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  1. Amber Fluid

    Hello All - It's Been About 5 Years

    Yes as the title says, it's been about 5 years since I've been on here. Thought I might pull the finger out and start brewing again. I see a lot of old faces gone and a lot of new faces emerge. To start me off, I seemed to have lost my previous username which was "Amber Fluid". Does anyone...
  2. Amber Fluid

    Anyone ordering from Craftbrewer soon?

    Is anybody in Hobart having an order from Craftbrewer soon? I'd like to tag on a BIAB bag and 1mtr of tubing. I don't need anything else and I guess I'm just being a tight arse but I can't justify the $10-$13 postage just for that. Any help would be appreciated please PM me Cheers
  3. Amber Fluid

    WTB: Over The Side Electric Element

    I am wanting at least a 2000w element to hang over the side of my urn to ramp temps up quicker. If you have one for sale, please PM me. Thanks
  4. Amber Fluid

    e-Cigarettes, have you tried them? Any recommendations?

    Sometime ago I tried one of these vapor cigarettes, otherwise known as e-Cigarette. I was pretty skeptical with it at first but after I got over the contraption I took a few drags and thought wow, that is almost like a real cigarette. It gave me that hit you also get in the throat as you draw...
  5. Amber Fluid

    Free AFL Tipping - No Prizes

    I have created a free footy tipping comp at There are no prizes and it costs nothing to join. However, I thought that considering that I personally would have had quite a few free Whopper Burgers from last season then why not create a comp for...
  6. Amber Fluid

    What size flasks do you use for starters?

    I currently use a 2000ml flask for starters up to 1500ml but am now wondering does the size of the vessel have any impact on the contents?... (I usually just use a jar for up to 200ml) I find the 2000ml flask to be a good universal size but am now wondering if I should acquire a 1000ml for the...
  7. Amber Fluid

    Likes - what do they do

    Like the topic says, what is the use of the likes feature in posts? I have heard this being a Facebook feature but I am not on Facebook so have no idea about it or even if it is the same.
  8. Amber Fluid

    Cascade Yeast.

    A friend of mine works at the Cascade brewery and reckons he can get me some of the "live" yeast the brewery uses. Now I know all yeast you would want to use should be live, dur, but this is what they apparently call it. Does anybody have any idea what yeast Cascade brewery uses?... I hazard a...
  9. Amber Fluid

    What Is Your Best Home Made Bread Recipe?

    I am wanting to make just a simple white loaf today but have previously tried quite a few online recipes and all I have tried are just crap... the bread turns out heavy or has a yeasty taste instead of being light and fluffy which is obviously preferable. I did a search here for a decent plain...
  10. Amber Fluid

    Wtb: 2 Litre Erlenmeyer Flask

    I am wanting a 2 Litre Erlenmeyer Flask. I purchased one not long ago from an AHB'er but unfortunately it got smashed during transit so am now wanting another. Even a link to where one can be purchased at a reasonable price. I'm also getting the 1 Litre flask from KK for about $10 + p&h which...
  11. Amber Fluid

    Endeavour Amber Ale

    I tried an Endeavour Amber Ale yesterday and was really impressed. I'd like to make a clone but don't really know where to start. The website linked above shares the following info: Pale Pilsner 3 Crystal malts and Chocolate Gairdner Pale Malt Topaz hops for bittering, flavor and aroma IBU =...
  12. Amber Fluid

    Who Is Still Active With The Lowest Membership Number?

    I noticed Snow posted today and noted he joined in December 2002 and his member number is 83. Now my member number 18760 and this forum is heading toward 20000. I am just curious out of the original members (say those of the first 100) who is actually still active? Also when did this...
  13. Amber Fluid

    Does Your Home Brew Have An Effect On You?

    Most of the AG brews I do I get between 4.6% - 6.3% ABV. However, I seem to have a high tolerance toward the alcohol produced. i.e. I drink all night and can barely feel pissed. Most of these times I have been busy doing stuff while drinking so put it down to that. However, I don't think...
  14. Amber Fluid

    Irish Red

    I'm wanting to do an Irish Red today with the ingredients and I guess I am looking for confirmation that this should turn out ok as I really don't know much about this style. I have come up with the following: --------------------------- 26L 4kg Marris Otter 1kg Munich 400g CaraRed 300g...
  15. Amber Fluid

    Can I Add Dextrose A Dday Or So Later?

    In the fermenter last night went an AG (BIAB) brew I did on Saturday. I had the worst efficiency yet, 59% when usually I hit 70%. However, I also mashed this pretty high (70C) as I was in a big rush and this dropped to 68C after 80 minutes. I tasted a sample and it tasted sweet and a weird...
  16. Amber Fluid

    Coopers Website

    Is anyone else experiencing troubles accessing the Coopers website? For some reason I haven't been able to access it for a couple of days now.
  17. Amber Fluid

    Old 20l Cubes

    I can source about 8 x 20L cubes for $7 each. However, they have all had some liquid detergent in them or other domestic soaps but look to be in good condition. Will napisan chew through the soap residue and clean these up so I can store wort in them or do you think I will be better off not...
  18. Amber Fluid

    Ideas For My Ingredients

    I have a list of ingredients but am not sure of a nice recipe to make. The ingredients I have doesn't seem to fit many choices in the RecipeDB that appeal to me either and up until now I have been mainly making APA. I am looking to do a back to back BIAB on Saturday so if I can get 2 nice...