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  1. fletcher

    mangrove jack’s cider essence

    hey all, so i just made a mangrove jack’s packet cider and am about to keg it, and noticed it says to add the cider essence and then stir and leave for 24 hours. i’d rather not stir up the fermented cider and yeast and wondered whether this essence could just be added to the keg and then rack...
  2. fletcher

    any other type 1 diabetic brewers?

    hey all, so i've been an insulin dependent diabetic since the age of 5 (now 38) and today had an insulin pump fitted. it's fantastic. life-changing already. just got me thinking, are there any other type 1 diabetics on this forum? any issues with your brewing or drinking? i'll happily admit i...
  3. fletcher

    breweries on sunshine coast

    hey guys. the mrs surprised me with a weekend away on the sunshine coast (yaroomba) and thought we’d check out a brewery while here. what’s the best one to visit with a 2 year old?
  4. fletcher

    bar fridge - gold coast (swap for a few beers)

    hey guys. am "selling" this Westinghouse bar fridge for the cost of a few of your finest or a 6-pack of something decent. as you can see from the pictures it doesn't have the shelving or inner freezer door as it was being used as a ferment fridge using 20L jerry cans. working beautifully -...
  5. fletcher

    gold coast water filtration

    moved up from sydney - check. got a new job - check. bought and moved into a new house - check. most furniture and other setup crap getting sorted - check. finally about to get back into brewing again! i'm considering a few options for filtration of my water for kitchen/drinking AND brewing...
  6. fletcher

    gelatine not fining in jerry can

    hi guys, I've found that when adding gelatine to my fermenter (a 23L jerry can), I'm not getting much clarity from it. because my jerry has a small hole in the corner top, it's not like regular round-topped fermenters where the gelatine can really spread over the entirety of the beer. I'm...
  7. fletcher

    deleting style guides in beersmith 2

    Hi guys, In the options, I often use the guidelines from the BJCP 2015 for my beers, but also use the AABC 2010. Is there any way of selecting just those 2, rather than each individually, or all of them which includes the old BJCP and FADOL ones? ie, can those last ones be deleted without...
  8. fletcher

    yeast nutrient

    hey legends. i've just started dabbling in water adjustment and was wondering if any of you who also do, keep using yeast nutrient in your boil? i had a look at the one i've been using, and just want to know if it will alter the profile (too much magnesium sulphate for example) - particularly...
  9. fletcher

    w34/70 fruity?

    hey guys. i've not made many beers with this yeast, but decided to try lagers a few months back and have given one in particular a good 8 weeks in the bottle to hopefully allow it time to condition. a few points: 1. it's a simple beer with pilsner malt, and wakatu hops to 23ibu 2. pitched 2 x...
  10. fletcher

    playing with mash temps

    hi guys. i was very lucky to get a grainfather for christmas and so a new world of mash temps have opened up to me, that previously were annoying to do with biab and gas. i've looked here and at a lot of websites and guides for specific temperatures and rests and what they are used for, but...
  11. fletcher

    bottle carbonation time

    hey guys, haven't bottle carbonated beers in a while and just needed some info. so i bottled a beer about 3-4 days ago and they've been sitting in ambient temp in the house since. the temps in sydney have been quite hot (above 20C and the last few days over 30C). just wondering, as they're in...
  12. fletcher

    Mt. Rainier

    from: Pedigree Complex parentage including Hallertau, Galena and Fuggle Brewing Usage Dual Purpose Aroma Excellent floral and noble aromas, with citrus and licorice overtones Alpha Acids 5.0 - 8.1% Beta Acids 5.0 - 7.0% Co-Humulone 21 - 24% Total Oil 0.2 -...
  13. fletcher

    lost shopping trolleys

    because my local area gets bloody swamped with these damn things, i started a site to show: a. how 'beautiful' they look b. how people can report them and c. for a laugh please spread the word and/or send me images to post as well :) EDIT: i'll only post...
  14. fletcher

    interesting read about 170 year old beer

    mods please delete this thread
  15. fletcher

    diacetyl? sweetness? kegging issue?

    hey guys, starting to get a bit bummed. i've currently got a german wheat and a simple blonde ale in the kegerator, and both have been sitting there at 12psi for about 3-4 weeks. the wheat tastes great but the blonde ale (simple recipe - pale ale, and a bit of crystal, and tettnang to 22 ibu...
  16. fletcher


    i've made a very light summery beer and two days ago, it was tasting amazing. no off flavours and super clean. literally within 2 days it's taken a detour and i feel as though there is an ever so slight hint of butter. how quickly does diacetyl kick in if it's the culprit? the recipe was...
  17. fletcher

    making a brew bag

    i've read plenty of posts about people making their own voile brew bags, or not making a bag at all and buying a huge sheet, and i want in. all the bags i've seen are made of the flimsiest material that is lucky to survive one brew. i picked one up the other day, it caught on a tiny corner of my...
  18. fletcher

    "Minty" brew from the 1800s
  19. fletcher

    bringing hops back to AUS from U.S

    tried to do a search but it's a bit confusing from the app. anyone done it or it is too much of an issue with border security regarding hops being a plant etc? wouldn't be more than 1 to 2 oz bags if so.
  20. fletcher

    dry hopped a biiiiit too much

    ok, so i had an ESB that i thought might benefit from some hallertau. mainl because it had been sitting there forever and i wanted to get rid of it. 30gms. the beer is all EKG in the boil. i lost 10L of it in a leaky cube so only fermented 10L but then completely forgot to lower the dry hop to...