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  1. stux

    Wanted To Borrow: Turkey Fryer Pot for Christmas Deep Fried Turkey&#33

    So, lots of people buy the Turkey Fryer setups, with the Turkey Burners from camping stores, perhaps to do BIAB, or other beer related things... These days they're sold as Crab Cooker pots, etc I'm planning on deep frying a 5-6KG turkey this christmas eve, like the yanks do, but if I use my...
  2. stux

    Carlsberg recalls kegs of beer filled with caustic! Oops!

    We've all done it right?
  3. stux

    hand-blown glass air-locks

    Got my regular spam email from ozfarmer today, had this beauty in it Now, I prefer 2-piece airlocks to 3 or 1 piece. Easier to break the seal. But a hand-blown glass airlock tickles my bling bling.
  4. stux

    New Cube Mishap

    So, I moved my burner, and adjusted its height to match my brand new cube... After mashing, I started the boil... was going nicely until I noticed a strange smell. Doh. Forgot to move the cube! Poor thing never even saw a single batch :(
  5. stux

    [Sydney] 20L 'Handy/Maxi' Pail Bulk Buy ~ $5-6 each

    G'day Brewers, You might know the Maxi-Pail/Handy-Pail type products you can buy at Bunnings/Supercheap etc I've found they have a million and one uses around the brewery, and they are polypropylene and food grade. Personally, I now use them for grain storage. One sack will split perfectly...
  6. stux

    Converting Perlick 575SS "Creamer" tap to 525SS

    For reasons*, I have a Perlick 575SS that I wanted to "downgrade" to a 525SS. I had heard that it would probably just require swapping the Lever in the 575 for a 525's lever ie Part #7 for Part #6 Anyway, My 575 started dripping the other day, so since it was time to service it (approx 4...
  7. stux

    A Common Tragedy

    So, I was about to put down a mangrove jack's cider... Rehydrating is a good thing to do with MJ yeast, so I had a flask filled with PBW As I very carefully pulled the hydro out of the flask of PBW, it went *tink* and all this black sand started pouring every where... Shit. I'm guessing...
  8. stux

    Hop Growing in 1930s US, an account

    Interesting read from the perspective of a 1930s hop farmer
  9. stux

    The Table-top Mini-Pub

    So, I built this a few years ago now, but I'm working on an upgrade for Australia day, so figured I'd start by posting the build pictures :) Enjoy -- I decided to make a three font setup for my sister's engagement party. The idea was to try and get a bit of a pub feel in a smallish unit. I...
  10. stux

    Triple Batch Maxi-BIAB in 98L Kettle with 50L dunk sparge pot

    60L Fermenter with Blowoff, heatbelt+fridge etc 98L Pot w Italian Burner on MP Adjustable Reg 50L Dunk Sparge Pot on 2 ring burner 4 17L cubes I cube about up to 68L of wort, and 60L goes into the fermenter (leaving behind cold break etc). I get 3L of trub which allows me to fill 3 kegs...
  11. stux

    Craft Beer Establishment in Western Sydney?

    So, I want to take a few friends/family to a nice Craft Beer establishment, you know, like the Local Taphouse, or Harts Pub... But as so many people are from the Mountains or Western Sydney, I was hoping that there was actually somewhere that wasn't inner city :) Any ideas?
  12. stux

    Sydney Grain Bulk Buy [Feb 2013]

    G'day I've decided to arrange a grain bulk buy (again!) with the assistance of Pat (again!) at Absolute Homebrew in St Marys, and I've approved this with Dane :) PICKUP: Absolute Homebrew, St Marys, NSW ORDERS CLOSE: After we fill a 36 sack order. This is a Bulk Buy for Cryer Malts (Barret...
  13. stux

    False Bottom Ideas For 100l Techniice Esky

    So, my Techniice 100L arrived the other day :) Has a nice 1" BSP (I think) bung hole, well, its 32mm in diameter at least The funny thing is the base is slightly concave... around the edges at least, this presents a bit of a channel. I had drawn up lots of nice diagrams with cross-sections...
  14. stux

    80l Or 100l Esky Mash Tun For 98l Kettle?

    I'm planning to get a techniice esky set (camping and other reasons) and I want to go 3V. I've been quite successfully knocking out 65L with BIAB and my 98 and 50L pots, but am getting sick of the dicking about with the bag and sparging I'd like to grow my brewing, so I plan a gravity 3V, then...
  15. stux

    Picobier - Copper Bling Monster

    Was trawling through some braumeister youtube videos and found this 50 and 200L versions. Has separate hlt, mash/kettle and lauter tuns, with mash stirrer, grants, etc... 19900-29900€ dang. Neat video Like a miniature german brew...
  16. stux

    Ss Barbed Elbows To Suit 8mm Id Line

    Anyone know where to get stainless barbed elbows to suit 8mm ID beer line in Australia? Already checked with Andale, and they can get them, but not just 2. Alternatively, I'll need to order from Chi or someone else and pay the freight... so to speak :) Thanks
  17. stux

    Coopers Bursts Into Us Home Brew Market [smh]

    Australia's largest locally-owned brewer, Coopers Brewery, has burst into the American home brew market after buying the largest home brew brand in the United States, Mr Beer, in a move that could consolidate Coopers at the top of the global home brew market...
  18. stux

    Suitable John Guest Fitting For A Tesuco Regulator?

    I'd like to replace the male barb nipple thing on my tesuco reg with a john guest fitting Does anyone know which one to get? I figure its something like this But don't know :-\ Thanks
  19. stux

    Red Hill Brewery (subscription required?) Goldings is a great name for a brewer/hop grower ;) Goes into quite a bit of detail, even mentioning specific grains and relative IBU levels "KAREN and David Golding discovered the Red Hill region...
  20. stux

    Willow 20l (23l) Jerrys 19.10$ At Supercheap

    Just an FYI, Willow 20L water Jerry's are currently $19.10 at SuperCheap Auto Penrith 25L Jerry's are $21.95