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  1. Jazzafish

    (NSW) Hills Brewers Tasting and Pizza Night

    Hi all, We have our monthly tasting session next week at North Rocks Pizza from 18:30. All welcome, please RSVP via our facebook page...
  2. Jazzafish

    NSW- Hills Brewers Guild Tasting Session

    The Hills Brewers Guild are holding a tasting session on Tuesday the 2nd of May at Belmontes Pizza in Baulkham Hilla from 18:30. All welcome to bring some homebrew to share and talk about. More info and RSVP on our Facebook page:
  3. Jazzafish

    Hills Brewers Guild (NSW)

    Last meeting of the year is at North Rocks Pizza this Tuesday the 25th of November. Just the usual byo home brew for an informal taste and shop talk over pizza. From 19:30, all welcome
  4. Jazzafish

    Brew Pi Ferment Control Anyone else doing something like it? I just tape the probe to the fermenter... but kinda keen.
  5. Jazzafish

    From Scratch... Non Alcoholic Ginger Beer

    Ok, here is my non alcoholic ginger beer... ok, its not beer but it gets called that... Now, I have made this 3 times this summer. It is awesome IMHO. What was going to be a quick keg filler has made me rework the brewing schedule to fit more in :icon_cheers: 3 large hands of Ginger 2Kg Brown...
  6. Jazzafish

    Seven Hills Beer Factory Knocks Off Braidwood Esb

    Forgive me if I'm telling old news, but my computer is too slow to research! I was able to knock off work in time to take the boss to lunch at the Royal Cricketers Arms behind the drive in at Blacktown this arvo. When I got there I got to the bar the conversation went something like this...
  7. Jazzafish

    Wetting The Head

    Well today my wife gave birth to our secong daughter Amelia Jane Salmon... or as we affectionatly refer to as Milly. Mum and bub are healthy aside from a chord around the thraot and a nasty fingernail scratch above the eye of our little baby... every issue was solved before it was worth the...
  8. Jazzafish

    Old School Brewing In Germany

    Just looking at youtube and found this old ditty... 1930's brewing in Germany. Enjoy Love their chiller!
  9. Jazzafish

    When To Use A Blow Off Tube

    Is the yeast healthy? air lock cannon
  10. Jazzafish

    Nsw: Hills Brewers Guild Pizza Night 24/6/08

    Quick post to mention that the Hills Brewers Guild are meeting at Georges Pizza at 7:30pm tonight. Just the normal home brew tastings, pizza and good times. It is not a members only meeting, so if you want to join us, bring some of your finest beer and come along. I'm taking my latest pale ale...
  11. Jazzafish

    Att: Hop Heads! Hop Infused Beer Jug

    Instead of brewing last weekend, I went with my wife to the tea shop to buy a birthday present for her friend (who likes her tea). While there I spend most of my time going up and down the escalator with my 15 month old daughter, who thinks they are better than any ride or roller coaster for the...
  12. Jazzafish

    Making Own Specialty Malt

    Hi guys, Just made some light amber and chocolate styled malt from my standard base malt. Took a rough guide from designing great beers: Going to put it all together with another 4KG of normal marris otter for a mild type of ale. Here is the pics of the process: Putting 1Kg Marris Otter in...
  13. Jazzafish

    Base Malt Vs Base Malt (tasting + Brewing Notes)

    Ok Brewers, I just wanted to start this thread regarding different base malts and the flavour comparisons. This is not about saying one malt is better. It is about the flavour profile that the particular base malt gives in relation to other base malts you have tried. I have used the following...
  14. Jazzafish

    Reward For Building My Bar. Recipe Help

    Well my father in law has recently retired and taken up woodwork. He offered to build me a bar if I supplied the materials... After a storm a few fences and a pergola came down in the area. So I went into scavenger mode and picked up some discarded fence pailngs, frames and bearers from freinds...
  15. Jazzafish

    Huntsman Ale?

    Went to Dad's yesterday, found this in the airlock of his fermenter! Crappy phone pic, but you get the idea! :lol:
  16. Jazzafish

    Mash Tun As A Hop Back

    Forgive me if this has been covered, my brief search didn't find anything here. I was just looking over the the Pelican Brewery's website and when looking at the list of Seasonal Brews I found this beer: The interesting thing is that they used a Mash Tun as a Hop Back Leaving the whole wet...
  17. Jazzafish

    New Brew Pub In Hills District

    It is now going ahead :beer:
  18. Jazzafish

    How To Open A Beer With Only Paper

    This is an ok party trick
  19. Jazzafish

    Help With Stir Plate Construction

    Been reading over this thread: Decided I'm going to build me one. Basically I have looked at all of the constructions listed here: and I'm not sure what magnets or stir bar to get. I have...
  20. Jazzafish

    New Mash Set Up Idea

    Good morning all, I have been thinking about this for a while, and would like some input towards a possible new mash set up. All possible pros and cons :ph34r: At the moment I have a standard gravity fed set up. Your standard HLT (fermenter filled with water, heated by temp controller and...