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  1. bignath

    Chuck them or keep them...

    Hi brewers, I'm about to start brewing again after a couple of years off studying... and going through my 'pantry'.. I have a collection of hops that are VERY well vacuum sealed left over from my previous brewing and wondering if I could get a consensus on if you'd keep them or chuck them...
  2. bignath

    what's new?

    Howdy brewers, it's been ages since I was on these forums due to studying a degree (which I've now finished thank god). I'm thinking of getting back into brewing as it's been a good couple of years since I've made anything. Probably longer since I've checked in here on AHB. I typically like...
  3. bignath

    Basic Pid Program Generator

    Hi all, i've been working on getting my PID based BIAB rig up and running, and thought i'd start working on a very simple PID program generator. It's just a spreadsheet i thought i'd throw up here on AHB for those so inclined that may like to use. It caters for a simple, single step mash...
  4. bignath

    Pid - Improving Ramp Time

    Hi PID users, got a question i cant seem to find ananswer to.. I have two elements in my pot. One is controlled by my PID, the second is controlled by me flipping a switch. I have auto tuned my system using just the pid element. When i ramp from mash to mashout, it takes just over 20mins...
  5. bignath

    Home Power Upgrade Costs?

    Have searched but not able to find the info i'm after. Have been thinking about upgrading power supplies in the house. At the moment, i'm brewing out on our second pergola area which has a spa, water softener, hot water service, and plug in fluoro lighting. My current power requirements mean...
  6. bignath

    Pid Calibration - Trust The Probe Or Calibrate It?

    Just a quick question for those PID owners out there. I am (with a bit of luck on the postie side of things) about to receive my auberins pid and rtd pt100 probe in the next week or so. I've been reading up on how to calibrate, but i'm interested in whether everybody calibrates their...
  7. bignath

    Pid - Which One To Choose?

    Hi all, cheers to all that have helped my out with my other thread - PID Newbie stuff. I think i am nearly ready to order some things, but i want to run the options past you all to get some feedback as to which one to go with. Have been thinking of the "bundled" units on ebay with the ssr...
  8. bignath

    Pid Newbie Stuff

    Hi all... Have done a quick search but I don't understand all the PID stuff. Currently I am using an STC1000 to power a power board that runs a 2200w kettle element and little brown pump. Stc powers up board and element and pump are then on simultaneously. I would like to limit the over and...
  9. bignath

    Refractometer Acting Up?

    Hi brewers, for all of the refractometer lovers... Have been using my refractometer for the past few years as i much prefer it to the hydrometer. I don't actually own a hydro, i gave it to my mate so he could get into brewing. When i take my readings during the boil, i place three drops on...
  10. bignath

    Stokes Immersion Elements

    Howdy all, over the past couple of days, i've been looking at and considering my options for a replacement unit i may have rooted up on the weekend. I have the opportunity to get a Stokes brand, portable immersion element with pot hook, 2400W 240V for $80. Does anyone know if these elements...
  11. bignath

    Grain And Grape Immersion Elements

    Just wondering if anyone can offer an opinion on the grain and grape immersion elements. They look like on the website that the element is black, whereas others I've used have always been shiny. Is that a problem? Are they a good element? Actually I notice the Beerbelly ones seem to have the...
  12. bignath

    100% Cube Hop And Boil Length

    Got a question... Im currently doing an experiment with 100% cube hopping. In this situation, does it matter if the boil is only as long as it takes to get to my post boil volume? Currently half way through the boil on a cube hopped only beer, and the boil off is going really quick as i'm not...
  13. bignath

    Tomahawk (columbus) Pale Ale

    Hi all, never used Tomahawk (Columbus) before, but i have 500g of it in my keezer, and want to get stuck into it. According to the data on Columbus, it's an excellent bitterer with a good aroma profile too. Spicy, earthy etc.... Beersmith describes it as a clean bittering hop. Have come up...
  14. bignath

    Moveable Sightglass Boiloff/volume Markers

    Had an epiphany today whilst knocking out my Citra Cube Hop APA. (see What Are You Brewing II) Came up with this idea to get a "quick glance" idea of how my boil off and other volumes are going. They are 12mm rubber washers from male tap fittings that fit beautifully over sightglass...
  15. bignath

    Hop Help And Inspiration Please

    G'day brewers, have two dilemmas. 1. HOP PROBLEM OR NOT? Have a freind who has recently started brewing, about a year ago. Makes some pretty decent beers based on recipes i give him, he tweaks and experiments. I do a Nelson Sauvin Ale, which started as a smash experiment before i had used it...
  16. bignath

    Mashmaster Mini Gap Problem

    Howdy brewers, got a problem i'd like some advice/opinions on. Over the last several brewdays, my mill (mashmaster mini) has been struggling with pulling the grain through. Powered by an Ozito Spade Handle drill, trying to maintain approx 150-200rpms.... It's been driving me nuts for months...
  17. bignath

    Beersmith App For Android And Ios

    Just had an email from Beersmith indicating it will be available soon, pending approval from both the android and apple stores. You beauty!
  18. bignath

    Mildura Brewery Choc Hops Stout

    Howdy all, just wanted to know if anyone has tried Mildura Brewery's Choc Hops Stout? and if so, what do you think of it. I don't normally like stouts very much. Im much more APA focused in my tastes and therefore my brewing. BUT, i bloody loved this beer. Been thinking about it all day. Got...
  19. bignath

    Common Names On Ahb

    Noticing a lot of Nathan's on here lately.... and these are just some of the Nathan's that have used their name in their username... anyone got other common ones??
  20. bignath

    Had To Laugh At This Screenshot....

    this situation just emerged 5mins ago......thought it was funny.