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  1. nathan_madness

    Saaz and Goldings rhizomes for sale - post or pick up

    Saaz and Goldings hop rhizomes for sale. $10 per rhizome Can post OR Pick up Brisbane (Belmont, 4153) or I'll be at the Australian National Homebrewers Competition at the Charming Squire in Brisbane this weekend. If interested please PM me with the following details: 1. How many of each you...
  2. nathan_madness

    Brisbane / Toowoomba - Hop Rhizomes

    Hey guys if anyone would like some Saaz or Goldings rhizomes I've got a wheel barrow full. $10 each collect from belmont till Sunday 10am then I'll be transporting them to Toowoomba.
  3. nathan_madness

    Hello Toowoomba

    Hey guys and gals, I have moved in to Highfields and now looking to get to know you all. Please let me know when you next meeting is as I would love to come and have a chat to you all. I will make sure that I have some of my APA to share with you all. Kind Regards Nathan Semmens
  4. nathan_madness

    Brisbane: Free 8 boxes of poly bottles

    I have 8 boxes of poly bottles that are just taking up space. Free to good home I might even throw in a bottle of my finest for you to take them away. Gumdale, Brisbane just off the gateway. They will be in the bin next Tuesday if not collected!
  5. nathan_madness


    Ashnan, or Asnan, was a goddess of grain in Mesopotamia, and a goddess of drunkenness, wine & grains in Sumeria. Over the last 12 months I have been busy planning and designing my new all electric HERMs. Ashnan² Construction started in November 2013 with half the frame...
  6. nathan_madness


    Walking through the chemist my 5 year old yells "Hey daddy they sell hops for your beer here."
  7. nathan_madness

    Oh no I spent too much at CraftBrewer

    If you ever get in trouble for spending too much at CraftBrewer show them this pic and point out that it's two pallets worth over $4500. It should save you, I hope.
  8. nathan_madness

    FS: Chugger Center Line Pumps

    Hey, I have 2 Chugger Center Line pumps for sale. The one on the left has been used and I believe that it has the thermal switch issue (Info here In saying that is usually cuts out after about 2 1/2 hours of constant runing...
  9. nathan_madness

    Saturday Night Laugh

    Have a read of this and enjoy!!!
  10. nathan_madness

    False Bottom to suit CB pots

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how many people would be interested in getting full size false bottoms for their CB 70 and 100L pots? I am thinking about getting some made up. I've got a one off price for 442mm dia 304 stainless of using 2mm hole with 3mm pitch which is a 40% open perforation...
  11. nathan_madness

    High efficiency and low malt taste

    Has anyone else found that when your efficiency gets up around 95% you don't get very good malt flavours?
  12. nathan_madness

    Brisbane Grain Bulk Buy Late June

    Hey Guys & Girls, I'm getting into milling my own grain. I have spoken to Ross and organised my sacks. I will have space for a further 16 bags on the pallet so it is a first come first served basis. Payment will be CASH ONLY upon collection from London Rd, Belmont 5 minutes from CB. I will be...
  13. nathan_madness

    P.I.T.A Brew Day

    So my brew day was going perfectly till when transferring the wort from the pot to the fermenter my little girl found the water out hose from my chiller in the garden and managed to kink the hose causing it to blast off the barb end of the chiller, spraying water straight into the fermenter...
  14. nathan_madness

    Hops are up. What now?

    Living in Brisbane and I have decided to give growing hops a go for the first time. I purchased an assortment of rhizomes from here and ebay (Saaz, Tettnang, Golding, Hersbrucker, Cluster and Cascade). I put them all in the ground about 3 weeks ago and they all have their little hoppy heads...
  15. nathan_madness

    Brisbane: Fermentap Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

    I have up for sale a Fermentap Counter Pressure Bottle Filler bought from Craftbrewer less than 12 months ago and only used only twice. I have aquired a new Blichmann beer gun so the CPBF is no longer needed $80 to whoever wants it. Postage extra if you can't collect from Belmont, Brisbane...
  16. nathan_madness

    Rice Hulls In Biab

    I have a recirculating BIAB setup and the two brews that I've done on it since adding the recirculating system have been great. The problem that I'm having is when mashing the pump can drain the kettle faster than the bag drains. I've fired a speed controller to my brown pump so problem solved...
  17. nathan_madness

    Beerzym Alfa-beta - Erbslh

    Hey Guys, I am thinking of making a dry Japanese style beer that has quite a bit of rice in it. Has anyone ever used this product before or heard anything about it? Erbsloh Beerzym ALFA-BETA
  18. nathan_madness

    Double Cider And Juicy Cider

    So I got my fermentation fridge sorted today. Temp controller in a F&P C340 it can hold 3 23L fermenters. Looks pretty sweet. Decided to do a bit of a test run so I brewed up a couple of batches one I named "Double Cider" and the other "Juicy Cider". I have never used Cider kits before but...