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    Timber Signs For Your Bar

    Have a look at these fantastic timber Bar Signs, made to order from just $25 Phone Ian on 54831361 or 0431685069 made in Gympie QLD Screwy
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    Where in Geelong

    A mate is in Geelong atm, told him on the phone I would check AHB for the best Craft Beer Venue's. Let me know asap so I can text him! Cheers, Screwy
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    New - Bargara Brewing Company

    Anyone heard anything about this Apparently a contract brewing outfit atm. Cheers, Screwy
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    Craft Beer Table

    Working away recently I saw this great little table in a shop in Warren NSW. Couldn't believe my eyes, always on the lookout for craft beer related stuff I've never seen anything like it before. After work Thursday I called in and they were still open, so I snaffled it up. The lady said she...
  5. Screwtop

    Outa-towners want to join in the Spring Brisbane Pub Crawl

    Some of the Sunshine Coast and Gympie Amateur Brewers have expressed an interest in joining with our Brewing Brothers in Brisbane for the Spring Pub Crawl. Here: A "Good Beer Guys" Bus Tour can be arranged if there are...
  6. Screwtop

    Cider Gravy

    Made some Cider Gravy the other night which was FANtastic! Served with pork loin cutlets it was the perfect match. Thought I might share: After cooking the cutlets add 1/3 glass of cider to de-glaze the pan Add the onion and cook until soft Add remaining cider and 1 tablespoon of Greens Roast...
  7. Screwtop

    Craft Brewery Promotion - The Good Beer Guys

    For those not living in Capital cities with access to all that the craft beer world has to offer. Three AHB'ers have taken on the challenge of bringing beer from Australian Craft Breweries to craft beer lovers living in regional areas. The last event "Bacchus Beer Adventure" was a roaring...
  8. Screwtop

    Fs: Stainless Qd's And Tri Fittings

    Brewers, wanting to make the move to Stainless fittings for your HERMS/RIMS etc?? Used - Tri Clover and Stainless Quick Disconnects for sale. Tri Clover Clamp x 2 Tri Clover to Hose Barb x 2 Tri-Clover Silicone Gasket x 2 Tri Clover Protective Cover x 2 Male SS QD to 1/2" BSP male thread x...
  9. Screwtop

    Reducing Sparge Volume

    Wondering if other experienced brewers have experienced something similar. Possibly related more to brewers who like me fly/continuous sparge, but hey - open mic brewers. Here's the story. I fly/continuous sparge and over the past 4 years or so as my brewing processes have improved I've...
  10. Screwtop

    How Much Lactose

    Have a Cider on oak atm it finished at .098 so dry as a nun's ninnie. Anyone have experience (means real hands on experience over a number of batches) with backsweetening Cider using lactose, how much as a starting point? Can always make it again to tweak, so far the best cider I've ever made...
  11. Screwtop

    Inaugural marybrew Homebrew Championships

    Two events: Maryborough Qld Portside Food and Wine Fest Saturday 9th June 2012 Mary River Parklands and Wharf Street 12noon until 5:00pm World's Greatest Pub Fest Sun, 10 Jun 12 Weave around the historic hotels of Maryborough and Crawl for a cause - with the Pub Fest taking on a "Yellow" theme...
  12. Screwtop

    Goomeri Pumpkin Festival, Annual Pumpkin Beer Competition

    Goomeri Pumpkin Festival, Pumpkin Beer Competition, 27th May 2012 Ok Brewers here's the chance again to claim a prize for making a great pumpkin beer. If the quality of last years entries is an indication then we Aussies have mastered making this very American style. The Annual Goomeri Pumpkin...
  13. Screwtop

    Another Beer Add

    Another one, ..........What would you do????? Carlsberg Cinema Stunt Screwy
  14. Screwtop

    Beersmith 2 - Mash Details Don't Stick

    Searched the Beersmith 2 threads but could not find a ref to this problem. Found some details here BS Forum Don't want to do this! Surely there has to be a fix? I have Version 2.0.57 but the problem still exists. When designing or altering recipes I round mash volumes. To begin with a...
  15. Screwtop

    New Reason To Homebrew In The Kimberley

    New laws are making life difficult in the Kimberley Region for the man on the land who enjoys an alcoholic bevvie! Family friends have been affected and plan on moving into home production of beer. Have a read: Alcohol Sales Restrictions These new laws present some difficulties for...
  16. Screwtop

    Sunshine Coast And Environs Brewers

    When I left the Sunny Coast late in 2008 there were around a dozen AHB'ers scattered around the coast and hinterland and we could get the word around pretty easily if there was a get together or bulk buy or anything beerworthy happening. There are heaps now and even a half dozen here in Gympie...
  17. Screwtop

    Goomeri Pumpkin Festival, Pumpkin Beer Competition

    Ok Brewers here's a challenge, can we Aussie brewers make great pumpkin beer. Seems we've mastered making American Pale Ales and other American Styles, how do you think we'll go with this one. The traditional Thanksgiving Pumpkin Beer, a spiced, vegetable beer. The Annual Goomeri Pumpkin...
  18. Screwtop

    Tc Yasi Hang On Bin Bunyip

    Ned, hope you have packed up and pissed off mate this is one big cyclone. Hope you and yours stay safe. Screwy
  19. Screwtop

    Pumpkin Beer, Do You Plan On Ever Making One

    The date for the next Annual Goomeri Pumpkin Festival is May 29th 2011 Early days so most of the info still refers to this years Festival, but planning is underway. Spoke with organisers recently, it's all about Pumpkin and they are always looking for...
  20. Screwtop

    What's Good In Beer

    I like to add a sliver (about thumbnail size) of Cayenne Chilli to a Growler (2L) of my JS Golden Ale clone, makes a great thirst quenching chilli beer, with just a hint of warmth. What do others add? Anyone add Rosemary to their Pils (tried a Rosemary Pils at the ANHC 2008 was fantastic)...