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  1. Paddy Melon

    Stellar San and Star San

    I've been using Stellar San for two years now and so far never had an infection. At the time I did a bit of research and there wasn't much difference that I could tell except the price. Anyway its been good for me without any noticeable taste to my beers.
  2. Paddy Melon


    Thanks again Mark.
  3. Paddy Melon


    Hi Beergee, I think I have followed Mark's instructions and sent my info. If not let me know and I'll try again.
  4. Paddy Melon


    That sounds great. I'm not sure if we are supposed to provide personal info on this site so how do I give you my details eg phone or email.
  5. Paddy Melon


    I have been brewing Kit beers (with additions) and I have been enjoying the end products very much but I would like to go the next step BIAB. I live in Menora/Mt Lawley, in Perth WA and was wondering if someone around the Perth area does BIAB and would be willing to show me their process. I...
  6. Paddy Melon

    How many use bottles?

    I've been bottling for 3 years now and enjoy the process on bottling day I do about 25 litres and have it all done in 3 hours. That includes set up, sanitising, bottling, and cleanup of all equipment and fermenter. my bottles are always stored clean and covered so a quick sanitise and away I...
  7. Paddy Melon

    Inkbird Giveaway of Thermostat ITC308S with removable NTC Sensor and NTC 30CM Probe

    ITC-308S with Removable NTC Sensor would be fantastic.
  8. Paddy Melon

    Festivus to the rest of us

    To everyone at AHB I hope you and your families and friends all have a great Christmas and a great 2021. And thanks for your help, whether directly or indirectly all the comments in the various forums have helped me on my Beer journey. Cheers Maurice.
  9. Paddy Melon

    Fermentation question

    (I am a hipster Almond Flat White kind of melburnian) Kadmium you crack me up.
  10. Paddy Melon

    Cleaning Plastic Fermenters

    I found that using Napisan or Aldi's Di-San powders soaked over nigh remove the Krausen, after brewing, works a treat. I plug the bubbler hole in the lid with one of those ear protection noise inserts (the ones you role in your fingers to fit) place a bucket of solution into the fermenter put...
  11. Paddy Melon

    I can't bleach it's not StarSan

    Hi Guys, I'm sure some of you would have heard this podcast. It's an interview with the guy who developed StarSan. He puts Bleach and StarSan into perspective and answers all of the above questions, misnomers and fraudulent representations. After that you make up your own mind which to chose...
  12. Paddy Melon

    Bottle washing idea

    The answer is yes, I think all will agree that as a precaution against infection/contamination the fermenter should be sanitized. Just a cup full of star san solution shaken around the fermenter and left for a few minutes will do it.
  13. Paddy Melon

    Bottle washing idea

    I'm with the Napisan or Aldi di-San powders soaked over night. Make up a bucket with warm water pour into bottles, a carton at a time, then rinse next morning. Never had any crud left, mind you apart from the initial wash,( I got most of my bottles from the back of the local restaurant), I...
  14. Paddy Melon

    Over carbonation?

    Hi Guys, I thought I'd share what I do when bottling from my priming bucket/fermenter. It's something I made because of the hassle of getting the last few bottles out of the fermenter. I've read a couple of threads where brewers have complained about the Coopers fermenter (and other makes) as...
  15. Paddy Melon

    Reculturing Coopers Yeast - Stepped starter?

    I wish I had asked that question when I first tried it, however I made a 2litre starter 1.040 SG and fortunately it worked and made a great Coopers Pale Ale Clone. I have since been using harvested yeast from the first batch and again it has been working great. Had I asked the question, as you...
  16. Paddy Melon

    Priming Calculator

    I'm still confused, should I be researching or laughing?
  17. Paddy Melon

    Priming Calculator

    No I don't pipe CO2. but now have an understanding of the effects of temperature. I've already calculated the next amount I'll need for priming based on my usual method of fermentation etc.. This was a great lesson, something simple that I hadn't picked up before, simply because I relied on a...
  18. Paddy Melon

    Priming Calculator

    Thanks guys, That was a new lesson, will save me trying each batch incrementally. Much appreciated.