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  1. Rowy

    Gear For Sale

    Gents, I am afraid I am giving up brewing. I have enjoyed the ride but I have a new job at work and my workload has increased bigtime. Even when I get time to brew I am treating it as a chore instead of a hobby and thats not good. Following items for sale. Leibherr Kegerator...
  2. Rowy

    Rooftop Campers

    Anyone on here had any experience with rooftop campers? Thinking of buying one for my 4WD and would love advice on what to look for and any pitfalls.
  3. Rowy


    Where are the sponsors at the top of the page? Did I miss something?
  4. Rowy

    Do You Salary Sacrifice a Vehicle

    If you salary Sacrifice or lease a business vehicle or have a company car you need to see your tax man. The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced today that you are required to keep a log book 100% of the time to prove business related usage. They used to assume 20% private in their FBT...
  5. Rowy

    Victorian Brewers

    Looks like its going to be a bit wet and wild for you blokes down there over the next couple of days. Good luck and keep dry gents. Especially to my old sparring partner bum. As we all know there's nothing worse than a wet bum.
  6. Rowy

    Goodes Racism Claim

    I see the person who called Goodes last night an ape was a thirteen year old girl. **** me this is the 21st century! Would be interesting to see her parents views on Indigenous people..........I reckon you'd find the answer to her attitude there me thinks.
  7. Rowy

    A Decent BIAB Bag

    Just had a crap brew day! My bag my missus made dies last week so I used my old CB one. Like most of the CB bags it wouldn't drain properly (Sorry Ross but its a fact) so in hoisting it to get it to drain it busted. Hot wort and grain every f&%king where. I have been holding off to get one...
  8. Rowy

    Recipe Critique - Mild

    Gents I am going to brew a mild next weekend and was thinking of this recipe. All comments gratefully accepted. Morrisons Mild Original Gravity (OG): 1.033 (°P): 8.3 Final Gravity (FG): 1.008 (°P): 2.1 Alcohol (ABV): 3.24 % Colour (SRM): 22.1 (EBC): 43.5 Bitterness...
  9. Rowy

    Raise a Glass for Baz

    Well gents after a hard battle the old man threw the towel in this morning. If your having one tonight I'd appreciate it if you could raise your glass to Baz.
  10. Rowy

    Brewers Asset To Craftbeer Bars?

    On my recent stay in Melbourne and in fact at times in Brisbane I have spoken to various people behind the bar and they all tend to love the idea of people brewing their own. I think most of them have 'got' the fact that to go through the trouble that AG brewers do we truly love the golden drop...
  11. Rowy

    Good Craftbeer in Melbourne!

    I will be in Melbourne tomorrow night staying at the Great Southern Hotel in Spencer Street. Can any of you southerners recommend a decent venue for good beer and tucker close to where I am staying.
  12. Rowy

    3 Ring Burner & Gas Reg Advice

    I currently run a 3 ring cast iron burner with a gas reg that runs 2kg/hr. I have just gone to double btaches (42l) and whilst the 3 ring does the job I was thinking of how I could speed things up a bit boil wise. Is it possible to run a different reg on the burner so that I can get a bit more...
  13. Rowy


    Just starting this thread for AHBer's who may have suffered some damage or are about to. Stick your hand up if you want a hand and stick your hand up if you can help. I can co-ordinate (and participate) if everyone is happy with that. PM me and lets see what we can do! Better to help people...
  14. Rowy

    Water Volume

    Gents, Of late I've been missing my numbers. I've been falling short. I've been mucking around with brewmate and I reckon my settings aren't right. I BIAB and use a 70ltr vessel. I was wondering in general how many litres of strike water (no sparge) do other BIABers use. I used...
  15. Rowy

    A Great Man

    A great man and a good bloke to have a beer with decided it was all too much yesterday. He was a mate and a good man. Tonight if you are having a beer and feel inclined..............raise a glass to Tuffy he's in a better place I hope.
  16. Rowy

    A Glass To Our Troops

    Boy's This i not about whether you agree to the war in Afganistan or not. We lost some great men today who were only doing what they were told and representing their country. Please raise a glass to our soldiers that have been lost over the last 24hrs. Lest we Forget. :beerbang:
  17. Rowy

    A Beer At The Scratch!

    Winkle and myself are meeting at the Scratch about midday today to sample their delights. Anyone else with a thirst about that time are more than welcome!
  18. Rowy

    First Rye

    Gents, I'm going to do my first Rye this week and have put together a recipe. Keen for comments. I'm going with the Bramling Cross as I like the idea of the current flavours mixing with the rye flavour. Could be a mistake but keen to hear your advice. Starnbergs Rye (English Rye...
  19. Rowy

    Dark American Wheat Recipe

    I've modified Tony's Dark Wheat recipe from the DB and tried to get close to an American Wheat.. I intend brewing this on the weekend and would be grateful for input from you blokes. The bohemian Pilsner is a leftover from the original but I think might add an interesting bit of complexity...
  20. Rowy

    Brisbane Spring Pub Crawl

    Well gents after the succesful crawl earlier in the year to start Autumn surely we should welcome in Spring in a similar manner. Similar route to last time. What do ya reckon?