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  1. seamad

    Rugby World Cup

    Great win over the Poms this morning, Wobblies starting to string things together nicely, still plenty of room for improvement though. Highlight of the game had to be the last ( or 2nd last ? , had a big night ) scrum where the Poms got pushed back like they were on rollerskates, awesome...
  2. seamad

    Xmas Ham- who's making one ?

    After having some tasty results with bacon this year I've decided to give a Ham a go this Xmas. After a bit of interwebs reading I'm going with an injection/cover pickle method for the curing ( as it's only 10 days to go ). Brine solution is 90g/L salt and 70g/L brown sugar which should make for...
  3. seamad

    Wellkart freezers ?

    Looking to change from 4 keg fridge to 8 keg keezer, so @ the 500l mark seems suitable. These look cheap, which makes me wary, anyone had experience with them ? Also my gas bottle is @ 700mm high, does anyone have a chesty that fits a bottle this size without adding collars ...
  4. seamad

    Yet another control box

    I'm changing from a single vessel system to a double batch 3V RIMS, so have made up a new control box. Started with a polyester switch box which I spray painted. For the lid I had a bit of carbon/kevlar cloth off-cut in the boat shed so used that. Most of the hardware is from auber instruments...
  5. seamad

    100 l octaves [oak wine barrels] Brisbane

    Seems to be a fair bit of interest lately in brewing sour / lambic style beers lately so have been looking for smaller barrels to suit a individual homebrewer. These barrels are ex-yalumba and are 7 years old. Barrel cost is $80 and freight to Brisbane is $160 / pallet {3/pallet}. Hopefully...
  6. seamad

    who doesn't like figs

    Our fig tree has started about a month early this year, maybe all the rain. Doing the usual with them, really ripe ones into the freezer for jam, others fresh, poached or with onion jam and blue cheese on a pizza. However we have some pretty stiff competition for them. The net on the tree is...
  7. seamad

    Saison Pitch Rates

    Have never used the belgian strain before, and have a cube ready to go. Having read that it is very slow to finish I thought I would start with the 3724 to get some of its flavour characters, then add 3711 to finish up, having used 3711 a bit I know it won't have a problem eating everything left...
  8. seamad

    Bottling Tripel

    Got a tripel sitting at -1 ready for bottling. OG 1080, FG 1008. Reading blam it seems that most breweries add yeast and sugar and wondered if brewers here do this. If so could i use some us05 ? Certainly packs a punch, after a sip from the hydro had to have a little lie down. Cheers sean
  9. seamad

    60 L Wheelie Bins

    In junk mail today crazy clarks have the 60 L wheelie bins that fit a full sack on sale for $9.99. Just bought 6 for my base grains 2 weeks ago for$12.99. Might grab a couple more for spec grains.
  10. seamad

    Abbey Malt

    Working on an orvalian type of belgian and wondered what this malt is like. Search has some people comparing it to biscuit, but reading the specs they sound very different. Was thinking of 5% maybe even up to 10%. Main base is dingemans pils. Thinking of some carabelge and maybe a smidge of...
  11. seamad

    Hot Rods

    Took my 3 yo to the show this morning . Not a rev head but love hotrods. daughter had to be in all photos.. some of the cars:
  12. seamad

    Choc Porter

    Planning a choc porter for winter, grain bill for 21l batch, OG 1060 Maris otter 61% Munich II 17% Pale choc 10% Heritage Xtal 5% Biscuit 5% Carafa II 2% Northern brewer @ 60 to 20.4 ibu and at 15 to 6.9 ibu Mashing at 67 Cocoa powder , 120 g at 10 minutes Fermenting 1318...
  13. seamad

    Hop Ice Cream

    Have seen a few beer ice cream recipes floating @ so decided to try an icecream using beer ingredients. Used basic icecream recipe as base: 1 cup cream 3 cups milk 10 egg yolks ( the inspiration for making this icecream, getting 3 and sometimes 4 eggs per day off my 3 chooks ) 200g caster...
  14. seamad

    Places To Go Melbourne

    Heading to melbourne this friday for our first weekend away without the kids. Havent been there since i was a kid and no idea where to go. Looking to go out friday night to a brewpub or something along those lines. Staying in cbd so somewhere close would be good. Mountain goat has a pizza night...
  15. seamad

    Black Dog Brewhouse Rig

    Have been working on a braumaster type of rig for a while. Several times my partner told me to just go buy one but thats no fun. Have done 3 brews to check functioning is OK. All seems to work well. Previously did BIAB, used current setting from beersmith for recipe design and have gained @ 5 %...
  16. seamad

    Jb Weld

    Got a splatter guard to put in the bottom of a big w pot being converted into a malt pipe, just wondering how to attach it to the pot. Have tried a split pipe @ it but still too loose. Thought a thin bead of jb weld epoxy would seal up the guard to the pot nicely. Normal epoxy is food safe once...
  17. seamad

    Recipe Advice

    Had the brewdog punk ipa recently and both my partner and I really enjoyed it, surprised me as a couple of years age she thought a XXXX gold was to bitter ! Anyway looking at making something in the spirit of this brew , some different hops but same MO and same OG & IBU. Want that in your face...
  18. seamad

    Seq Grain Bulk Buy

    Could someone who has organised a bulk buy indicate what is required of the organiser ? As I'm new @ here and have never purchased through a bulk buy I really don't know much about them. cheers sean