21st July 2012 and there is still 11 sacks spare that need to be filled. Going for a bit of bumpage in case anyone missed it. Link to thread :beerbang:
  16. Logman

    Seq Grain Bulk Buy 21 July 2012

    Bulk Buy time again - set to go for 21st July. This is my first go at being the organizer so hope I don't balls it up :P Not really fussy on whether it's one or two pallets, let's just see how quickly the first one fills. 36 per pallet I believe. Need a couple of helpers to arrive at opening...
  17. Logman

    Pbw 50lb Bulk Buy

    Going to split a 50lb PBW at the next Brissy bulk buy which hopefully will start soon, PM'd Dane emailed Ross and he's cool with it as long as it's a neat and tidy operation, so I was wanting to split it 5 ways but if a few want 5 lb's that's fine. It's $369, I thought of getting the...
  18. Logman

    Yeast A Little Weird Looking

    I don't have an inside pic although I'll get one in a few days when the top comes off. Since doing my first few DSGA's the US-05 looks a little weird in the fermenter (to me). It's forming a thick 'spongy' looking layer on top that stays there. On the very top when I opened the fermenter was a...
  19. Logman

    170 Litre Bar Fridge And Fridgemate

    Due to buying a bigger fridge there is now a bar fridge in the middle of the garage and I'm getting chewed out to get rid of it <_<. Bummer because I want to keep it but we're in a townhouse. 170 litres so it's bigger than a normal bar fridge - runs and looks pretty good. It has a wooden ply...
  20. Logman

    2 X Gas Bottle Setup

    I've just got a Nitro setup going :icon_drool2: and am wondering about gear for carbonating. There is a dual regulator on the CO2 bottle at present with one line going to a 4-way splitter inside the keezer - the other line is vacant and it will pre-gas the stout (the pressure is too high on...