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  1. raven19

    How many litres did you brew - 2013?

    14 batches to around 300L.
  2. raven19

    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Defo do it again next year please. Good job! Well done to Beachy taking champion brewer crown, and to SA for equal 2nd in state vs state. Hoping to get an SA table over to Canbeera next year for the anhc too.
  3. raven19

    RIMS step mash

    I don't change the flow on my RIMS, I get a reasonable flow I am happy with, ensuring my grain bed is not compacting too much & reducing hte outflow, then I just wait until the RIMS gets the wort temp up to the desired set temp. You can insulate your MT. hoses, etc, to help reduce heat losses...
  4. raven19

    What are you listening to

    Device - self titled album, features Disturbed's lead singer Dave Draiman. Worth a listen if you enjoy Disturbed's music.
  5. raven19

    Sour beers

    Nope, but I have 5kg of normal cherries in 20L of lambic atm. Must sample it and see how its travelling...
  6. raven19

    Style Of The Week 10/12/08 - Fruit Beers

    Brew a bigger batch and split half onto each fruit? If not agree, go the blueberry - the mango would be quite subtle and may not get you much in terms of flavour.
  7. raven19

    Kegging options where space is limited

    How about room temp kegs and a glycol chilled font or a small miracle box, similar to your local pub?
  8. raven19

    Style Of The Week 5/12/07 - American Amber Ale

    What's your OG planned there Rook? ibu seems low imo. My house amber is 90/10 based/med crystal Around 1048 ish OG and 40+ ibu's (iirc). I tend to go 3g/L at 10 & 1 min too. Need to check my home PC though (as I can't open my recipe thread on ahb...) Edit - found it. I was way off on the...
  9. raven19

    Movies that get better every time you watch them. Yours?

    Office Space - great p!ss take on office culture and evil corporations. Plus a young Jenn Aniston helps.
  10. raven19

    Flanders Red

    DrSmurto used the oven on a medium heat iirc to 'treat' his oak prior to using in a bigger experimental beer of his recently. I just soaked mine in sanitiser for a while then tossed them into primary. Might go the oven option next time.
  11. raven19

    2011 Funky Case Swap: Tasting Thread

    Had another bottle of this just now. 1 year and 4 days on from my last sampling of it, it's still a cracking beer. Very easy drinker now, mellowed further with age.
  12. raven19

    Flanders Red

    @tip - I would go a starter then pitch the lot after 24hours assuming there is some activity in the starter. The saccro yeast component is pretty vigourous in my (limited but growing) experience so you shouldn't have an issue with no starter if the yeast has been stored in cool conditions.
  13. raven19

    2012 Funky Beer Swap I have unhidden previous posts in this thread for clarity folks.
  14. raven19

    2012 Funky Beer Swap: Tasting Thread

    Unhidden previous posts for discussion/clarity.
  15. raven19

    Flanders Red

    +2 on pitching as is Tony. Also be prepared for some decent krausen initially - I foolishly fermented in a demijohn which resulted in a huge mess. I would recommend reuse the slurry too on your next brew, I reckon it gets better each generation (read similar thoughts here on older threads too)...
  16. raven19

    Awesome hop plants.

    Basterd! Enjoy a +1.
  17. raven19

    Brewing supplies Adelaide Hills

    Another Hills Brewer here, confirming Brew Adelaide stocks pretty much everything you need ingredient wise for brewing.
  18. raven19

    Bizier in Adelaide 23rd Feb, Anyone for a Pint?

    +1 for Smurto's comments mate. Wish I could make it but am booked out big time this week and the weekend.
  19. raven19

    2012 Hop Plantations

    My single Victoria produced around 500gm dry weight hops this year from 4 bines to a height of arod 5-6m. Hoping for more next year now the rhizome has had 6months in the ground since being moved. +1 on an excellent yielding variety.
  20. raven19

    2012 Funky Beer Swap

    I have hidden the duplicate posts, but can unhide them. We have a mixed camp thus far on how that thread will work it would appear. Happy to unhide the older posts if that is the general consensus.