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  1. Econwatson

    Fermenting Fridge To Sit On My Washing Machine

    Hi Guys, Due to space requirements, I am wondering if anybody's bought a fridge that fits a fermenter and would sit on top of my washing machine? Thinking that volume would probably have to be 160L or higher. Preferably without the freezer :) Used to have a big fridge back in Scotland but no...
  2. Econwatson

    Time to Move to Gas? Converting my RIMS Build

    Hi All, I had been brewing with a RIMS build which used a 3KW element which was designed for immersion heaters. While powerful, it would always seem to burn out the wires (probably due to my wiring skills). I was planning on resurrecting it after another burn-out but just snapped one of the...
  3. Econwatson

    Back In The Game - A Reintroduction

    Hi All, Hopefully some of you remember me, I'll give you an update on my life since AHB, and my return to brewing! In mid-2013 I had to return to the UK from Melbourne because I couldn't get a permanent residency. My girlfriend and I did long distance for 3(!) years while she could get her PR...
  4. Econwatson

    'Doughing In'- How Long Can I Take?

    Hi Guys, I am using a brewery similar to QLDKev's. I often find that when I pour in my malt into the malt-pipe, it sort of expands before it 'settles down' and loses volume. The issue is my malt pipe is quite small so it tends to overflow, but if I can add the grain slowly, it settles down and...
  5. Econwatson

    Pilsner Recommendations

    Hi guys, Looking at brewing a Pilsner. Does anybody have any outstanding recommendations for recipes? Would love to hear them! :) Thanks in advance. J
  6. Econwatson

    I Have A Dirty Little Secret...

    It's less exciting than it sounds I am afraid. I have never.... bulk primed :'( I know it's time I started, I've been brewing for a year and a half now! So, I am brewing a blonde, could you suggest an appropriate level of carbonation for such a beer? Also, can you recommend me the...
  7. Econwatson

    Galvanised Steel & Effects on Taste

    Hi guys, Anybody have any issues with the above? I use galvanised nuts and bolts for the legs on my malt pipe and am concerned it may impart nasty flavours but would be a little pricey to replace all galvanised with stainless. What do you think? Cheers!
  8. Econwatson

    Space Between Malt Pipe Base and Element

    Hi all, Apologies to make a new topic about this but I am brewing today and would appreciate some insight. How much distance should between the bottom of the malt pipe and the element? The element is LWD 3KW. I reckon I maybe have a cm of a gap. The problem is my return arm needs to go over...
  9. Econwatson

    Moving my RIMS Hoses Around Like a Snake Charmer

    Hi Guys, I'm having real trouble connecting my hoses up to my RIMS system. The attachments don't spin so as I am tightening one end of the hose, the other one is becoming tangled up. Do I just need to get hose attachments that rotate or am I doing something fundamentally stupid? Thanks for...
  10. Econwatson

    Econwatson is Back With a New Rig

    Hello everybody, Some of you may have noticed I have been absent on the forums these past few months, most of you probably have not, I had a disaster with my Crown Urn way back in November. I considered whether I should replace the element or go for a new system. Since I started brewing over a...
  11. Econwatson

    RIP Crown Urn- Onwards & Upwards

    Lady and Gentlemen, Today my 40L Crown Urn died. I am pretty sure it was because the boil dry feature was disabled by the previous owner. There was a terrible smell during mash out, and then it was dead. Lights still turn on but nobody is home so to speak, ie no heat. I could get a new...
  12. Econwatson

    Yorkshire Square: Fermentation Style. Anyone Tried It? Just curious if anybody has ever tried doing this in a DIY setting? Looks quite interesting. I'm about to drink a beer fermented in such a fashion so I will report back!
  13. Econwatson

    First Brew in the UK-What Should It Be?

    Hey guys. Well I've settled into the working life, built my STC-1000 and got myself 100 bottles so I'm ready to brew in the UK finally! I'd like to brew something for my dad. He is a real lager man, maybe Pilsner. I've been trying to get him to drink anything apart from San Miguel and Stella...
  14. Econwatson

    Boatrocker Brewery- Great PR Experience

    Evening all, I'd just like to share my experience with the guys at Boatrocker. I made a comment a few weeks back that I had tried the Boatrocker Alpha Queen Ale and hadn't liked it all that much. Got a reply in the thread from head brewer, Matt who said to PM him about it. He explained it was...
  15. Econwatson

    The Lagerjacket- Temperature Control Without a Fridge

    I saw this on Reddit this afternoon It seems like a cool concept but it's $400 farkin dollars. Fridge with temp control costs a lot less. They say it uses less electricity than a fridge but I'm assuming that's...
  16. Econwatson

    Getting a Dodgy Pint/Bottle at the Pub- What Do You Do?

    Hi guys! I was at the Imperial Hotel on Friday to try the parma there since it is apparently one of the best in Melbourne. I was pleased to see they had a decent selection of beer and I had never tried White Rabbit Dark Ale on tap so I eagerly ordered that. I love the Dark Ale, so I was excited...
  17. Econwatson

    Imagine doing BIAB in these bad boys!

    Greetings from Malaysia. Have not had the opportunity to annoy you all with questions recently since as far as the future in-laws are concerned, I'm not a drinker! It's been two weeks since I last had a drink. Anyway, saw these guys in the mall and thought you might appreciate them: Not sure...
  18. Econwatson

    DMS When Whirpooling

    Howdy, I've been doing some reading about DMS after I was recommended to keep the lid off my urn during the boil. However, I was told at the brew demo at G&G that when I whirlpool I should keep the lid on my urn since it leads to a better cone. My question is, will keeping the lid on while...
  19. Econwatson

    Shedding Some Pounds

    Hi everyone, I don't think I've ever been part of a community where the members seem so similar to me, as this one, which is fantastic! So given the rather calorific properties of our hobby, how do you guys keep the beer gut off? My consumption of beer has definitely increased since I began...
  20. Econwatson

    Crown/Birko Urn Brewing With The Lid On

    Hey guys! I've got a few questions relating to the boil when brewing. Do you normally boil with the lid of your Crown/Birko urns off, or on? I'm concerned my boils haven't been vigorous enough since I've been boiling with the lid off. I stuck the lid on for my last brew and the boil it...