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    How to full mash

    Well bloody hell, It's friday night and your'e suppin on the amber nectar thinkin about upping the anti to full mash brewing. This has happened to me not all that long ago. So i'll share with you all what works for me at the moment. EQUIPMENT 1 or two x 15l stock pot $15 big w (hot water...
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    Different malts avail

    I'm interested in peoples experiences with base malts and the mash regimes that they use to achieve the outcomes that they desire. Also what are some of the favourite brands that people use. And where you get some of these malts SiMo B)
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    Beer tools/ how to

    I'm interested in other peoples experiences with these two sites. I've found them to be invaluable tools for recipe formulation etc. Search beer tools on "sims" to find some of my recent recipes Feedback welcome SiMo :P