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    Keg King Conversation

    Ok can confirm the 60L do not fit the 35L as they are much larger, have emailed about how to return for a refund Still keen on a set of the 35L thermowell lids (without the metal thermowell tube) as I have a lid that needs replacement
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    Keg King Conversation

    @CEO Keg King Is it listed on the website or do I need to ring/email? And do you have stock? Do these fit the 35L Snub-nosed?
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    Keg King Conversation

    @CEO Keg King @Keg King Any idea when you are getting more stock of the Snub nose thermowell lids? I already have 2 but was cleaning the ball lock posts and seems the thread on one of them is questionable (I may have stripped it slightly) still seems to holds pressure at this stage and luckily...
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    No Chill Cubes

    How much do you trim the dip tube?
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    New user looking for beer gas in Melbourne

    Hey is it listed as food grade gas?
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Why not make then translucent but sell them with a jacket (maybe an insulation jacket?) That keeps both sides happy
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    BeerCo - Our Search is Your Satisfaction - News & Updates

    Hey not sure if this is the best place to post but a shout out to Beerco for how quick the delivery was even with a flat rate ordered 19th and received 20th (and the free samples are much appreciated). Was really impressed with the pricing and range of product along with the easy website (price...
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    Engine Crane as Brewery general lifter

    I have a crane which I use on the car, main issue with my setup is I wouldn't be able to get my crane over any of my equipment unless I use it in an open area (I am a 3V guy though) the legs to stable it are long, its also not super easy to move around and the hydraulic is alot slower then using...
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    Strawberry extract or strawberry snaps

    Hey personally found that doing anything flavour addition wise before secondary the yeast tends to remove the flavour. Also note any additional sugar will be consumed even in secondary. My advice woukd be to macerate some strawberries (frozen works best) in some vodka and use that to flavour...
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    2021 VIC Autumn Case Swap

    If there is space I'm sure I can bring at least a keg. Might investigate getting some pet bottles and decide what beer to bottle, I've got a cracking American amber that might be worth case swapping with but not sure how much is left in the keg so need to stocktake. I've just finished drinking a...
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    2021 VIC Autumn Case Swap

    Hey guys haven't done this before, I don't really bottle these days (if I do it's off my kegs) but could be tentatively keen to come as an attendee. Would be keen to bring a couple of kegs to get some feedback (most likely cornies, but also have 5L and 10L so depends on what stock I have)...
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    EVERYTHING For Sale Sunshine Coast

    What kind og keg is this?
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    Small batch mead vessels

    The other option is oxygen purged mini kegs or growlers? slightly more expensive then 5L demijohns but also able to be used for other things Or split into 750ml bottles?
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    What are you brewing 2020 and 2021 ?

    Put this on last weekend at 23c and 21psi should be done this weekend, will split and put half on passionfruit in a 2nd Snubnose for another week ish before I keg First half ill get off the yeast and keg
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    I can't bleach it's not StarSan

    You can reuse it until it gets above a ph of 3.0 Brew Tips: Cloudy StarSan I tend to filter out any bits mine gets, cloudy isnt an issue as long as its ph 3.0 or below I also use straight alcohol which I spray on and I don't reuse that
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    Time to trim

    I need to do some weeding, a couple of mine have started, the one thats going well is the Otways wild goldings I got from a member on here and its the 2nd year for me The other one is a Super Alpha/Dr Rudi that is I think on its 4th year (first year out of pots) have quite a few in the ground...
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    Keg King Conversation

    Agree it doesn't seem the most up to date and is probably costing you sales
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    Pressure Fermenting - Very Much a Nube

    Hey Pete, you wont need to introduce CO2 from your bottle at any stage during the ferment as the yeast create it for you I just did a lager at 21C set at 21psi with M84 yeast, it was fermented out in 3days, left mine in the snubby at that temp for a full week before I cold crashed it and then...