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    What yeast to bank?

    I’m planning to start a frozen yeast bank following these instructions Making a Frozen Stock Yeast Bank - Homebrew Notes Now I’ve got to decide what yeast to include. Till now I’ve only used dry yeasts: mostly US-05 (and once BRY-97) in IPAs, an amber ale with S-04, and currently fermenting my...
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    First AG brew - a US-style IPA with a surprise OG

    After a few kit brews (two fresh wort and one extract) I thought I'd give all-grain brewing a try to see if I like it. My very sophisticated set up includes a cheap stock pot on the kitchen stove as mash tun and boil kettle and an esky to lauter with part of an old shear curtain over a biscuit...
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    Getting ready for my second brew (and looking for tips)

    In true lockdown style I've started growing food, making sourdough, and yes brewing beer. My first go was with a fresh wort kit from Grain and Grape (Yarraville Pale). I followed the instructions and the result was great. For some reason the beer I made seems to be disappearing faster than I...