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  1. Edak

    Conundrum in Mornington

    I have been brewing for quite a few years and recently over the last year I have found that I have not brewed almost anything at all. I put it down to one of these: 1. I have had no brew buddies for a long time now (due to us all relocating) thus it is getting less social by the day 2. I put...
  2. Edak

    AG brewer, moved to Mornington Peninsula

    I thought I would throw it out there that I moved to Mornington a few weeks back and an finally back to brewing. If anybody local wants to have a casual beer and share in some knowledge I'd be happy to join. I'm not into snobbery but I do love my gadgets and building stuff. Some of you know me...
  3. Edak

    STC-1000 Custom Open Source Firmware

    I am not sure whether anyone on here saw this or not but I think it's a great project for those who want to use a cheap thermostat replacement for their brew fridge and schedule lagering, etc. A cheap and common platform that is now more useful? I think that's a cool thing... Anyone tried it...
  4. Edak

    Didn't check my inventory for English IPA, not enough yeast

    I was being lazy and wanted to brew today without a starter prepared. I relied on my beersmith inventory and have now started a brew and realised that I don't have the yeast stock I wanted. Recipe: Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 27.33 l Post Boil Volume: 24.13 l...
  5. Edak

    Putting together some left over ingredients for a brew today (critique

    I am looking for any issues with my recipe, I am going for a nice fruity-piney pale that's not too harsh. I will be brewing this in about 2 hours time unless I hear any good reasons not to. Recipe: Cobbers (INSERT NAME HERE) Style: American Pale Ale TYPE: All Grain Recipe Specifications...
  6. Edak

    Best thing you have ever won

    I thought I would bring this up because until today I was able to say that I had never won anything in a competition before. However... I got a message from O'Briens (you know the crew who do the gluten free brew) this morning which indicated that I had won a case of beer after entering their...
  7. Edak

    Perfect day to brew!

    It's going to be sunny and 25 in Melbourne today, perfect for brewing :-) Weighing grain now :-D Edit:Cobbers Pirates AIPA for the Vic swap.
  8. Edak

    Looking for Advice on my AIPA recipe

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a little advice here, I have not assembled an AIPA recipe but this is what I have so far... Please be aware that I am using a home-built braumeister type system so I have limits on my grain bill. Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 27.58 l...
  9. Edak

    Looking For Advice On My Esb Recipe

    This is my first ESB, I have some some premium bitters (special) but want to go the extra step ahead. I like a few styles of ESB, but of course I love Holgate especially when on tap. Can you please have a look and share any comments that you might have. Cobbers Best Extra Special/Strong...
  10. Edak

    Nearly Pitched My Yeast At 34... What To Do?

    I just opened up a pack of wb06 yeast (safbrew) and hydrated it slightly in the bottom of my extract can. I filled up my fermenter with my indregients and I expected it to be at about 26 degrees, but just before I pitched i double checked and saw it was at 36. I didn't pitch but I have this...
  11. Edak

    First Brew, Think I Have Dud Yeast

    Hi guys, Well I finally started my first brew yesterday morning and everything seemed to go to plan. The mix went well and everything was nicely sterile. I pitched my yeast at 25 deg but saw no immediate activity, admittedly I didn't know what to expect so I thought I would give it some time. I...