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  1. raven19

    South Australian Brewing Club (SABC) - AGM Wed 20th Feb 2013

    Fellow South Australian Brewers, Advising the South Australian Brewing Club (SABC) is having its inaugural AGM on Wed 20th Feb at the Kings Head Hotel, King William St, Adelaide. All brewers are welcome, a link to the thread for attendees in on the BA site as per linky below...
  2. raven19

    Ahb - Lets Drop The Profanity

    Fellow Brewers, Just a friendly reminder on the guidelines for this forum: AHB Moderation Guidelines It would be appreciated if we could collectively drop the profanity including the f and c bombs within threads and posts... this forum is accessible to many, and increased counts of profanity...
  3. raven19

    2012 Sa Autumn Case Swap

    I have put my hand up to host this event, relevant thread for discussion located Here. Voting preference for attendees link Here. I am located at Balhannah in the (sometimes chilly) Adelaide Hills. Cheers!
  4. raven19

    Foster's Chief's Tidy Pay Packet

    Another day another dollar... or make that $23k if you are CEO of Fosters, John Pollaers. News Article Linky With that kind of moolah you could start a brewery of your own fella! :lol: <_<
  5. raven19

    Monster Mill 2 Motorised

    Some pics of my motorised Monster Mill 2 (MM2). Built using an old kitchen cupboard from recent kitchen reno's. Motor is fairly slow but works a treat. Motor is from a roller shutter style system as I understand.
  6. raven19

    Rip Simoncelli (motogp)

    Sickening and terrible to see this in motorsport. Foxsports article linky Be warned, some graphic footage in the video component. RIP Marco, our thoughts are with your family.
  7. raven19

    Afl Finals 2011

    New thread for us afl supporters. Wow, one game into finals, two possible knees, Menzel (big ups for a quick recovery, 20yrs old acl aint great) and Buddy with a knee twinge. Buddy's did not look as bad as Menzel's. Cats week off with the win. Hawks face winner of StK & Swans. C'mon Blues...
  8. raven19

    Fosters Gold

    Fosters have signed up Holly Valance to sell their new beer, Fosters Gold. Fosters Gold News Linky Bring on the tv ad I say, as long as she rolls over at some stage! :P
  9. raven19

    2011 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hops!

    2011 Hop Plantations Lets get this season's thread cracking shall we? Last Years 2010 Hops Thread. Goldings starting to sprout some new green shoots here. 3rd year Chinook rhizome that has had a heap of cuttings removed prior to transplanting to the new house. First trellis up ready to go!
  10. raven19

    Hop Rhizomes - Cluster, Por & Chinook (adl Pickup Only - Sorry)

    Got a number of these rhizomes in varying sizes for pickup if interested folks. A bottle of your finest as payment is most welcome. I work in town so can arrange for pickups in town (North Terrace) or at home in Balhannah. PM or post here if interested! Cheers & Beers!
  11. raven19

    Tour De France

    Cant say I really follow these guys but man it would be awesome if Cadel Evans could win this. Looks like Andy Schleck is struggling after the mountains... Go you aussie good thing! (and Go webber in the F1)
  12. raven19

    Superbowl 2011

    Got a few mates around tomorrow for the Superbowl, the Green Bay Packers vs the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have 5 kegs gassed up and ready to drain plus a bbq planned also. And it sure beats going to work on a Monday. :party: Are you watching the game? oh yes and Go the Packers! :kooi:
  13. raven19

    Infection Photo Thread

    Thought this thread may help others in the future in the unfortunate event of having a possible (or definite) infection... My first and most likely an Aceto infection. Lesson learnt: Never open the fermentor during ferment, let alone inside a dirty fridge! Clean the fridge religiously now!
  14. raven19

    Electric Keggle Hlt

    Been getting a few questions and comments of late about my HLT - this is a reincarnation from 3G, but since purchasing off him, I have added a sight gauge, Element housing enclosure, Thermowell and gave it a rough polish with a flap disc. Thermowell from Beerbelly (I use a cheap temp controller...
  15. raven19

    Chinook Hops - Free To Good Home (adl)

    I trimmed up the excess growth from my Chinook Hop Plant yesterday, and now have a number of small Chinook Hop plants in 100mm pots for giveaway to good home. Post on this thread or PM me if interested. Pickup over the xmas break would be ideal as I can keep watering them all so they get...
  16. raven19

    2011 Funky Beer Swap

    I did not have anything ready for swapping when the 2010 Funky Case Swap came around, so lets get thinking about 2011 and a funky case swap. Tyranny of distance will make things interesting no doubt for swappers. A few of my initial thoughts: 1. Adelaide are hosting the Nationals later in...
  17. raven19

    Raven's Brewery Mk Ii

    Thought I would share some brew porn, my 3 Vessel RIMS fired all electric brewery. 2 Tier with rotating HLT ontop. I still have some tweaks to make to the frame, and some more paint is required but its currently working a treat. Running a 2400W RIMS element, 2200W HLT, 2200W & 3600W immersion...
  18. raven19

    Raven's 'brew' Pergola

    Took last week off of work to build a new pergola at home, to replace the old rotting timber one. The structure is about 6m x 4m, comprising half a tonne of solid steel, 150 x 50 RHS rafters, 75 x 50 RHS columns with a central box gutter. Still to finish the larger footings, flashings, new...
  19. raven19

    For Sale [adl] 2 Tier Brew Frame

    All, Almost finished my new brew frame, as such the old one has to go! Dimensions here: Old build thread linky with pics Looking for a reasonable offer over say $150 ish? (if thats reasonable? :blink: ) There is a fair bit of steel in this, but its nice and light for its size. Pics taken...
  20. raven19

    Free Mt Hood & Por Rhizomes - Sorry Pickup Only [adl]

    Folks, I still have some Mt Hood care of BYB's massive rhizome - now shooting big time! (some have 2 feet of growth already!), and they will continue to grow when transplated. I suspect I have 4 - 6 still of these. (Still have one put aside for RustyC if keen still mate for one?) Also have a...