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  1. Wolfy

    (SE Melb) Headmaster glasses 6 for $5 @ 'Save More' Super

    I'm not selling these myself so assuming this is the right spot for it ... I thought some local AHB members might be interested. The 'Save More' Discount supermarket in Springvale (on the Hwy adjacent to Bunnings, across from Sanddown race track, and just around the corner from Keg King) have...
  2. Wolfy

    Free: (SE Melb) 60 CUB Twist Top Longneck Bottles

    I have approx 60 twist top CUB Longneck bottles that I'm not going to use anytime soon. They were cleaned after use and have been stored inside (a small number are full of beer). They must claimed before Friday and picked up by the weekend - else they get thrown. Pickup location is Berwick.
  3. Wolfy

    FS: Keg Fridge (S.E. Melb)

    In the process of packing up/moving house and consolidating a few things as I go. First up is the keg-fridge: $40 Fridge works well, but thermostat is broken so STC-1000 or similar is needed to regulate the temp. I run it at about 6-7deg C, and at that setting the freezer-part is always...
  4. Wolfy

    (S.E. Melb): Free (working) Fridge

    Samsung SRG 398 free to good home. Newer style fridge, CFC free, enclosed back, plastic shelving & air flow vent things. Across-the-road neighbours are selling/moving house so I grabbed the fridge they didn't want to move. Tested that it worked fine (I was planing to use an STC-1000 so did...
  5. Wolfy

    Home Made Beer Soap

    I made some Beer Soap yesterday, full details on my blog, but here are some pictures and stuff. According to online-sellers of Beer Soap, its good for dry skin, dandruff and all that stuff. Note: Making soap involves Caustic Soda, this is dangerous/nasty stuff, you MUST understand what you are...
  6. Wolfy

    Beer & Glasses $20 @ Dans

    Today I walked down to the local Dans. They have some beer + glasses gift packs for just under $20: Paulaner Oktoberfest and DAB are 1L cans with 1L steins, while the Weihenstephan pack includes the glass and 3x 500ml cans. ... seemed a decent price to me, figured others might be interested -...
  7. Wolfy

    2l Altenmunster Swingtop 'growlers' @ 1st Choice

    Was walking past the new 1st Choice Liquor SuperStore @ Fountain Gate Shopping Center today and thought I'd look inside. They had a few boxes of of Altenmnster Brauer Bier Urig Wrzig in 2L swing-top bottles: No pricetag on the box/wall/stand, so I asked the guy and he said they were $20, which...
  8. Wolfy

    Large/cheap Stainless Pots @ Springvale

    No affiliation - was just walking past today - but saw these stainless pots that appeared to be large size and quite cheap (seems the normal price for the larger pot was $108): They're probably similar quality to what is found on Ebay, but at that price someone here might be interested. The...
  9. Wolfy

    Wedding Beer Pictures

    While many of you were at ANHC, I was at my sister's wedding, ensuring they had enough beer and then catering for the day-after-BBQ. I'll catch up on the ANHC gossip shortly, but here are some beer-focused photos from the wedding: Here I am setting up the Beer Bin bar: (The hat might not be...
  10. Wolfy

    Beer Bin

    I needed to serve kegged beer at my sister's wedding (which was yesterday), MB's portable setup was being used at ANHC and hire of a temprite may not have been cost-effective ... so I made a bar-on-wheels or Beer Bin. Large wheelie-bin: (Known in some suburbs are a 'recycle bin') About $5...
  11. Wolfy

    Fs: Melb Hop Rhizomes/plants (9 Varieties)

    I did some maintenance on my hops today and pulled off a few excess rhizomes/plantlets that were growing outside of the hop-beds. Most all are starting to shoot/grow leaves and need to go back in the ground ASAP, no postage to WA/TAS, local pickup prefered. $10 ea, plus postage. Most...
  12. Wolfy

    Blow-off Cap

    Woke up this morning to find the yeast (pitched 12 hours ago) crawling out of the top of the jerry-fermentor and making a mess of the fridge: Theakston Old Peculier clone/Brewlab F40 yeast. ... so I figured it was time to make a 'proper' blow-off cap. More details/pictues on my Blog ... if you...
  13. Wolfy

    Top Cropping Yeast (in Pictures)

    Top cropping is a useful way to harvest clean, fresh and healthy yeast, it's done while the yeast is actively fermenting and it's best pitched immediately into a new batch of beer. When working with yeast, it's best to be as sanitary/sterile as possible. Chemical sanitizers (like Starsan) are...
  14. Wolfy

    Kaixin Pumps

    The sticker and website says they're made by Wenzhou Kaixin Pumps Co. Ltd, and the brochure I got calls them "Kaixin" so that's a much better name than " Chinese 240v Food Grade Magnetic Drive Pump". There are a number of similar looking pumps on Alibaba, sold on Ebay and in LHBS, and to...
  15. Wolfy

    Splitting Yeast Packs (in Pictures)

    The information here is my take on the popular technique Tony posted here and here some years ago, credit also to ex-forum-member haysie, who was the first person I swapped 'splits' with. Advantages of splitting yeast packs (this way): Simple and easy. Minimal cost or equipment outlay. Saved...
  16. Wolfy

    Trading & Privacy

    All of AHB can be indexed and searched by Google and all the forum threads can read without having to login. While this is likely a good thing for most of the forums, I'm not sure it's good for the Trading forums, in particular for the "MarketPlace" and "Bulk Buys". Often there is private...
  17. Wolfy


    Schweinshaxe, Bavarian style roast ham hock (pork knuckle). It looks something like this when ordered at the German Club in Brisbane: Surprisingly easy to make at home (and almost as good). Roughly chop an apple and onion and place in a pan, deeply score the pork hock and rub lots of salt...
  18. Wolfy

    Take Home Beer ... In Milk Cartons!

    Just found these milk-carton take home beer 'growlers' made by a company in the UK: I presume they'd be OK for UK-hand-pulled ale and such, but most local beer (even at micros) is fairly highly carbonated and I can't imagine the cartons holding any pressure at all, but still ... and...
  19. Wolfy

    Beer Conditioner

    We all know about conditioning beer, but how about beer conditioner? From here: "Beer Conditioner Pour a beer through your hair, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it out. The proteins and sugars in the beer will help strengthen the keratin in...
  20. Wolfy

    Bulk Buy: 240v Food Grade Magnetic Drive Pump

    In the 'Yet Another 12v Pump' thread a number of people expressed interest in a direct import/Bulk Buy for one of these pumps. Product: 240V Food Grade Magnetic Drive Pump, direct import from China. See following pages for product informaiton/specifications...