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  1. HBHB

    Fraser Coast 2018 Comp

    Hi All, Fraser Coast Bayside Brewers Inc. will be running the yearly comp again over the long weekend incorporating Sunday 6th May as the main comp date. Open to all Categories under BJCP, including beer, mead and cider. Single PET or Glass Bottle 700ml or larger (Sorry, no stubbies or 500ml)...
  2. HBHB

    National Home Brew - Xmas Trading and stock updates

    Hi All, We'll be trading through the Christmas/New Year Period as normal from 07:45 - 17:00 weekdays and 07:45-13:30 Saturdays. Stock Updates: We'll be introducing about 30 more Malts to the range over the next month. Crown Urns will be unavailable until just after Christmas once the last of...
  3. HBHB

    National Home Brew - WE ARE MOVING

    Hi All, we will be closed for business on the weekend of 8th/9th July while we relocate to new and much larger premises just up the road. Hop orders will need to be completed for dispatch on Thursday the 6th July, as the walk in freezer will be decommissioned on Thursday night for shifting on...
  4. HBHB

    Website Updates National Home Brew

    Following on from customer feedback over recent times, we've just started an extensive program of updates for the website. These include a shopping cart you can use as a shopping list for future orders. You can now build your order over a period of several weeks until...
  5. HBHB

    Seeking advice

    Been thinking about our need to feed the masses for family and friends get togethers as well as larger groups when we have a brew related shindig. We'd be looking at using it for all manner of dead animals from fish through game meats etc Been considering one of these: Hark Texas Pro-Pit...
  6. HBHB

    National Home Brew Christmas Closure

    Hi all, given there's no warehouses open, no major freight movements and the couriers aren't operating, we're taking a short break & closing Christmas Eve @ 12:30pm and back on deck Tuesday the 3rd Jan. Please make sure you've got what you need for the few days we'll be closed and allow...
  7. HBHB

    C I T R A

    2016 crop Citra is now in stock along with a handful of others. Simcoe Fuggles Barbe Rouge - think red berries, strawberry and cherry - will be doing a wheat beer and a kettle sour with this next weekend. Citra is live now
  8. HBHB

    Fraser Coast Home Brew Competition Weekend April/May 2017

    Hi All Fraser Coast Bayside Brewers Inc. are pleased to announce dates for the 2017 Fraser Coast Home Brew Competition Sunday 30th April 2017 will be Competition Day. Since the 29, 30 and 1st is a long weekend, we've brought the comp forward to accommodate those who wish to use it as a...
  9. HBHB

    New Website and new meeting nights

    Next get together for the Fraser Coast Bayside Brewers Inc. will be at the Beachhouse Hotel for Christmas Party on Sunday 27th November 2016. From the first meeting in 2017 - Meetings will be held at Hervey Bay Home Brew / National Home Brew 2/92 Beach Rd on the 1st MONDAY of each month...
  10. HBHB

    New Grainfather Connect Controller (Pre-Orders)

    We've just flicked the switch on Pre-Orders for the new Grainfather Connect Controllers. Lay-By is available for those tight on $ Keep in mind, nobody has an exact date for these at this point in time and we're still working on November. If they come in before then, it's a bonus, but they will...
  11. HBHB

    Clearance Lines - National Home Brew

    Clearing out some budget lines at stupid prices. No holds, no returns, no special orders, once gone, they're gone. First in best dressed. Our no hassles warranty doesn't extend to these products Making room for some incoming bling
  12. HBHB

    National Home Brew Christmas/New Year closure

    With no courier services inbound or outbound after 24th December and through to Monday the 4th January, we're taking the extra few days off to recharge the batteries and get some sorting & shuffling done in store. For those requiring deliveries prior to that, please be sure to allow an extra...
  13. HBHB

    Fraser Coast Home Brew Competition - Date Claimer. June 11/12 2016

    As usual, the Fraser Coast Home Brew Competition will be run over the weekend of the 11th and 12th June. Queens Birthday Weekend 11/12/13 June 2016 That should give everyone plenty of time to get their brewing and bottling schedules sorted. Entries will be accepted from any area. Entries...
  14. HBHB

    Weekend Specials - National Home Brew

    Weekend Madness: SS Hop Filters $40 Grainbrother Units $520 (Stock is limited)
  15. HBHB

    Citra and other US Hops

    Back in stock 2014 crops: Citra Amarillo Warrior Willamette...
  16. HBHB

    National Home Brew New Poduct - Keg Hop Filter

    Following months of hard yards and negotiating, we've finally taken delivery of the first in a range of new products. Keg Hop Filters are now in store and ready to go. 304grade SS 300 micron to allow plenty of flow through. 29cm x 7cm, screw top with a loop to suspend it if you must. Can be...
  17. HBHB


    Grainbrother units are in store now. Upgrade Kits for early adopters will arrive at the same time. $100 gets the entire update kit. Will email out in the morning to all those who have enquired...
  18. HBHB

    Trouble uploading photo's

    Can't get pics to upload for some reason. Just tried to get some pics up on the gardening section. 0.4mb is about max size. Posting from an iPad. Any ideas? Martin
  19. HBHB

    More fun than a barrel of monkeys

    For those suffering Fridayitis:
  20. HBHB

    June Meeting Friday 5th June

    Last of the malt challenge beers are due in Final arrangements for the Competition this Saturday being held at 11 Cockatiel Court, Dundowran Beach. Judges Briefing @9:30am, First Flight @ 10:00am Last local entries due in for the Competition Need to set date for AGM Beginner brewers and...