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  1. HBHB

    Fraser Coast 2018 Comp

    Hi All, Fraser Coast Bayside Brewers Inc. will be running the yearly comp again over the long weekend incorporating Sunday 6th May as the main comp date. Open to all Categories under BJCP, including beer, mead and cider. Single PET or Glass Bottle 700ml or larger (Sorry, no stubbies or 500ml)...
  2. HBHB

    National Home Brew - Xmas Trading and stock updates

    Hi All, We'll be trading through the Christmas/New Year Period as normal from 07:45 - 17:00 weekdays and 07:45-13:30 Saturdays. Stock Updates: We'll be introducing about 30 more Malts to the range over the next month. Crown Urns will be unavailable until just after Christmas once the last of...
  3. HBHB

    NHB Stock Updates

    Bunch of updates on some new stocks and back in stock stuff: Belgian Candi Syrups are in from the states in 1lb (450 odd gram packs) Clear Amber D-45...
  4. HBHB

    Bi carb soda can it give a soapy mouthfeel ?

    others that haven't been mentioned: Zinc from brass fittings and excessive use of yeast nutrients = soapy taste
  5. HBHB

    QLD Xmas-in-July 2017 Tasting Thread

    22. Good to go after some fridge time. AIPA with Warrior for bittering and Mosaic late and dry.
  6. HBHB

    QLD Xmas-in-July 2017 Tasting Thread

    Big thanks to Perry and Anna for a repeat of excellence in hospitality. Good times. Sorry i missed muster for breakfast. Had to hit the road early to get some work done.
  7. HBHB

    (SE?) QLD Xmas in July Case Swap 15 July 2017

    Finally managed to get my shit together this afternoon and just finished bottling for the swap. 26 bottles of Mosaic IPA for number 22. Was hoping to get another RIS together, but stuff happens & time ran out. IT'll be good to crack in a few weeks. Looking forward to catching up with everyone...
  8. HBHB

    National Home Brew - WE ARE MOVING

    Hi All, we will be closed for business on the weekend of 8th/9th July while we relocate to new and much larger premises just up the road. Hop orders will need to be completed for dispatch on Thursday the 6th July, as the walk in freezer will be decommissioned on Thursday night for shifting on...
  9. HBHB


    Doubt it. Purely for the exercise, checked out the wholesale cost and worked out the 10 odd K for Australian electrical compliance and you'd basically be giving away the first 300 units plus they won't supply any warranty ex factory. usual costs of freight, GST, Customs clearance pay the man $...
  10. HBHB

    (SE?) QLD Xmas in July Case Swap 15 July 2017

    Yeah i know...about to mash in an El Dorado hopped IPA? Coz lousy time management for an RIS plus PET bottles suck for long term aged beers.
  11. HBHB

    (SE?) QLD Xmas in July Case Swap 15 July 2017

    **** i better get brewing. Move on the week before and away for work conference the week after.
  12. HBHB

    NHB Stock Updates

    Afternoon Hop Heads Australian Hops in this morning are now packed in foils and in the freezer: Ella Galaxy Super Pride Enigma
  13. HBHB

    Fraser Coast Home Brew Competition Weekend April/May 2017

    Hi All, I have no idea why my post for the results didn't show up. all was looking fine before closing the window. Thanks for posting up the results mtb, and congrats on your beers. There was some prizes allocated for Champion Beer and also to Champion Brewer, sponsored by National Home Brew...
  14. HBHB

    Website Updates National Home Brew

    Following on from customer feedback over recent times, we've just started an extensive program of updates for the website. These include a shopping cart you can use as a shopping list for future orders. You can now build your order over a period of several weeks until...
  15. HBHB

    Fraser Coast Home Brew Competition Weekend April/May 2017

    Just a reminder that online registration for entries closes at midnight on Sunday April 22. Mailed entries will need to reach Hervey Bay before COB Friday 28th April. If attending the event and provided beers are pre-registered, you can lodge the beers with the stewarding team upon arrival...
  16. HBHB

    Cyclone Debbie. Bring it on.

    Nup, just a Texas
  17. HBHB

    Seeking advice

    Did the first cook up over the weekend to see how it'd go. Put on a sirloin and a lamb shoulder. Used bull pit rub on the sirloin with a double rub 12 hrs apart, and holy crap...won't make that mistake again. talk about salty. Also over cooked it and while it was well done, well done is not the...
  18. HBHB

    Seeking advice

    Thanks Batz, yeah can you toss a couple of hard, but small sections aside for me please. (not too much) Appreciate it. Have some Applewood, olive wood and peach wood at home too. be interesting to see just how much difference the woods can make.
  19. HBHB

    Seeking advice

    good question mate....about 1400
  20. HBHB

    Seeking advice

    Decided to go with the Texas Pro-Pit. You're right Liam, it does leak like a sieve. Will address that on the weekend. Looking forward to some nice low n slow stuff.