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    VIC/NSW Raw materials sale

    Hey all, Been awhile since I posted but thought I would see if anyone is interested. I currently work for a food manufacturing and distribution business, due to some product deletions in the business I have some excess raw materials I am looking to clear at below cost. If anyone is interested...
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    Hop Rhizomes SE Vic

    Hey guys have the below Rhizomes that I will be splitting next week Pride of Ringwood Tettnang Williamette Chinook Victoria Super Alpha Cluster Cascade They are all first year growth and I will be keeping the crowns and re-potting Unsure how many I will get at this stage but will update...
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    Coopers real ale kit + bits

    So seeing as how I have now moved house and sort of got my garage setup (needs more storage and organizing). Along with foolishly agreeing to a house warming on the 21st I thought I should smash out a quaff-able kit beer to fill one of the kegs so that the Kegerator has something on tap Recipe...
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    98IBU Alan's Bastard IPA

    Morning All Took yesterday off and decided to do some brewing to use up some chinook hop flowers?Bines? i got off the from someone in the forum and to use up so malt before i move house again along with some Galaxy that was getting a bit old I have a few different bits of equipment and tbh...
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    Tin mods

    Hey Guys Put the below down on Sunday, just after some feedback Coopers Ipa can 1kg Dark DME 1kg of Golden promise steeped SG of about 1050 at 24L ish Came out really dark and hoppy haven't added more hops Just using the coopers yeast, potentially pitched it when the brew was a little...
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    Long time listener first time caller

    So I am on a few brewing forums so not 100% if I have posted a intro on here but thought I probably should before I post in other threads I'm Alan, currently living in Ballarat I have a keg king kegerator with 3 corny kegs hooked up (Ball lock) 2 cider and the LHBS wheat beer extract kit My...