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  1. Ducatiboy stu

    Valve Amplifiers

    Grandfather gave me a few old tubes to look after An amplifier is on the cards
  2. Ducatiboy stu

    Building stuff in the shed

    Just bought a new Luxury shed with attached house Shed came with A LOT of been building stuff Just waiting for the castors
  3. Ducatiboy stu

    F*ck you Woolworths
  4. Ducatiboy stu

    RIP Tom Petty

    Tom Petty died from a heart attack last night aged 66 World will be a different place without him
  5. Ducatiboy stu

    The best bargain you have bought

    I will kick this off Bought a "92 Landrover Discovery, Diesel, 500,000km, gen 1 owner who is a retired mechanic. Drives like new, no rattles or squeaks. $2k. Very well looked after and fully serviced Best bargain I have ever come across
  6. Ducatiboy stu

    The FSM and David are back

    I would to thank all those I annoyed with the FSM & David His noodleyness is back
  7. Ducatiboy stu

    NSW Electricity Suppliers - Who has the best deal

    I need to get an electricity supplier for my place, but looking briefly they all seem expensive as **** with plans harder to work out than an Aveo retirement village contract I dont use much at all ( was paying $30/pw and ended up in credit ) Who has the best prices and best to deal with
  8. Ducatiboy stu

    RIP Niki Hayden

    Former MotoGP champion Niki Hayden has died from injuries sustained when he was hit by a car whilst riding his pushbike training for the Itailian GP Niki was the 2006 MotoGp world champion and rode for Honda & Ducati
  9. Ducatiboy stu

    Looking for a sour dough starter

    Can any fellow bakers share a small portion of there sour dough starter. Will go to a good cause :)
  10. Ducatiboy stu

    RIP Mark Colvin -Veteran ABC Journalist & Pm presenter

    Anyone whop listens to ABC evenings will know Mark Colvin from PM Shame to see him pass. He was always great to listen to, to get a balanced view on things
  11. Ducatiboy stu

    My new toy

    Scored this last week for the grand total of $20 Has whisk, K beater, dough hook, mincer and blender ( glass one ) Just need the sausage pipe and I am set
  12. Ducatiboy stu

    Goodbye Casino Mike......

    Well Fuhrer Baird has decided to " Retire" ( it means he is completely fucked and getting out early ) Here is a top 10 list of all the wonderfull things he can be admired for 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Many people wont believe the amount of underhand deals he did to privatise various...
  13. Ducatiboy stu

    RIP Andrew Sachs - Manuel from Fawlty Towers
  14. Ducatiboy stu

    Coopers Family Secret Amber Ale - On tap

    Finally got to try Coopers Family Secret Amber Ale After 2-3 months of drinking Cooper Bookeeper IPA it was very different Its actually rather nice and has a nice roasty note on the back of the pallet I will give it a serious go tomorrow afternoon and see what state I end up in
  15. Ducatiboy stu

    Hilary or Donald

    Going to be interesting
  16. Ducatiboy stu

    Woohoo..Daylight saving...except QLD

    Bring it on Still dont see why QLD dont want it... I mean Joe has been dead for a while so the sun no longer shines out his ass
  17. Ducatiboy stu

    The Chiko Handy know you want one

    My world is complete
  18. Ducatiboy stu

    Alternative Smoker

  19. Ducatiboy stu

    Pauline on Q&A

    Hole....lee...****... When she is sitting next to Senator Dastyari and he says that he is a Muslim...she didnt even ******* know.... :lol:
  20. Ducatiboy stu

    Things that make you proud to be a parent

    Well my kids are into BMX racing...yes it can get rather expensive.. Currently we are holding a round of the state championships with 400 riders entered This morning was a coaching session and I was lucky enough to get both my boys in And it just so happens that they got coaching from 2 world...