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  1. Amber Fluid

    Hello All - It's Been About 5 Years

    Woohoo!!... got my nick back. Thank you! Now it's been a loooong time so I reckon I'd need a few weeks to catch up on all the goss.
  2. Amber Fluid

    Hello All - It's Been About 5 Years

    Yes as the title says, it's been about 5 years since I've been on here. Thought I might pull the finger out and start brewing again. I see a lot of old faces gone and a lot of new faces emerge. To start me off, I seemed to have lost my previous username which was "Amber Fluid". Does anyone...
  3. Amber Fluid

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Keg King Chillout MKIII 30 plate heat Exchanger $65 - Hobart
  4. Amber Fluid

    Block & Tackle Chain Hoist

    $215 :blink: I think this was only $150 and you can get them cheaper now too.
  5. Amber Fluid

    Where Are You

    A bit hard without any details...... Done
  6. Amber Fluid

    Anyone ordering from Craftbrewer soon?

    Is anybody in Hobart having an order from Craftbrewer soon? I'd like to tag on a BIAB bag and 1mtr of tubing. I don't need anything else and I guess I'm just being a tight arse but I can't justify the $10-$13 postage just for that. Any help would be appreciated please PM me Cheers
  7. Amber Fluid

    Half of Tasmanians are Illiterate, official

    What a crock of shit. I would love to see where they sourced their figures from. Yes, we certainly need a change in the education system here, I agree with that, but most of this is bullshit and I see no evidence here to back this report. lol I find it amusing that Dr Ben Jensen, the Director...
  8. Amber Fluid

    Any interest in a Hobart based home brew club?

    I'd be definitly interested but unfortunately Wednesdays and Thursdays are out for me as I have other things on.
  9. Amber Fluid

    website deals of the day

    $25 -- Brewery Tour & Beer Tasting for 2, Half Price "A 60-minute tour of the Carlton BrewHouse Vistor & Function Centre, where Carlton Draught, Pure Blonde and other beers are manufactured, is now just $25 for two people. This Travelzoo offer saves 50% off the regular price." See Here
  10. Amber Fluid

    Keezer build questions

    A fan with no insulation does the job with no problems and uses buggar all power too. I have mine on a micro switch and it is on 24/7, unless the keezer is open of course.
  11. Amber Fluid

    10 Bad-Ass Kegerator Builds and Installs

    To be honest I think AHB members can easily put together a list of 10 kick arse systems that would kick these arses, anything from portables to bars to man caves and the old faithful chestys. One of my personal favourites would have to be Don Bourke's... now that's a kick arse :icon_drool2:
  12. Amber Fluid

    Like, stop saying "Like"...Like...

    A lot of things mentioned previously get on my nerves as appears so to others as well. What I really hate lies in the cooking shows like Masterchef (as an example) when the professional hosts does something and all the amatures just go all gooey with their "ooooohhhhhh" or "ahhhhhhh" suck hole...
  13. Amber Fluid

    website deals of the day

    Handy for the brewery.....
  14. Amber Fluid

    New Keezer build - advice needed

    Cellis have SS Flow Control taps, I've never had an issue with mine. Maybe a little out of the budget but well worth it if you can get them.
  15. Amber Fluid

    Grain in Hobart

    There will be a bulk buy very soon. You may like to stock up with that?? HERE is the link.
  16. Amber Fluid

    irish red

    That link doesn't work so no idea what it is suggesting A good start would be using Wyeast 1084 at 22C and ditch any kit yeast (or use it as a nutrient) Steep some Carared and add some Fuggles and EKG and Robert's your Mother's Brother!
  17. Amber Fluid

    STC preventing fridge from cooling

    What are the settings on your STC? Do you have your fridge turned on for the coldest temp?
  18. Amber Fluid

    Grain Bulk Buy Tassie

    Follow the topic and you will get notified when a post is made.
  19. Amber Fluid


    Comps in Tassie are crap imo. Entrants get ripped off having to produce either a/ a ridiculous amount to submit or b/ you do not hear a result or receive any feedback of the comp. How can they justify having to submit 48 stubbies AND $10 here?...... another freebie for the judges no doubt.....
  20. Amber Fluid

    2013 Tasmanian International Beerfest

    I don't see Tas Home Brewing Supplies as a sponsor this year..... and can't seem to find a mention on their website. I wonder if that has anything to do with the dodgy comp last year???