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  1. Malted

    Beer Dogs

    Post a Beer Dog* photo here and tell us something about your pooch. The photo could be your dog watching you brewing, looking guilty after tearing apart a grain bag, 'minding' your mash paddle for you; any sort of beer and dog related photo will do. I am sure they do some funny things on brew...
  2. Malted

    Onederbrew: Affordable Plastic Conical Fermenter?

    OnederBrew. Affordable plastic conical fermenter??? Caveat: I have no commercial interests in this product. I am just a backyard brewer that thought it looked worth a try. Summary (for the TLDR crowd): Question: Is this a good product? Is it value for money? Should I get one? Answer: Not too...
  3. Malted

    Build A Dedicated Brew Area

    We are putting in a new kitchen at home. The missus wanted me to throw out the old cabinets! Can you believe it? I have reconfigured the old cabinets (moved sink closest to the door) in the shed. Galley style dedicated brew area, heck yeah! Yes I have all the doors etc but just have not put...
  4. Malted

    Stepped Mashing Schedules By Style

    I am primarily interested in Stepped Mashing because I have a Braumeister and can easily do 5 temperature steps/rests on top of a set mash-in temperature. Some of this discussion could be applicable to RIMS or HERMS or homemade variants of temperature controlled wort production. Even BIAB with...
  5. Malted

    New Mashmaster Minimill

    I have just seen that the awaited new MashMaster MiniMill is up on the website. At $250 it looks set to give the American mills a touch up. Gear driven, SS 2 1/2" rollers and easily adjustable. Looks like a good bit of kit for the price.
  6. Malted

    Malted's Brewery

    Hello All, thought I'd show you what I have built and invite comment on it. So here is how I have been using the vessels so far: Left to Right: 50L Keggle & italian spiral burner, 50L electric HLT, 50L Mashtun. The HLT has a sight glass tube with a piece of timber with volume graduations on...
  7. Malted

    Ss Mash Paddle (adelaide)

    Hello All, I would prefer to sell this locally (Adelaide). I am not making a 'profit', so honestly I couldn't be arsed posting it. Besides if you pay for post it would cut the potential savings. One brand spanking new stainless steel mash paddle. Very robust, thick blade ~ 2mm. Made in India...
  8. Malted

    Growing Hops In 1/2 Wine Barrels 2010/2011

    I am just detailing what I did and what I think about it so far; what I say may not be correct. I'd appreciate someone telling me if I am wrong on anything, but please give useful details. I'm only a first timer and have yet to harvest my hops. I suppose it is a bit of a blog for those...
  9. Malted

    Alco Sarsaparilla - Recipe & Discussion Of It

    Recipe help wanted: Alcoholic sarsaparilla I have written a bit of a discussion of what I did (or as it seems, what I did wrong). So I have a hankering for alco sars and have not yet been able to nail it. I've tried "Tusker Draught Root Beer" at the Lighthouse Tavern, Port Adelaide :super: and...
  10. Malted

    Boutique Winery Auction 22/09 - Webcast

    No affiliation, just came across it and thought it may interest some folks: 264 Kalimna Road, Light Pass (Barossa Valley) SA also Webcast Wed 22nd Sept 2010 "Superb Offering Of Late Model Winemaking Plant, Bottling & Labeling Line, Laboratory Equipment, Vineyard Plant, General & Mobile Plant"...
  11. Malted

    $20 (aud) Mash Tun Build

    G'day all, as a newbie to the game, I thought I'd try a partial mash brew as I have never brewed with grain before. So I thought I'd try a budget build of a mash tun, just to see if I might get a taste for the process. I know it has many flaws, but hey less than TWENTY BUCKS to build! It served...