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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    haha I was being diplomatic. Absolutely I could buy one - or three in my case - It'd just set me back ~$400AUD which I think is a bit pricey. I guess similar to the tilt / RAPT pill - I suspect the RAPT will be as good if not better and 1/5th the price... I might just suck it up and get the...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hey @KegLand-com-au , I posted on FB but didn't get a comment - it came up again yesterday - any thoughts on producing a similar product to the Plaato Keg? I think there is a bit of interest and can't imagine that they'd be too complicated to manufacture. Also cheeky question - any ETA on the...
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    The Greatest Beer Of All Time!

    I'm going to throw Fixation IPA into the mix - to me this beer is delicious
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    [MEL] Certified Cicerone Study group

    Hi All, Just got my Certified Beer Server and want to push myself a little further to get my Certified Cicerone qualification. I think it would be easier to study with a mate, potentially could split the cost of things like tasting beers or an off flavour kit etc. Putting the feelers out...
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    Decent new world pils?

    Can't think of a pils - but similar style - the 2 Brothers Kung foo lager is pretty delicious for the style. Generally wouldn't touch a pils / lager - but highly rate this one.
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    Stuck at 1020

    Hey Wombat, give the fermenter a good shake or two - the temperature you're fermenting at seems quite high - usually I try to keep it below 24 degrees. You may have killed off some (or all) of the yeast. If you can get the temperature down to 18-20 and have some spare yeast - maybe throw it in...
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    Gravity Increase?

    What about temperature difference? As in was one reading taken when it was significantly warmer than the other?
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    I'm really enjoying Sail and Anchor IPA... very tasty
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    NYE brew day .... first brew day ever

    The only concern I'd have is by splitting a brew for secondary ferment into two containers - I'd be worried one will end up with more yeast than the other. Happy to be corrected by a more weathered brewer though :)
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    A Return to Kits

    Great read guys - am on my journey brewing at the moment only doing kits (convenience, experience and time) and the theme I'm picking up is temperature control your primary ferment. Looks like I'm up for a controller and a fermentation fridge!
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    FREE - Empty 3L Tapking Bottles + 2 x Tapking Dispensers - about 40 bo

    Hey Mate, I too had a tap king dispenser and was disappointed when they pulled it; if you drop the Lion team an email ( they'll ship you out a return post bag and then send you a $30 prepaid visa card per dispenser. Cheers
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    Breweries that fill kegs

    Howdy All, Came up over a brew the other night - should one be short on time / too lazy / looking for something different - has anyone heard of a brewery filling a 19L keg? If so which and how much. Particularly keen on the Melbourne breweries Cheers Andrew
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    Kegging Setups

    What about lifting up the freezer? Put a drawer or stand or something underneath it - doubles as storage :)
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    U Brew It

    Beer for beer - yes I'd agree, but I usually drink a lot more of them :) One criticism that I would offer is that there is little to differentiate the beers in the way of flavour... they alll seem to have a 'ubrewit' taste :)
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    U Brew It

    Perhaps my mistake as to the cause - however - the no hangovers is tried, tested and accurate :)
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    U Brew It

    Bit of a thread revival here - I've been to the UbrewIt in tullamarine (victoria) a few times and the beer has been drinkable. Its a bit of fun to get out with the boys and have a few beers while making more. Not the cheapest - but gives a good overview of the process... One thing I've noticed...
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    G'day from Melbourne

    Cheers Guys, sounds like a bit of fun. If I can't make this one - i'll make an effort to get to the next one. Awesome to know we have an active local community.
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    G'day from Melbourne

    Cheers Yob, I'm out west! I like to tinker, but I am also a bit of a perfectionist - so would rather just buy a kegerator for the 'polished' look. Have already upgraded my preferred option - with feedback suggesting that the chrome taps won't last that long. Already have one eye on the for...
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    Kit & kilo = low ABV?

    The kit was the standard coopers one - i think its Coopers Original Ale? with brew enhancer #1... I'm worried if i bottle it - there will still be a bit to go and i'll end up with a bottle explosion. Will measure it again tonight.