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  1. going down a hill

    I just bought a Keg Master Series 3

    It took me way too long to put it together, maybe because I started to late in the evening and I forgot to put the finishing collar on after i put the taps in so I had to strop it and redo. But I am now enjoying an Alt, Porter and a Scotch ale! Cheers
  2. going down a hill

    Bulk Priming, Flame Out Addition, Dry Hopping And Fining.

    So after a few issues that I have had with the last couple of brews doing no chill, I have come up with an idea that I think kills a few birds with one stone. *Note- The brew I fermented was a little concentrated, so I need to add about 2 litres of water post ferment to get it to the desired...
  3. going down a hill

    Has Anyone Tipped Airlock Water Into Their Beer?

    After lagering for 15 days I siphoned my beer out of my demijohn into a secondary for bottling tomorrow and I accidently tipped some of the airlock water into my beer! Has this happened to anyone else? Did it infect your beer? I wanted to give a couple of these bottles to some work mates for...
  4. going down a hill

    How Long Do You Leave In 0min Addition?

    I have just brewed a 23 lt batch of beer (I hit all my points, and 78% efficiency, HELL YES!) which has a 0min addition, I will be cooling down through the semi submerging the pot in cool water. How long do/should you leave the 0min addition in the wort for? Thanks in advance.
  5. going down a hill

    Almost Bottled Tonight

    I had a crap day at work and thought bottling would be a great way of losing the crap mood I was in. I ended up having a glass of it straight from the fermenter, it tasted great. Then I drank some more beer. Bottling can wait until the weekend.
  6. going down a hill

    Partial Bock Recipe, Your Thoughts And......

    I am planning on making a partial bock in the next few days and I have been looking into what grains I will use for it. My recipe so far is Light LME 1.5 kg Light DME 1.0 kg Munich 0.5 kg Vienna 0.3 kg Carafa Spec II 0.1 kg Caramalt Malt 0.1 kg Saaz to mid 20's in IBU 34/70 yeast The beer...
  7. going down a hill

    Apricot Braggot

    I stumbled upon a recipe for an Apricot Braggot and I finaly have all the ingedients. 3kg Liquid Light Malt Extract 200g Munich Malt 500g Dextrose 2kg Honey ( not Eucalypt ) 1.5kg Dried Apricots 200g Sultanas 50g Crystal Ginger 25g Hops rind of 1 Lemon 5g...
  8. going down a hill

    My First Crack At A Stout

    I'm thinking of making a choc stout, my brew pantry has 2 cans of Coopers stout, 1 can of coopers dark ale, 1kg of dark malt, 500g light dry malt, 100g maltodex, heaps of dex, 500g choc malt grain, 25 g of fuggles, Dutch cocoa powder, Windsor and S04 yeast. I was thinking of using One can of...
  9. going down a hill

    Windsor Yeast

    Im up to my third brew now and I decided to have a play with different yeasts. I bought a packet of Windsor yeast and split my Cascade Choc Mahogany Porter into two carboys. The first carboy has the packet yeast and the second has the Windsor. I was pretty proud of myself; I can now do a...
  10. going down a hill

    Storm In A Homebrew

    I put my second HB (Morgans Golden Saaz Pils, Kit Yeast (it states that its a lager yeast, but what I have read I doubt it), 500g Dextrose, 500g Light Malt, 150g of MaltoDextrin and a Morgans Saaz hops t-bag boiled for 25mins) on Thursday arvo, it's about 48h after the fact and the brew...