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  1. dammag

    No Chill Cube Tool

    I don't know if this has been posted before but Bunnings sell these cube tools that make No Chilling that bit easier.
  2. dammag

    How Often Do You Clean Your Fermenter Tap?

    Hi. Just interested. How often do you dismantle and clean you fermenter tap? I do mine every brew. Is this standard procedure? Damian.
  3. dammag

    I've Just Had A Vb Out Of Necessity

    I am over at my dad's place and have run out of my home brew. I have just cracked one of the "new" 4.9% VB's he had in the fridge. It has aroma, although not "nice", it has flavour, once again not "nice" and it has some body and mouthfeel, but nothing like my home brew. Having said that, it is...
  4. dammag

    Ballast Point Big Eye Ipa

    I keep buying these cheap ($19) six packs of Big Eye IPA and every sip I take I dream of making someting like it. Not necessarily a clone but something nice and tasty. I just had a sip and this stuff tastes so f*&#in great! Any idea on a hops schedule to produce something like this? I do extract...
  5. dammag

    Freezer Temp Of Your Brew Fridge

    Just a quick question. If you have you brew fridge set to say 18 deg, what temp does the freezer section normally sit out? Damian
  6. dammag

    Is Unrefrigerated Dry Yeast Worth Buying?

    Is unrefrigerated dry yeast, such as US05, worth buying. All the LHBS's around here seem to have their yeast on display on the shelf. I would like to try something different as I have been using recultured Coopers yeast mainly. Also, what about unrefrigerated hops? Thanks, Damian.
  7. dammag

    I Couldn't Wait

    I have just returned to home brewing and have just sampled my latest brew. It is a Coopers Sparkling Ale kit with 1.5KG pale malt liquid, 300gm dex, 100gm LDME and 100gm maltodextrin. I syringe primed with a dextrose/water solution. I brewed with recultured Coopers yeast at about 20 degrees...
  8. dammag

    60 Free Coopers (empty) Bottles Gold Coast

    Hi. I am moving house and have about 60 clean empty Coopers tallies in the shed. If you can pick them up this coming weekend (has to be this weekend) in Southport they are all yours. They aren't boxed. Damian.