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    reactivating yeasts

    Check out There is a good article in the archives by Chris White of White labs . This article details everthing you need to know about culturing yeast lees from commercial beers. Coopers is a nice easy one to culture. I cutured some from the strong ale they make. Other beers...
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    Sterilizing Bottle Tops

    I always sanitise anything that will come into contact with the finished beer. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY I RECKON !!!!!!! I keep all my tops in a bleach/water solution in a jar. Rinse and use. Re bulkpriming This is the only way to go if you do it properly. The tube and whirlpool tech works well...
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    What are you brewing?

    Got three going at the moment Vienna lager (all grain) wlp southern german lager yeast Pilsner urquell clone (grain plus adjucts) wyeast budvar 2000 yeast British pale ale (all grain) wlp british ale yeast . All of these beers have varying amounts of...
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    Good point about all chemicals being poisionous. sorry about the spelling too. I've used the neo pink in the past and found it can leave a residue especially on bottles. The iodophor is surposed to evapourate away at room temp with out rinsing. That is what seemed poisionous to me Bottom up...
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    How to full mash

    Well bloody hell, It's friday night and your'e suppin on the amber nectar thinkin about upping the anti to full mash brewing. This has happened to me not all that long ago. So i'll share with you all what works for me at the moment. EQUIPMENT 1 or two x 15l stock pot $15 big w (hot water...
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    Bottling and Storing Lagers

    Leave them the experiments warm and you might have fizz by xmas. As you know i warm condition all my bottled beer (no choice) then chill a few days before drinking. This works for me mainly i suspect because i only bottle bright beer that has fully matured and cleared so i get very little...
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    Bottling and Storing Lagers

    Ya might not Fiscus, Bulk prime and keep a few warm 20-30c and you could be surprised SiMo :P
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    Bottle aging...

    Vinds maybe we could do some music swappin. (i've got a burner, protools etc) Yeah i know what you mean about the Earlier Scofield stuff. He's turned the chorus pedal off for these albums and they are really funky. Which charlie albums have you got. I'd love to here the album you mentioned...
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    WATER Firstly most water treament plants these these days use Chloramine which is a mix of ammonium and chlorine. In my experience the ppm levels are so far below the human taste threshold not to worry about when brewing. Chloramine doesn't evapourate out of the water at room temp and is...
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    All i can say is that any salts should be added in the mash to get maximum effect. (this is where salts do all their work) Adjusting ph,hardness etc thus effecting the way the malt/hops balance in the finished beer. Sodium chloride is more soluble than calcium salts for water softning after the...
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    Beer tools/ how to

    Good on you guys , Use the recipe generator for practising recipes etc on b/tools. When happy make the beer and you've got a record of the exact recipe you used. Remember to fill in the aa% when using the the recipe formulator to get an accurate read out of ibu's. Also mash effeciency and...
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    Bottle aging...

    Vindaloo, Three albums you should check out . John Scofield AGOGO BUMP UBERJAM THE FIRST TWO HAVE MM&W AS THE RYTHM SEC EXELLENT STUFF for brewing drinking etc Also Charlie hunter is cool too. Bass and guitar all at once !!!!! SiMo Bbm9#5
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    Beer Brewing Tunes!

    Whilst supping on the golden nectar strange musings reveal themselves to all who take the time to venture into the abyss. The heat is on (kenny loggins i think) Staying alive (beegees) The yeast song The more nectar the more songs i reckon. "WE SUFFER FOR OUR ART" SiMo Ab7#11b5 :chug:
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    Bottling and Storing Lagers

    I do , Howz the pu recipe going SiMo :)
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    Beer Brewing Tunes!

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    Boiling hops in water then adding extract

    I can't get the link to work Reg. Anyway it would seem a unusual practise as hops need to be isomerised with the wort in the boil. May be flavour hops will work well using this technique. (precursor to tetra hops,pre-isomerised hop oil) I have done mini mashes where i've added the extracts in...
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    Bottle aging...

    Vindaloo, Freltless basses always seem to work better after consuming a few well conditioned beers. Intonation improves as does tone. Stick on the Jaco then, Drink/play/drink/play/drink/play. Abmin7#5#11 Happy sounding Xmas SiMo :P
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    Bottling and Storing Lagers

    Two flavours 1, DMS (dimethyl sulphide). (sweet corn,cooked vegies taste) Formed from a malt derived precursor during wort production (especially extract beers). Desirable in some lager style beers. 2, Diacetyl (2,3-butanedione) (butterscotch,butter,milky tastes) An off flavour in pale...
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    Bottling and Storing Lagers

    Oh yeah , Yeast also produces a fair bit of heat (as much as 2-4c) as a byproduct of fermentation especially Ale yeasts at high krausen so your fridge/cooler temp has to take this into account when trying to achieve appropiate ferm temps inside the fermenter. SiMo :rolleyes:
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    Bottling and Storing Lagers

    Tips for yeast, Oxengenate wort properly before pitching (the more in there the stronger the ferm) Always pitch enough yeast Lager yeasts quite often have a longer lag time that ales. Make starter to ensure high cell count and proof yeast. (48 hrs before brew day is good) I make starters at...