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  1. jaypes

    Make me an Ale!

    Brewers I have just acquired some Simcoe, Centennial and Mosaic Hops. As I just brew my usual house ales I thought I would ask the wider audience for some recipes that include these 3 hops. For your troubles I will shoot you a couple of tallies of either a Wheat or Golden Ale from my stash...
  2. jaypes

    A truly sad day

    After purchasing some POR rhizomes in June/July this year I was delighted to see the first shoot break through the soil last weekend. Although POR is not one of my favourite hops, it was none the less exciting seeing this grow and eventually mature enough to bear cones for my very first...
  3. jaypes

    $10 bar fridge and some tinkering

    Whilst between houses and most of my brew stuff in storage, had to get some sort of draught going
  4. jaypes

    Has anyone ported Brewmate to OSX?

    I have tried to use Beersmith but I love the simplicity of Brewmate. I have also tried to use Wine and WineBottler and MONO without success Just wondering if anyone has actually done it?
  5. jaypes

    Gas Hose for Rambo Adj Reg and 4 ring burner

    OK, so now it is the time to beef up my gas burner I have got a Rambo Adj Reg from Asucrown which I believe has a 1/4" BSPF thread and my 4 ring burner has a nipple which I assume is a 3/8" BSPM Can anyone confirm this 100% before I make an online purchase?
  6. jaypes

    Kids + Fermentation = Bad

    Bottled a wheat tonight as I had been away for a while. Inside my fermenting fridge was a little mouldy as well. I thought nothing of it as I have it sealed with trusty old glad wrap, until I spotted the nice finger shaped hole in it. My missus told me that it happened on Sunday Rather than...
  7. jaypes

    Anyone got a killer wheat recipe?

    Looking for a good one to brew before the silly season, never made a wheat before. Cheers
  8. jaypes

    Northern Brewer

    Since Im in the States and Northern Brewer dont ship to Australia, I decided to get a shipment delivered to my hotel (no problem with the guys from NB) At ~USD$6 for a White Labs / Wyeast pack I could not resist (all shipped with ice packs) 100% for service from NB guys. Shipping was 3...
  9. jaypes

    National Homebrew

    I noticed we have a new site sponsor. Has anyone bought off them as yet? Where abouts are they located?
  10. jaypes

    Dud Wyeast 1332?

    My Mum lives close by a well known LHBS so i got her to pick up some Wyeast 1332 for me. When I got the pack I noticed it was dated Jan16 2013 which I was not pleased at but I thought I would just make a starter - no problem. I pitched the whole thing into a 1.5L starter which I make the usual...
  11. jaypes

    S-04 not performing as expected

    First time I have used S-04 in a Brown Porter, I made the mistake of breaking by hydrometer just before pitching so i had no idea of the SG. It has been in the fermenter for 17 days now at 18 Degrees - it went flat out for the first 5 days then stopped. I just got a refractometer in the mail...
  12. jaypes

    Beer changes the world again
  13. jaypes

    Carlton Draught AG recipe

    I have been asked by my bro-in-law for a Carlton Draught clone, anyone here have a good recipe that they can share? I did search but most of the hits that came back were "worst beers you've ever tasted"
  14. jaypes

    Fridge F&P Upside down $40 - Gladesville NSW

    Gents / Ladies Up for sale is a F&P fridge like this one (without the dogs) - Works fine, internal heat exchanger needs fixing to rear inside of fridge (plastic screws died in a move) and leaks water inside of fridge after a...
  15. jaypes

    Approx 50x 500ml swingtop bottles for sale $20

    PM if interested Pickup Gladesville
  16. jaypes


    Just seen it Happy Birthday Mate, have a good one
  17. jaypes

    Growlers - best places to buy them

    Looking for a good quality growler, have a preference for glass rather than some aluminium ones I have seen. BeerCartel have them for $55 but I am looking for a growler, not a second mortgage. Finance minister has approved the budget in the range of $0-$35
  18. jaypes

    How many of you eat/taste grain?

    I am a grain addict, I cant help myself!
  19. jaypes

    Headspace in cube

    Gents I have recently started no-chill cubing and my last batch I used a 20L jerry from Bunnings. As much as I tried to squeeze all the air out there is still some headspace - maybe 3 inches. Will this affect the beer drastically?
  20. jaypes

    Hydrometer vs Refractometer

    Hi All Just getting a run down of who uses what on AHB. I suspect most kit/extract brewers would use a hydro and AG using a refrac/hydro combo both due to simplicity. (Trying to justify a new Refrac purchase - What are the best ones and from who?) Cheers Jaypes