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    Hey Chris. I leave my pump off for the first 10minutes after mashing in. I find this helps to let the grain absorb all it's moisture before recirculating and helps to get better flow through the grain bed. I also stir the grain every 10 to 15 minutes which seems to help with efficiency. I...
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    From kegking. It's not on the website but ring them and they should have them.
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    I had the same problem with my 70lt Guten not long ago and it turned out to be a problem with the screen. I think they are about 35 dollars and easy to replace. Would be worth trying before buying a new system.
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    EVERYTHING For Sale Sunshine Coast

    I'd be interested in the mill and stirplate if you still have them.
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    Thank's Keg King

    Hi guys. Just wanted to say a big thank you to the crew at keg king and Will the CEO. My 70lt guten broke down not long ago and after a few discussions with the staff at keg king and the technicians we where struggling to work out the problem. They asked for it to be returned so they could...
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    S-129 Saison

    Hey yuz. It'll Definitely taste different. I've only used belle saison but saison yeast gives a very unique flavor to a beer depending on what temperature it ferments at. I've fermented at 26c and got a very distinct banana flavour from it. It was different and had to warn people before...
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    Mangrove Jacks Gluten Free Pale Ale

    Hey smidgedy I started brewing due to gluten issues. Had a mate who did all grain and found out about a product called clarity Ferm. Got him to brew me a few batches using it and it went down well with no ill effect so started brewing myself. It's a product you add to the fermenter When you...
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    Chest freezer not getting cold

    If the thermostat goes the freezer normally won't run. I've turned a few f&p freezers into keezers most with buggered thermostats and they don't run at all with a broken thermostat. Running constantly and not getting cool must be something else. I had one freezer which had a pin hole in one...
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    Stopping yeast post ferment

    Have you thought about trying clarity Ferm? Don't believe it affects the yeast but breaks down the gluten and I have had a few mates who have no known gluten issues comment on my beer not bloating them like other beers do. Would definitely help If it's coming from an unknown gluten sensitivity.
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    Keezer build

    The adjustment screw is inside the thermostat. I just put a temp gauge in the freezer and ran it until it got to 2c, disconnected the power then pulled the side cover of to access the thermostat. Mine are fisher and paykel freezers they have a small Allen key screw inside the thermostat and I...
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    Keezer build

    I have done a couple of keezers and just adjusted the screw inside the thermostat so that it runs at fridge temp. Was pretty easy to do. Nice job on the keezer. Looks good.
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Hey Will. What is the total capacity of the Fermenter King 60L Uni Tank. Just wondering if I can fit a full 60lt batch from my guten in there and still have some head space? Thanks
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    Pressure Fermenting in CUB Ball lock keg

    I believe so. It's what I have always used to clean stuff.
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    Pressure Fermenting in CUB Ball lock keg

    I found a chemical supplier in townsville and get 25kg bags of sodium percarbonate for about hundred dollars. Works out pretty cheap.
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    Pressure Fermenting in CUB Ball lock keg

    I just made a cardboard template of the hole of a corny keg marked it out on the 50lt keg and cut it out with a grinder and 1mm blade. Don't try and cut through all the way at the start just slowly work around The hole till your all the way through. Flap disk and a bit of sandpaper smooths it...
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    Pressure Fermenting in CUB Ball lock keg

    Hey Darren. I've made a couple of pressure fermenters out of 50lt kegs but have converted them to ball lock posts with a floating dip tube. I release the pressure first then cut the centre out of the top so I can fit a corny keg lid in there and use two bulk head ball lock posts. Costs about...
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    Rheem keg pressure relief valves

    Hey hophead Sent you a Pm.