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  1. Thefatdoghead

    Vacuum when crashing solution

    Here is my solution on the vacuum you get into a fermentor when changing your beer temperature from ale temps to cold condition temps. I want to crash chill my beer from say, 19c to 0c. It will create vacuum. Which will, depending on your setup, either pull in Air, yes air, 21% 02. 87%...
  2. Thefatdoghead

    Thermistor temperature probe build

    I needed a heap of thermistor temp probes for my brewery. I've seen them for 16 bucks a peice but none have the option to unplug the cable from the probe. This isn't my idea. I got this build idea from embedded control concepts website. I decided to make 10 probes at once. I got the really...
  3. Thefatdoghead

    100 litre 3v electric brewery build

    Been wanting to build a 3v for quiet a while now. Finally getting around to doing so. I'm building a 3v 50amp full electric brewery. I'll be using a BCS controller to control the process and going to automate as much of the process as possible for ease and repeatability. The 50 amp panel from...
  4. Thefatdoghead

    Stainless push to connect fittings

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get these stainless steel push to connect fittings? Preferably 1/2" npt to 1/2" push connect. I have found them out of china fairly cheap but was wondering if any Aussie suppliers sold them. Im going to use them for sight glass and herms coil. Thanks
  5. Thefatdoghead

    50 litre Braumeister for sale

    Selling my 50 litre original Braumeister. Comes with 20 litre malt pipe (only used 1 time) Going to throw in a 240v winch. Pretty much new as. Braumeister has a few scratches but is in good condition. Served me really well and never had any issues with the plc. Putting it up here first to...
  6. Thefatdoghead

    NEIPA Recipe help

    I have the hops and wanted to try oat malt out. Never brewed a NEIPA before so im asking for some opinions on my recipe. Im not sure what yeast to use yet, so, I just added a dry english strain. Dry hops will be in 3 stages, the first, being during ferment in the Chronicle. How do my hop...
  7. Thefatdoghead

    Weyermann munich type 2

    Not sure if its been asked before. Could anyone tell me what flavour ill be getting from this malt up to 80 to 100% of the grist? I have a sack and was thinking munich dunkel or something. Thanks Gav
  8. Thefatdoghead

    Keezer rebuild

    Was going to sell the old girl but decided to keep it and spruce it up a bit. Also building a new brew space in the garage. More of a brewery/man cave really. New spotted gum collar. Turned out ok. Pretty happy with it.
  9. Thefatdoghead

    $600 Westinghouse freezer/keezer

    $600 or best offer. Keezer will fit 9 cornys and will come with a collar and the tap tray and stainless back plate. Sorry the taps, shanks and regs are not in the sale. Pick up only in Warana on the Sunnycoast. Pls msg me if your interested in the freezer.
  10. Thefatdoghead

    Schneider Aventinus

    It is the best dark weizen going so how do you brew it? It has a sour mash but what else? Anyone got ideas?
  11. Thefatdoghead

    FTS's for the 17 gallon Chronicle.

    Thought I would start a new thread on this system. What the system is for people who dont already know, is a fermentation control without using a fridge. Basically you have 2 stainless coils, a submersible pump, a jacket for the fermentor and a control unit for twmp control. The system...
  12. Thefatdoghead

    Red IPA or IRA

    Is it just me or could this be the perfect beer style to brew? Its ballanced with loads of hops and malt. I brewed a red ipa with more hops than an imperial ipa and it was spectacular. Love the colour. Im just tucking into a couple of evil twins and its so damn fresh. Just loads of hops and...
  13. Thefatdoghead

    Bella bock in a stout

    Thinking about brewing a stout with Bella bock lager yeast. Anyone used lager yeast in a oatmeal stout before?
  14. Thefatdoghead

    Transferring recipes from Beertools pro (mac) to BS2.

    I have just bought a Nexus 7 and I want to transfer my recipes from my macbook pro (from beer tools) to my google nexus 7(beersmith). I can make my beertools pro files into Beer xml files but they still wont open in Beer smith on my macbook. Anyone tried doing this or know how to do it? Im not...
  15. Thefatdoghead


    Has anyone done this or researched it more? Looks like a great idea. Just wondering if it might become a bit of a novelty after a while? All I would need is the flow meters, boards and maybe a inductive charger/stand. Probably looking at about $500 to set up. Im getting a...
  16. Thefatdoghead

    Kamado BBQ

    Bought a Kamado Joe a few weeks ago. My god, I'm 33 years old and never knew what a real BBQ was. Going to slow cook some marinated sticky beef ribs tomorrow for 6 hours. Matching it with a nice malty Dunkel that's coming into its prime. Here's to good times :)
  17. Thefatdoghead

    Pressure rating on a Swing Top 750ml bottle

    Im sure its been asked before but I cant seem to find anything and my internet is really slow. Just wondering if the brown 750ml swing top bottles will hold 3 to 3.5 Co2 volumes safely? Cheers
  18. Thefatdoghead

    Bottle conditioning a Brett beer

    I'm going to be doing a Westvleteren 12 clone soonish. Half the batch just using Trappist high gravity and the other half primary ferment with trappist then secondary (in a glass carboy) with Brettanomyces bruxellensis First question is, will this be an ok style to try with Brett. Iv'e never...
  19. Thefatdoghead

    Summer Saaz in an American Pilsner

    Anyone tried these Hops in a Pilsner or lager? Just wanted to use some up that iv'e had for a while but never tried them. I was going to use them as I would czech saaz at 60,20,10,5,0 minutes in the boil. Any info on these would be appreciated. Cheers
  20. Thefatdoghead

    Bad advice, yes? No?

    My brother has recently got into brewing, so, he has basically gone straight to all grain. I've been helping him along the way. He wanted to brew a lager straight up. He has all the equipment so I gave him a good recipe. One that I've brewed many times before. He went to buy some yeast and was...