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  1. Brew Matt

    Engine Crane as Brewery general lifter

    Everytime I see the engine cranes come up on special from SCA and the like, I wonder if this would make a good multipurpose brewery crane for lifting malt pipes from the braumeister or moving other equally heavy things around, such as full fermenters etc. I know one could build something more...
  2. Brew Matt

    Braumeister Stand 50L Design

    I have been contemplating building a stand to suit a 50L Braumeister for a few years now. Ability to be able to level, some sort of crane or pulley to lift the malt pipe out, wheels, brewday stand, quick assembly/disassembly, basically a 'triton workbench' that can do everything with the BM in...
  3. Brew Matt

    Grafton Brewing Competition 2020

    Will you be entering the Grafton Brewing Competition in 2020? The Event The Grafton Brewing Competition is coming up shortly, with entries closing on Friday 17th April 2020 (or Thursday 9th April 2020 if using a drop off point outside of Grafton). This is a not for profit event. Entries are...
  4. Brew Matt

    Port Macquarie Home Brew Clubs, Homebrewers

    Does anyone know if there are any home brew clubs in Port Macquarie, or any homebrewers that reside in Port Macquarie? Brew Matt
  5. Brew Matt

    Ink-Bird Phone Contact Details

    Would anyone have a contact phone number for Ink-Bird? Seem to have lost contact, and need to discuss a matter with them.
  6. Brew Matt

    Grafton Brewing Competition 2019

    Will you be entering the Grafton Brewing Competition in 2019? THE EVENT The Grafton Brewing Competition is coming up shortly, with entries closing on Friday 26th April 2019 (earlier if using a drop off point). This is a not for profit event. Entries are welcomed from both experienced and...
  7. Brew Matt

    Grafton Brewing Competition 2018

    Hi All, The Grafton Brewing Competition is coming around once again, with the key dates being: Closing date for entries: Friday 6th April 2018 (for local entries) (Closing date for drop off points outside of Grafton: Thursday 29th March 2018 Close Of Business) Judging: Saturday 14th April...
  8. Brew Matt

    General Purpose Beer Line Length

    What length beer line are people using for a general purpose connection for parties etc for portable corny kegs?
  9. Brew Matt

    Grafton Brewing Competition 2017

    Hi All, This is the thread for the Grafton Brewing Competition 2017. Thanks to all those amateur brewers that have entered the previous comps over the years. Online & printed programme will be out soon! The competition will once again be BJCP sanctioned, and the latest Australian Amateur...
  10. Brew Matt

    Hop Thief 8

    Anyone have any inside information on Hop Thief 8? I thought HT had become a yearly seasonal upgrade release, but suspect HT7 may have set new sales records, perhaps putting a version 8 on hold for the time being?
  11. Brew Matt

    Wide mouth glass fermenters Australia

    Just wondering if anyone has an Australian source for wide mouth glass fermenters in Australia. Wide mouth pickling demijohns have been mentioned, and seen the US wide mouth carboys (like in the pic below, which holds 7 gallons).
  12. Brew Matt

    Simple Hand Primer For Magnetic Pump

    I am sure this has been covered here somewhere, but have not found it. Looking for a simple hand primer that I can use to get a magnetic pump working (the pump is not self priming, and is above the source water that it is drawing from). I have standard garden hose connected to the pump, and...
  13. Brew Matt

    AABC Site Down

    Hi All, The AABC site appears to be down at the moment - Just wondering if anyone has a contact for someone that may be able to rectify this, as the sites details have been published in the Grafton Brewing Competition programme, for people to download the 2015 Style Guidelines...
  14. Brew Matt

    Grafton Brewing Competition 2016

    Hi All, This is the thread for the 2016 Grafton Brewing Competition. Thanks to all those that have entered the previous years comps. The program can be downloaded from: The entry form can be downloaded from...
  15. Brew Matt

    Marking glass for identification

    I am looking to put some sort of identification mark on some glasses on the underside so it doesn't detract from the glass itself. I think those dymo type stickers or marking pen will just wash off. Worried about engraving in case a crack develops. Any suggestions on how to do this would be...
  16. Brew Matt

    AABC 2016 Guidelines?

    Will there be updated AABC style guidelines this year, considering that BJCP style guidelines were released last year? The idea of having a common set of style guidelines sounds like a good idea, but perhaps there would have to be some leeway on both sides.
  17. Brew Matt

    Glove Recommendations

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend some good all purpose gloves for brewing. Have tried the cheap ones from the supermarket - they tend to fall apart. Have looked at local Bunnings and they don't seem to have anything suitable. Want something that is long going up the arm a little, can...
  18. Brew Matt

    Tube for aeration stone kit

    When using a stock standard aquarium style aerator with stone on the end, I find the line connected to the stone just wants to coil up, making it difficult to get the stone to stay at the bottom of the wort. Anyone have an easy solution? A tube between the stone and the line would do the trick...
  19. Brew Matt

    Whats In The Glass (Commercial) – Grafton NSW and surrounds

    After constantly drooling over beers that are not available locally in the main 'Whats In The Glass (Commercial)' thread, I thought perhaps it would be beneficial to have one posted by those in the local area. There are some surprise finds in the local chain stores from time to time, as well as...
  20. Brew Matt

    Case Split Thread – Grafton NSW & Surrounds

    Hi All, There is almost always a considerable saving to be had when purchasing beer in carton lots, compared to 6 packs or single bottles. The only issue with this being that you don’t always want to purchase an entire carton of a particular beer to get the better pricing. So why not...