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  1. donburke

    Mountain Goat Rare Breed IPA

    I was in melbourne last weekend, and enjoyed quite a few of these, was wondering if anyone has a recipe ? the label says 20% malted rye, along with 2 other types of malted barley any idea what these other 2 types are ? a base and a crystal ? website say 6.1% & 60 IBU, galaxy & cascade, any...
  2. donburke

    Going to Rio

    congratulations to the socceroos, good luck in rio guys, we are proud of your efforts and hope you do well
  3. donburke

    Nick JD's cat made the news ...

    nick, your cat is famous ...
  4. donburke

    What's In Your Kegerator ?

    apart from kegs, hops & yeast, what other interesting things have you kept in your kegerator ? found this interesting post by mercs own and thought its a good idea to build that collar just a little higher, or better utilise the...
  5. donburke

    Beer May Have Health Benefits looks like the 30 cans can probably skipped, instead drink half a dozen 100ibu IPAs might explain why i havent had the sniffles for a while
  6. donburke

    Technical Issues On New Pc

    i bought a new pc, and when i go to the aussiehomebrewer webpage it looks all different, as in colours, and its displaying "ip.board" on the top left it wont recognise my login if i try to login i'm running ie9 on windows 7 home premium is there some setting i need to change ? as i have no...
  7. donburke

    Brewing Tonight - Live Updates

    weighing 19kg grains 56 litres strike water heating up milling the grains hard work, time for quick beer salt additions for the mash grains milled doughing in giving the mash a good stir resting at 66 from 5:20pm updates soon
  8. donburke

    Mash, Sparge & Lauter Today - Boil Tomorrow

    I have read quite a few of the 'overnight mash' threads, and its seems to work just fine as long as you maintain temp reasonably well What i was thinking of doing was, mash, sparge and lauter tonight, with all of my wort in the kettle, and then boil briefly for 5 or 10 mins Tomorrow morning, I...
  9. donburke

    Syd - 2 Ring Rambo Burner - Proceeds To Charity

    I have in my possession a rambo 2 ring burner, model C30LP, brand new in box This burner was incorrectly sent to me by auscrown, i have been refunded, and they dont want the burner back, nor do i want it The burner has an output of 20Mj, which would be well suited to someone looking to move...
  10. donburke

    Poor Customer Service From Auscrown

    i ordered and paid for a one ring burner from auscrown yesterday courier arrived today, open the box, inside was a 2 ring burner i call them, explain i ordered a one ring, they say they'll check what happened and ring me back i get a call back acknowledging their error, followed by a 5 minute...
  11. donburke

    Adding Fruit To The Keg

    everything i seem to read about adding fruit to your beer involves either adding during the boil or adding during fermentation (mostly secondary) the issue seems to be is that the fruit is subject to fermentation, which means that the sugars in the fruit will add to the alcoholic content, and...
  12. donburke

    No Chill / Partial Chill / Full Chill Experiment

    I am proposing a no chill / partial chill / full chill experiment, as inspired from a discussion with Ross My rig can make 80 litres of beer, and I can chill all the way down to pitching temperature if i want to The purpose of the experiment is to see the effect the different rates of chilling...
  13. donburke

    How Beer Saved The World

    its playing on discovery hd tonight at 7:30pm, tune in
  14. donburke

    Best Kolsch Malt

    saw this malt pop up in a sydney grain bulk buy on at the moment and had never heard of it ? tried searching, found nothing, not even on anyone have any specs on it ? is it a pilsner malt modified slightly different ? anyone used it ?
  15. donburke

    2 Bar Fridges Free

    i have 2 bar fridges to be picked up from leichhardt, for free they both work perfectly, that well that they can freeze beer in them they wont fit a standard fermenter, but easily fit a 25 litre cube or 25 litre jerry reply to this post please
  16. donburke

    Thirty Degree Rule

    i have read about the 30 degree rule, used to ferment weizens, i.e. pitch at 13 and ferment at 17 i have also read that underpitching can also create the esters akin to a weizen if i am to apply the 30 degree rule, do i still make an appropriate sized starter ? do i chill both wort and...
  17. donburke

    Motley Crue

    Anyone going to the Sydney concert tonight ? I'm psyched
  18. donburke

    20l Nc In A 25l Cube ?

    i was thinking that i could save washing an extra vessel by doing the following; - brew 20 litres of no chill beer - at end of boil, pour into 25 L (27 L cube) with tap already fitted - rested on sides for 15 mins to have hot wort contact all parts of the cube - let it no chill over 24 hours...
  19. donburke

    Drink Up: Chemistry Keeps Beer Fresher, Longer

    Had this emailed to me and thought i'd share; Drink Up: Chemistry Keeps Beer Fresher, Longer 22 April 2011 23:50:00 Emily Sohn Beer can only sit on a shelf for so long before it becomes undrinkable, and now German scientists have...